Prepositions after "accurate"

accurate in, to, for, at or with?

In 31% of cases "accurate in" is used

But still, quite accurate in a sense.

HCO3- is more accurate in the context.

It's simply not accurate in this case.

Their three quarters have been fast and extremely accurate in their handling skills.

This information has been provided from sources that have been accurate in the past.

I think that Nouriel Roubini is far more accurate in his assessment of the situation.

Not all Americans are like that - so the blanket statement proposed would not even be accurate in the first place.

Company is looking for contractors who are reliable, efficient, and accurate in their work to help with data entry.

I have looked at several of the electoral maps out there and wondered which ones are most accurate in their polling.

Caledonian December 28, 2007 The current AGW computer models have not been accurate in their temperature predictions.

In 15% of cases "accurate to" is used

It sounds pretty accurate to me.

This seemed very accurate to us.

This is accurate to some extent.

The patent explains that GPS receivers are sometimes only accurate to about 30ft (9.

At that rate, the NPL clock is accurate to within one second over 138 million years.

This is a very reliable method of estimation and appears to be accurate to within 0.

The information is published in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.

With no ego involved, I will leave out the first and final lines of Comfi's comment and say he is accurate to a word.

This makes actors and audiences more alert and accurate to the deal of dramatic unity at a particular place and time.

I wonder if it would be at all accurate to divided 1 inch by 30 to give an estimate of height lost per every 1 degree.

In 11% of cases "accurate for" is used

It was 99% accurate for negative.

What you shared is so accurate for me.

Music literally TOO accurate for its time.

I'd not sure if it is accurate for today and whether it's a per-year figure or not.

But this earnings disparity is accurate for any business enterprise owner or expert.

They are relatively easy to use and are generally accurate for predicting ovulation.

All astronomical tables that made use of new observations were accurate for the first few years after publication.

The Maya were keen naked-eye astronomers, and made various observations that were startlingly accurate for their time.

Use these figures as a guideline only; they are not necessarily accurate for smaller towns or depressed local economies.

In 10% of cases "accurate at" is used

The below is accurate at this time.

All information is accurate at time of.

The above information is accurate at the.

You agree to ensure that your registration details are true and accurate at all times.

As your child becomes more accurate at this then you can help to correct another area.

The information covered in this blog is considered accurate at the time of publication.

Just because dogs are not 100% accurate at detecting cancer samples does not mean that they are using fuzzy logic.

He sent free reports to several expeditions in 2003 that were scarily accurate at predicting mountain wind speeds.

Please remember when reading facts and figures on Sing Up The River End! that they were accurate at time of writing.

All details, specifications, prices and credit terms are accurate at time of publication, but are subject to change.

In 6% of cases "accurate with" is used

Foles was accurate with his passes.

You should be accurate with your work.

He is very accurate with his services.

I don; t think you are entirely accurate with the wording of the rules by the way.

I knew all the concepts, but I am not sure whether I was accurate with my answers.

He was slower, less accurate with his passing and shooting, and prone to turnovers.

Gear changes are buttery smooth and acceleration swift and accurate with no lag time even in fuel-efficient mode.

You don't want it to be too fast, but if you get your friend to throw it, he could be more accurate with the throw.

Overall passing accuracy is shown on the left and it is again Danny Welbeck who has been the most accurate with 94%.

In 4% of cases "accurate about" is used

Don't think thats accurate about BOI.

The IRS should be more accurate about this.

I couldn't be accurate about the area that was targeted.

It should be re-iterated now and again to be accurate about what we are talking about.

Sequence data is often most accurate about 80-150 nucleotides downstream of the primer.

Meaning, in being accurate about facts and information, reading skill is being utilized.

Especially in California; despite it's flaws (which are many) he's accurate about the infrastructure in the State.

Even in long-standing relationships, it's impossible to be 100% accurate about each other's thinking or intentions.

The phone surveys ask residents to self-report their height and weight; people aren't always so accurate about that.

I don't think you are quite accurate about the state of climate science, however, that is certainly a debatable point.

In 4% of cases "accurate as" is used

These yields are accurate as of 10/29/2012.

Availability accurate as of Nov 20, 2012 02:50.

Availability accurate as of Nov 16, 2012 10:03.

