Prepositions after "adaptable"

adaptable to, in, for, with or of?

In 66% of cases "adaptable to" is used

We are very adaptable to changes.

It is hardy and adaptable to varied AEZs.

It is adaptable to all weather conditions.

I have a wide range of experience and am easily adaptable to new work environments.

The youth are more adaptable to new technology, learning new skills and innovation.

Educations should be quality and relevant and adaptable to the needs of our society.

But, over the centuries, piety, in its messianic form, has proven quite adaptable to a variety of warring causes.

But I've noticed that some people are more adaptable to experiences that rapidly shift your spatial awareness (i.

We are highly adaptable to different people, cultures, and situations that generally make us well-rounded beings.

However, in return, they require products that are easily programmable and adaptable to changing plant environment.

In 10% of cases "adaptable in" is used

He's adaptable in nature, in theme and in ability.

She is very versatile and adaptable in the work environment.

It should be versatile and easily adaptable in different media.

This structure makes networks enormously resilient and adaptable in low-risk situations.

First, Slater really isn't the best surfer out there, just the guy who's most adaptable in slop.

Organisations based on location-independent concepts are far more flexible and adaptable in our rapidly changing world.

The material used was considered more adaptable in our hot climate and its appearance could blend easily with the vegetation.

The Govt has also found Pillaiyan despite his sordid past to be flexible and adaptable in carrying out his chief minister duties.

Furthermore, I'd counter that no book is truly adaptable in its intended form because something always changes in the translation.

In 9% of cases "adaptable for" is used

He was too adaptable for everyone.

It must be adaptable for use in diverse applications.

Easy fold, light weight and adaptable for 1 or 2 children.

Simplicity: Your website will adaptable for users only if it is not-so-complicated.

There is always something to discover in Italy and the options are adaptable for every taste.

That's the power of Jaz -- that it is easily adaptable for field, lab or process environments.

As a minimum: states must ensure that basic education is available, accessible, acceptable and adaptable for all.

Once the program gains traction, we believe it will be sustainable and adaptable for companies in a custom nature.

This stuffing recipe sounds well thought out, and adaptable for everyone's dietary needs or flavor-partial families.

Whether these are suitable or adaptable for your flute depends on the type of keys fitted and their clearance above the hole.

In 3% of cases "adaptable with" is used

It is widely adaptable with an average yield of 1949 kg/ha.

Ha It can be totally adaptable with a completely removable hood.

The individual must also be entrepreneurial, self-motivated and adaptable with the ability to ' think outside the box.

The successful candidate will be adaptable with highly developed networking skills with the ability to build relationships quickly and easily.

It is adaptable with new technology and optional pieces of equipment can be implemented with brightfield illumination to give versatility in the tasks it can perform.

Determinable approach is adaptable with the research because it confesses the research complication to be carrying on in a very particular and set terms (Frankfort-Nachmias and Nachmias, 1992).

During the day itself while filming the video footage and still photography, you interacted really well with the whole team, you took any direction and were highly adaptable with last minute changes.

In 1% of cases "adaptable about" is used

You simply need to be adaptable about your travel schedule arrangements such as the date and time you wish to fly.

Really -- you're American and you were willing to drive on the left hand side for the first time in your life? Not me -- I guess I've become less adaptable about some things.

We needed to work in an accelerated rate, yet the centre office was still in the middle of a building site and wasn't functioning, so we needed to be very adaptable about how and where we worked.

In 1% of cases "adaptable across" is used

Fruitflies are remarkably adaptable across a broad range of climates.

His dribbling is precise and quick, his movement intelligent and adaptable across the forward line.

Sleep behaviour is quite variable and adaptable across cultures and situations, and we can learn and unlearn nearly any kind of sleep habit.

In 1% of cases "adaptable as" is used

Blanchard learned to be adaptable as a child.

Governments and industry will have to be as fast-moving and adaptable as the criminals and terrorists to meet the threat.

Though some horses are quite adaptable as regards distance beware of radical changes, more than half a mile (4 furlongs) up or down, from its previous run.

However, Burrough's life story is a lot more sexual and adult in content, the humour far blacker, whereas this story is much more easily adaptable as a likeable, non-offensive film.

In 1% of cases "adaptable at" is used

They are extremely well organized, managed and are adaptable at the same time, as when necessary.

In 1% of cases "adaptable by" is used

You do not have to participate in some events which you feel not adaptable by your present situation.

Humans are very adaptable by design, but we were never ' supposed ' to do anything, including survive.

Organizations could be more effective and adaptable by devolving operating responsibilities to suppliers.

Both the actual wheel cones as well as the tire friction are adaptable by transforming the linked parts (they are threaded).

This led Harman to conclude that ageing and age-related diseases may be due to oxidative damage which adaptable by genetic and environmental factors.

In 1% of cases "adaptable during" is used

Lesson: be more adaptable during the race on timing,.

I have special rates for families with autism and I am aware of the challenges and am very supportive and adaptable during the session.

In 1% of cases "adaptable of" is used

Humans are the most adaptable of all species.

Coyotes are among the most adaptable of carnivores.

Reference: Ohio State University Extension Most goose problems in urban and suburban areas are caused by the Canada goose, which is probably the most adaptable of waterfowl.

The salidummay is the most adaptable of all Tinguian songs and is sung in various occasions: in welcoming a visitor, in weddings, funeral wakes, and just about any social gathering.

I shalln't insult Dickens ' memory any further by continuing to paraphrase his work but that most-famous and adaptable of opening lines perfectly suits the quiz I took part in last Friday night.

In 1% of cases "adaptable within" is used

Plus, it's a breeze to put together, only 4 ingredients (including the bread ), and highly adaptable within the same theme.

On top of the volatile economy, employees are becoming better educated, more agile, highly tech-savvy and adaptable within their work environments.