Prepositions after "aesthetic"

aesthetic of, in, to, with or for?

In 52% of cases "aesthetic of" is used

That there is an aesthetic of ideas.

The aesthetic of The Time Museum is great.

The beautifully alien aesthetic of the body.

A custom engraved wood cabinet adds to the overall eclectic aesthetic of the space.

I will later propose their influence on the aesthetic of Moerman's Monsieur Fantmas.

Those things were already quite blurred with the aesthetic of narcissism in the 1960s.

It is pushing down the ' search our store ' and ' search ' button which is destroying the aesthetic of the header.

Their passion, their intelligence, their uncompromising aesthetic of surreal and glorious, their charming edge --.

It reflects a highly refined aesthetic of beauty and majesty, tradition and mystery, and a highly developed theology.

Monospaced typewriter settings and a custom display typeface referenced the conceptual aesthetic of much of the work.

In 10% of cases "aesthetic in" is used

A new aesthetic in the creation of our gardens is required.

Nor is it particularly aesthetic in its mock Chicago style.

These formu? lations are essentially aesthetic in character.

The understated multi pocket look is designed with a utilitarian aesthetic in mind.

Yet, none of these influences overshadow the distinctive aesthetic in Gonzales ' work.

He has a very decadent aesthetic in these movies, as he is also a fashion photographer.

But that philosophy was not totally in evidence on Tuesday as KC were far from aesthetic in their hard-fought win.

The customizations are strictly aesthetic in nature but go a long way to giving your driver some online personality.

Merely scratching the surface of the tradition of built aesthetic in Sri Lanka, is both inadequate and inappropriate.

But he believes that, gradually, the mash-up will become an aesthetic in itself, which will lead to more diverse music.

In 8% of cases "aesthetic to" is used

And I think it adds a nice aesthetic to the device.

Beauty does not mean the shallow typical aesthetic to everyone.

There's a really strong aesthetic to your artwork and your videos.

Overall though, it's an excellent game with an almost Grindhouse film aesthetic to it.

The whole song takes on quite an alien aesthetic to the people it alleges to represent.

So that is really what I wanted to bring to Pakistan -- to bring that aesthetic to the country.

From orient inspired florals take print in a new direction, adding a new aesthetic to the floral prints of the past seasons.

And with that liquidation, we are losing all yardsticks of value, which connect aesthetic to ethical and political questions.

This seemed to me an inadequate basis on which to gauge a theory or explanation (though I prefer the aesthetic to the unaesthetic).

Across the world it is a regular practice to demolish edifices that would not add in aesthetic to the spread of strucural developments.

In 5% of cases "aesthetic for" is used

It's an aesthetic for our times.

I liked that aesthetic for a while.

Patterns add aesthetic for your bathroom.

And the only record that we really had a focused aesthetic for was ' Planet of Ice.

It is primarily an aesthetic for the not so particular about the people - surfing enthusiasts.

It Frank Gore Jersey inhibits you against overspending as you will have an aesthetic for which remains.

Fashion Hound explores my personal style while showing readers how to create a similar aesthetic for themselves.

Being a graphic designer, Dave has a great aesthetic for setting up the shop and for choosing the product that they carry.

He is creating a distinctly American canon for the mandolin and a new musical aesthetic for performers and audiences alike.

Though the game is the same with the differences being aesthetic for Blue and Green this makes blue the original third instalment.

In 5% of cases "aesthetic with" is used

I wanted to capture this particular aesthetic with Pitch.

I could combine my aesthetic with something I believed in.

I felt the pressure to resist doing anything aesthetic with it.

Fusing an 8-bit aesthetic with R'n'B melodies and dancehall rhythms, Chalices makes mutant pop with.

It manages to maintain the Instagram-style aesthetic with its use of filters, frames, and tilt-shift options.

In my opinion, a physique becomes more aesthetic with lower body fat when you can see some muscle definition.

Understand the minimalist aesthetic with creative advice from an interior designer in this free video on room design.

The various strands of Marxist theory and cultural studies tended to view the whole notion of the aesthetic with suspicion.

Combining a gritty, realistic aesthetic with the usual gadgetry and set pieces, Nolan managed to have his cake and eat it too.

Wear with a vintage tee for a punk aesthetic with a touch of androgyny or with a denim shirt and Breton stripe for a modern varsity look.

In 4% of cases "aesthetic from" is used

Anderson aesthetic from last season.

And also the 2000AD aesthetic from which W40K derives.

So Timeline is a completely new aesthetic from Facebook.

The vital point is the absence of an ethos and an aesthetic from the scientific world-view.

The lack of threat and coercion distinguished the aesthetic from the practical sphere of life.

The film may eschew the majority of the aesthetic from its previous instalment but it is true to the original film.