Statistics are according to my own research and are accurate as of December 31 2011.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is believed to be accurate as of the date it was written.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

It doesn't last and is not nearly so pure or so accurate as the experience of the bodhisattvas mentioned just now.

The movie script doesn't seem to be accurate as to the situation, and it seems obvious that the story was fiction.

As Brian says, it may have been on earth in the Devensian glacial period if 30,000 years ago is accurate as a date.

Soon your feeling that most DISD teachers do not Exceed Expectations will be true, but it isn't accurate as of today.

In 4% of cases "accurate on" is used

Kristan also accurate on Dawson.

The pics are accurate on Hiroshima.

I think he is pretty accurate on this one also.

They have been accurate on alot of the world events latetly, and i follow them closely.

Quarterback Tanner Price was somewhat accurate on the day, but threw for only 153 yards.

Celente has been forecasting trends since 1980 has been 100% accurate on his predictions.

You can check 100Negocios business courses, where he will train in the most practical and accurate on these issues.

She's not into candy-coating, she's been accurate on so many levels it's not funny, and she's funny as all get out.

At first blush, the Options list is overwhelmingly long, but navigating is impressively accurate on a touch screen.

Evolution has been incredibly accurate on explaining life on earth and continues to do so; No need for fantastic B.

In 2% of cases "accurate by" is used

Contemporary cruise missiles are accurate by comparison.

You can remain accurate by using the exact words people say.

Make your entries more accurate by purchasing an inexpensive food scale.

However, you can make that saying a little more accurate by using dating as an example.

Our course is Certified to be accurate by USATF #NY10116KL (5km) and NY10123KL (1 Mile).

Please help us to keep the information about you accurate by telling us about any changes e.

Ensure that your assessment is accurate by reviewing your findings with a cross-section of employees in your company.

Hot Virtual Keyboard software lets you type faster and more accurate by suggesting words based on just one or two taps.

It is considered to be accurate by plus or minus four percentage points in Durham and Victoria and five percentage points.

After new links have been verified to be accurate by The Internet TESL Journal staff, they are added to the main database.

In 2% of cases "accurate from" is used

accurate from Bresnan but not exactly threatening.

Information fast and accurate from a wide range of scholars.

HIV RNA PCR is 100% accurate from 10 days to 8 weeks post exposure.

I am not certain the $ numbers are accurate from what I have researched by they are close.

Suggestion by Wildwind123 Tropical!!! I think is most accurate from my personal experience.

It's found at the bottom left corner, and it's pretty accurate from my experience reading it.

Obviously there is difference in accurate from high end scales and those lower down in terms of price on the market.

Articles are accurate from source and at the time of writing; inaccuracies in articles or information will arise as time pass by.

Laois hit back immediately when Keenan collected the puck under the stand and was equally accurate from 60 metres with a glorious point.

So you need to make sure that your information is accurate from the start and then carry out a last minute check just prior to publication.

In 2% of cases "accurate of" is used

This is far more accurate of real life.

Gamespot is accurate of the 360 controller.

But yes, your addendum is accurate of Williams.

Measuring how heavy you are is not exact accurate of the amount of body fat you have.

Maybe the classification is more accurate of actual clout than the Klout score itself.

If your company files also have any part accurate of using listed websites also you will now be complete to break it.

The most accurate of these methods is the rectal way; however, many parents do not find this approach very appealing.

The water clock remained the most accurate of timepieces until the development of the the pendulum clock about 1700 AD.

The prices listed are accurate of this article's publish date The first component on our list is the GeForce GTX 550 Ti.

In 2% of cases "accurate within" is used

Mine is generally accurate within 30-50 '.

Both values are accurate within a half a percent.

It was said to be accurate within plus or minus 4.

However some speedometers are only accurate within -+10% (as per ADR regulations).

A survey with a representative sample of this size is considered accurate within 2.

The telephone poll of 2,007 Canadians is considered accurate within plus or minus 2.

While most of this information is roughly accurate within certain ranges of error, it is missing a very serious point.

Survey estimates of sampling error for the total sample of 1261 indicate that this is accurate within plus or minus 2.

Decision on revenue budgets, levels of staffing and even operating hours were based on these forecast which were accurate within.

And for an f initial state emitting into d and g waves, the fourth R-A order (15x15) is necessary to obtain results accurate within 1%.

