Prepositions after "applied"

"applied for" or "applied to"?

In 42% of cases "applied for" is used

The two applied for the patent.

A few applied for admission but were all rejected on grounds which may be interpreted primarily as ethno-cultural.

I applied for a elective for october, but have not received an acceptance letter yet.

Also, i applied for the Principles Recommendation Scheme and was wondering how do the actually decide who gets in.

When you design your application, there will likely be some application settings you'll want applied for the user.

I applied for MEDEG 2011 intake.

My band men and I had applied for visas at the American Embassy, which were granted.

I have applied for job positions in New Zealand from India but i have been rejected.

K then applied for a s94 Order.

In 41% of cases "applied to" is used

The same applied to The Star, which followed a policy of sensationalism common to all Karachi's afternoon newspapers.

In Lynch, the plaintiffs also argued that the naturalization acts also applied to children born in the United States.

However, this methodology may not be applied to a website excluding any of its parts.

A very influential interpretation, this one tends to get applied to most discussions.

Here is a short example of word-based Dissociated Press applied to an earlier version of this Jargon File: wart: n.

Since then I have applied to at least a 100 or more companies for positions from Mgr.

The same applied to the airlines.

The same applied to television.

The same applied to Arithmetic.

The children sent to the ABUSER and the excuse of ' ' parental alienation ' ' applied to the SAFE PARENT always used.

In 4% of cases "applied in" is used

If bass trapping is required, then it is usually most effective applied in the room corners (including those corners between any of the walls and the ceiling).

Same applied in Normandy in 1944: you can actually follow the US route by following the 1950s concrete towns that were built when the medieval originals were destroyed by the US.

The same applied in the case of Samantha - a former model who was convicted of smuggling drugs and was held in an Indian prison.

The colors he used for this series were mostly black and white applied in thick and straight lines.

It also looks difficult that Italian Fascist ideology can be transported applied in Indian Context.

It was applied in practically every field of endeavor--professional, recreational, educational.

The same applied in many colonial cases, too.

The same applied in learning a new dance or song or game.

I believe the same applied in the Netherlands, which would mean that the Van Duyns were a prominent family when they came over.

The same applied in the opposite direction.

In 2% of cases "applied by" is used

They are indicated with the arrows in the photo below: These dark areas are patches of retouching applied by Horace Buttery - the previous restorer - in 1960.

Each stark defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the tower first and purchasing the upgrade.

Each autobot defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the Autobot first and purchasing the upgrade.

The question is whether the Spanish laws are in agreement with international treaties signed by Spain a applied by Spanish judges to other countries.

The look of the American eagle coin is predicated about the exact created applied by great southern coins when he intended the $20 coin in 1907.

In 2% of cases "applied on" is used

I now started to pack them on deck, having passed word below for every man to lie down and keep down; the same applied on deck.

Since the well was capped on July 15, there has been virtually no dispersant use--only 200 gallons total applied on July 19.

In the extracts, E-111 is ideal applied on bases between 4- and 8- for colouring red or red- copper tones back to natural.

Something similar applied on Monday.

Read more to see how the product looks applied on my face.

A applied on 1st round of deadline, B applied on 2nd round of deadline.

A 45 year old applied on line for a position as a casual salesperson through the employer's website.

Unlike JPEG, a RAW picture doesn't have additional sharpening or color toning applied on the picture.

Can Suncontrol film be applied on any surface? Solar control window films are best suited for plain glass.

According to the National Telecom Policy (NTP) 2012, there will be no roaming applied on any network from the next year.

In 2% of cases "applied with" is used

I use a mixed media of style combining all types of paints, oils, gouache, watercolour and mostly acrylic applied with a brush airbrush or my finger.

I do go all Job Fairs do nt know to do, i applied with local stors for seasonal positions go to door to door in law offices know we are not hired sorry.

Scrutiny is good applied with humanity.

The difference is that the scenario can change so those rules get applied with different weightings.

You can easily get applied with these loans to grab the comfortable financial support without undergoing any credit issues.

In 1% of cases "applied as" is used

These cities were flourishing and Muslim scientists made tremendous progress in applied as well as theoretical Science and Technology.

There may be some nugget of satire in there, but it's not really the main point and the satire label just gets applied as a shorthand in lieu of a better descriptor.

Happer has maintained an interest in applied as well as basic science and he has served as a consultant to numerous firms, charitable foundations and government agencies.

In 1% of cases "applied at" is used

The square images are based on a Menger sponge with rotation and offsets applied at each iteration, which is why the structure divides and changes on each.

The same applied at Gram's house, in rural Maine, and my grandparents ' in New Hampshire.

The same applied at the most northerly site, Kaparta, when we drove up that way.

And the same applied at this wedding banquet.