Prepositions after "angry"

"angry at" or "angry with"?

In 35% of cases "angry at" is used

He grew angry at the absurdity.

Frustrated, angry at all sides.

I am not angry at the Taxpayers.

He said that he didn't know why he said it - just that he was really angry at the time.

All in all, I try really hard not to piss anyone off, and I never get angry at my team.

Jaded hockey fans, angry at the NHL punish the sport as a whole &; avoid it as a whole.

I spoke with a young Danish welfare recipient who was very angry at the government because it hadn't given him a job.

angry at the half-wit lowlifes who would crumble like a cookie if anyone called them (in REAL life) on their actions.

When I watch a show on a tv and a joke flies over my head I don't get angry at the show because I didn't get the joke.

I do like to fall in love with a protagonist, but here I felt angry at the way each one behaved in certain situations.

In 32% of cases "angry with" is used

When people get angry with me,.

He was very angry with the press.

You can't be angry with the dead.

It was the people who were not tribal who were most angry with the Liberal Democrats.

I am naturally very angry with the injustice of what happened, but it wont change it.

He looked up into the sky, for he had grown angry with the North Wind for his tricks.

He was annoyed with the soldier for seizing on him, and angry with the prisoner for not shouldering his own burden.

I was chilled and unnerved, and angry with the Professor for taking me on such an errand and with myself for coming.

Youu look s-seexy Juliette &; Spencer She listened to him speak, her face growing angrier with every word he said.

In 18% of cases "angry about" is used

There is much to be angry about.

That's what you sound angry about.

There is -not- much to be angry about.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions.

They seem angry about the organisers not trying to fix everything in one fell swoop.

We can't be angry about rising unemployment because it's a price which needs paying.

Well said! I think a lot of people are angry just because this sounds like something people should be angry about.

I was so furious and angry about the way we lost in one of the most, if not the most important match of our lives.

The people who killed when possessed by the Spectre didn't remember why they did it or what they were angry about.

The singer then hit out at those who still angry about the assault that she suffered at his hands three years ago.

In 3% of cases "angry over" is used

I'd not angry over odd questions.

You're getting angry over nothing.

I don't want to get all angry over it.

There were even people killed by rioting Muslims who were angry over Danish cartoons.

They are especially angry over a number of government policies, such as the Canada-U.

I would not get angry over the opinion of anyone else since I do enjoy a good debate.

I am also sorry and angry over the loss of 4 innocent lives who, ironically, were trying to help the Libyan people.

The man was apparently extremely angry over the attacks on supporters of his party at voters ' registration centers.

I don't know whether to give up or just wait for him- I just can't believe he's got so angry over something so minor.

The attacker, identified as Harvinder Singh, was reportedly angry over the minister's inability to control price rise.

In 2% of cases "angry for" is used

Go ahead and be angry for a bit.

I can only be angry for so long.

Sorry I am just so angry for you.

I am bipolar and if I'd off my meds I get angry for no reason and want to hit someone.

Do I abide angry for most of the time or do I abide without anger for most of the time.

Mickey Blake was always cheerful? angry for about two minutes only if greatly provoked.

Some would prefer their partner to be loud and angry for a few hours, rather than silent and brooding for a few days.

Being angry for too long and the anger is too intensive After being angry, you have difficulty calming yourself down.

Oh Toshiba I feel angry for your son just reading this! How dare another child be allowed to treat your son like this.

In 2% of cases "angry in" is used

I was angry in the first place.

They made him angry in a matter.

Very hard to be angry in French.

Jesse Helms angry in 1990, when she did a performance called We Keep Our Victims Ready.

When this woman came into her husband's house and saw his child, she was angry in heart.

So, forget anger management and come and be trained not to be so angry in the first place.

Nigerians should get angry in a way that would make the fuel subsidy protests of January 2012 look like child's play.

It is common, of course, to feel angry in an environment where it is not considered acceptable such as the workplace.

One of our basic reactions to encountering someone scary is to become angry in an attempt to seem scarier than they are.

Well, there's a lack of interaction between in the earlier episodes except the part where Ginoza got angry in episode 3.

In 1% of cases "angry after" is used

I am very angry after seeing this.

We called him Mr angry after that.