In 1% of cases "accurate after" is used

Your eyes may not be as accurate after starring at hundreds of numbers.

A leech! Huh, the information was accurate after all, and I bent over to examine it.

Anonymous So you wingnuts now think the polls are accurate after all the whining about that they are biased.

Not Anymore Note: Battery level reading will be accurate after the First full charge of the battery, while B.

The information displayed herein is subject to changes and may no longer be accurate after the uploading date.

This ancient description of the creation of the universe found in the Book of Genesis may be accurate after all.

But you know what? The cliodynamists, just like everyone else, will only know which cyclical predictions were accurate after the fact.

All HIV tests (except for home testing kits) are highly accurate after undergoing multiple trials and modifications before being available to the public.

To the shock and horror of Bauval? s followers, the BBC claimed that the accurate 10500 BC? lock-in? between the Giza pyramids and Orion? s Belt was not quite so accurate after all.

The successes of recent days has seen the total climb to 36 and, with six days of sporting action still to come, those initial estimates look as though they may be accurate after all.

In 1% of cases "accurate because" is used

On this site we try our damnest to be accurate because of that.

The mirrored double 7 is not accurate because of how the creator wrote it.

This type of procedure is also incredibly accurate because of the technology used.

There was no TV then and most newspaper reports couldn't be accurate because of months-long curfews.

Comparing the crime done during either protest is not accurate because of the amount of time is different.

In any case, scientists acknowledge that such measurements are not always accurate because of cultural diversity and other variables.

This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence on Wikipedia and articles can get published that even the authors know isn't accurate because of sourcing issues.

Whilst with the chart above it is difficult to be accurate because of scale of chart, inflation could bounce back up NOW!! Agreed Quentin, Cheshire - I'd making over payments too.

In 1% of cases "accurate due" is used

These wrist watches were also deemed not very accurate due to their size.

Surface temperature measurement is not accurate due to the growth of urban areas.

The commute time is highly accurate due to the information provided with the street networks.

Need affection internaccessory cover them as accurate due to the absolute or furred pads winter agess snly in.

Moreover, this symbolism is totally accurate due to the fact that olive trees are long-lived, simple and resistant.

A word of caution: transliteration may not be accurate due to differences in pronunciation or due to typographical errors.

There are products with finger and wrist devices but they are less accurate due to body position as well as body temperature.

K wrote: Payroll people have to be organised, efficient and accurate due to the nature of their job - so unlikely it would be them.

Adjusting your estimate Your estimate may not always be accurate due to unforeseen events and you may realise this during the year.

This means over time the Visitor metric is becoming less and less accurate due to cookie technology having no awareness of this multi device behaviour.

In 1% of cases "accurate over" is used

This change was made to ensure the EPI gets more accurate over time.

It never gets easier, but the estimates do become more accurate over time.

With the design of IWC watches, people can capture the accurate over time their hands.

Also, Dragon gets more accurate over time as it learns your word choices and writing style.

What was remarkable about the Rudolphine Tables was that they proved to be accurate over decades.

Now that may be arguable, as the laser part remains remarkably accurate over a wide range of distance.

The rate is getting more and more accurate over time though, as every grant more staid members of the community.

This set-up is deadly accurate over these sorts of ranges and the moderated report announced the end of one coney.

In part, this is because the instrumented period carries errors too large for calibration to be accurate over earlier times.

My only hope is that there is still some time to go and, anecdotaly at least, polls seem to have become less accurate over the last few election cycles.

In 1% of cases "accurate without" is used

All patterns must be 100% accurate without any shrinkage allowances.

Bell appears to assume that the article is accurate without benefit of verification.

I don't think saying that it's hard to find people who care is strictly accurate without more qualification.

Eugene d'Eon at Weta thought it might be possible to be more accurate without blowing Weta's render time budget.

Yet if you knew the return was inaccurate when you filed it you should amend it to make it accurate without delay.

You can't come on here and expect everyone to believe your story is 100% accurate without any missing information.

Perhaps they're not as accurate without tweaking (yet ), but I've yet to come across a situation when it's been a problem.

I'd doing something very similar and finding that it's not straight-forward to get it feeling accurate without being twitchy.

As well as additionally, accomplishing this is without a doubt speedier also considering that computer data is accurate without difficulty and even more promptly.