What differentiates the agency's aesthetic from others is its devotion to levity, to the idea that design can and should be fun.

This creates a unified aesthetic from the pavement to the top, without the garish distortions of retail commerce interrupting the design.

But with the previous three albums the idea was to try to come up with an electronic interpretation of the shoegaze guitar pop aesthetic from the early ' 90s.

In 3% of cases "aesthetic as" is used

I see the glam aesthetic as a transferable commodity.

These are all aesthetic as well as functional qualities.

The book remains an aesthetic as well as a literary experience.

Thus, it is no good to base a definition of the aesthetic as such on such a criterion.

That being the case, I prefer to use an ID, for code aesthetic as well as organizational reasons.

First, because the Prius incorporates both aesthetic as well as engineering design innovation (i.

Functionalist accounts are as fixated upon the category of the aesthetic as the essentialist definitions they aim to displace.

She brings aesthetic as well as metaphysical theories of process to bear on this concept, resulting in some astonishing observations about temporality and ' the people.

In 2% of cases "aesthetic at" is used

And there is a distinctively baroque aesthetic at work here.

These designs are not the only evidence of an infantile aesthetic at Apple.

There is an aesthetic at work here, it's just not one you (or I) appreciate.

One to always keep it really simple and elegant, Gayatri didn't veer far from her aesthetic at a recent launch.

In 2% of cases "aesthetic on" is used

It just means you met their aesthetic on that day.

I would put only Bartoli and Contador in the same aesthetic on the bike (my opinion no need to go on).

They were propaganda for the politics in the way to promote the socialistic values, they started to be more aesthetic on expression.

Art, to me, is just setting a particular aesthetic on reality, on the world: including some things within the frame, excluding others.

It seems that the culture of the period was either so rich or just so fondly remembered by lived during those years, that it has become a distinct aesthetic on its own.

Ive will now be free to impart his minimalist aesthetic on familiar services such as the iPhone operating system while making commands more compatible from one product to the next.

The company therefore had a sense of where to go with the aesthetic on The Phantom Menace, although, interestingly, no new elements have been created for this presentation of the film.

Giving Laurence Llewelyn Bowen free reign to go mad with MDF may have made for entertaining TV, but back in the real world an interior designer won't try and impose their aesthetic on your space.

In 2% of cases "aesthetic rather" is used

Objections to high colour are generally made on aesthetic rather than health ground.

It serves a different -- a Dharmic purpose -- and heralds a transnational aesthetic rather than the expertise of a single genius.

That might ultimately be more an aesthetic rather than rational judgment here, but that's what expressive voting necessarily involves.

For Norris, postmodernists are pursuing a questionable aesthetic rather than anything com-parable to what Derrida calls deconstruction.

The Crystal-Image and Style Deleuze uses the crystal-image as an aesthetic rather than purely theoretical tool by ascribing stylistic qualities to it.

Many people believe that human beings have an innate capacity to appreciate nature in an aesthetic rather than purely scientific ways - a phenomenon which Edward O.

Almost all of the respondents interviewed were interested in collecting flora and fauna from the forests for which they had what may be called an aesthetic rather than a physiological need.

Which ones are most interesting and why? Soundwalk Composition This kind of soundwalk is basically similar to the above ones, except that its main purpose is aesthetic rather than practical.

In 1% of cases "aesthetic by" is used

With the 38 series, he alters his shimmering aesthetic by adding some dirt.

A minimalist living room design creates an extremely simple aesthetic by choosing streamlined furniture, solid colors and very few accessories.

In 1% of cases "aesthetic into" is used

This one will probably be green or blue, but hopefully we'll be able to bring back the mid century aesthetic into our house.

He carried that distinct aesthetic into such polarizing features as The Devils (1971 ), Mahler (1974) and Lisztomania (1975).

In 1% of cases "aesthetic over" is used

This is called prioritizing your design aesthetic over your readability.

Dissanayake started out as ' an artistic ' playwright valuing the aesthetic over the political and social.

Thus government works everywhere that we return to normal, everywhere that we choose the aesthetic over the situation.

In 1% of cases "aesthetic through" is used

The feeling thrust upon me is of mastery, an appreciation of the grand aesthetic through sweeping green views.

Giving the object a more curious, yet refined aesthetic through materials reminiscent of old inventions, such as wood and brass.

I feel comfortable in my skin and love the challenge of creating a simple, casual, elegant African aesthetic through my clothes and music.

It references the domain's aesthetic through typography but adopts a set of behaviours and structures only available in browsers and on the web.

Bored with heavy black and white linework, James takes a time out and explores his surrealist cyberpunk aesthetic through mediums of sculpture and animated gifs, harnessing inspiration.

He has been continually exhibiting his remarkable avant-garde aesthetic through his clothing combinations and choices of dissident accessories that unfailingly convey his signature creative vision.