I was quite angry after that incident.

Gays are angry after seeing the program with West and Richards for a different reason.

However, at the same time, the Celtics will likely be angry after last nights debacle.

I'd hate to be the ticates next week as the Riders are going to be angry after that loss.

I do nt think he will do any foolish thing to make our citizens angry after all our sacrifices for almost thirty years.

One day, this friend of mine, who will remain nameless, was so angry after watching a TV programme sponsored by the humane society.

At the time they got into an argument in that restaurant, looked angry after a couple of moments, left both of them in separate cars.

I was angry after the republican win in MA in early 2010; the Republican sweep in November of 2010, and the loss in Wisconsin in 2012.

In 1% of cases "angry as" is used

VERY angry as a matter of fact.

It makes me really angry as a early adopter.

If you get angry as well, things can quickly escalate.

During those hard times I do not remember ever getting angry as a response to loss of power.

I used to feel really angry as a child when I came across people who ' didn't like children '.

It looks at the ways in which they might make other people angry as well as ways of contr Cost: 4.

I would tell you to enjoy it, but it will probably get you angry as to how the money was spent &; how it disappeared.

Both sets of activists are as tribal and angry as each other and this is not being made better by the ConDem coalition.

I am angry as a scientist, since I may have been using unnecessarily inaccurate surface temperature data in my research.

As far as I'd concerned they are the ones who are hate-filled and angry as an upset wasps nest that the Recall made it to the ballot.

In 1% of cases "angry because" is used

I was angry because of the pain.

And I'll be angry because of all.

I did feel angry because of the rape.

I really do get angry because of all the unnecessary loss of lives like Russell's.

You would get angry because of him, space out because of him, beg me because of him.

We are all still annoyed, disappointed and angry because of the goals we have conceded.

David became angry because of the Lord's outburst against Uzzah, and that place is called Perez-uzzah to this day.

That he got angry because of what I did or how I was; if I would just be better, than he wouldn't have to get angry.

Then David became angry because of the Lord's outburst against Uzza; and he called that place Perez-uzza to this day.

Scared that she would be angry because of the rain disturbing her walk someone accompanying her gave her an umbrella.

In 1% of cases "angry by" is used

They seem to be angry by nature.

I knew that he was angry by this token.

People are getting more angry by the day.

Many people react when they are angry by avoiding the person they are angry with for a while.

But since Gus only has one facial expression, he had to make it obvious when he was angry by.

Like any law enacted, there are people who will either be made happy by it or very angry by it.

Not happy with the dowry he received, and angry by her giving birth to a baby girl, he violently abused her to death.

I will make them envious by those who are not a people; I will make them angry by a nation that has no understanding.

I'd not angry by the use of these tactics but I do bring a message from the One True God, creator of heaven and earth.

If the woman was mad angry by this, she could have hit him thrashed etc, I'd sure others around would have paid attention.

In 1% of cases "angry on" is used

Good at being angry on Twitter.

Everyone gets angry on occasion.

Karnad earlier was angry on Prof.

According to the reports of media, about 17 million followers were angry on this tweet.

He rang me was was really abusive and angry on the phone that I hadn't given more notice.

I'd really angry on this political stunt when we are going through the most painful time.

Better late than never, pls don't be angry on people who wan na express their views on issues of national importance.

You sound arrogantly, and rascistic, and in a way people reads your vomits makes the people feels angry on Sinhalese.

I reached late and because of this I was getting nervous because my boss could get angry on me because of getting late.

No, the thing that really upsets webmasters and makes us angry on a daily basis is the way Google enforces those rules.

In 1% of cases "angry to" is used

They don't sound too angry to me.

It still makes me angry to this day.

It makes me angry to the point of implosion.

This only caused her to become angrier to the point where she got up and kicked his arm.

I went from being angry to factual inaccuracies to being amused by them to expecting them.

Maxwell made me ' feel ' every possible emotion from angry to sadness to unbelievable joy.

The part when EG was explaining to HJ his feelings and the fact that he was angry to himself for not to be able to forgive JH.

In the latest episode, there is a guy who has the ability to make people around him angry to the extent that they start rioting.

At one time during our disagreements I was so high on drugs and as she was shouting I got so angry to the point where I nearly raped her.