Prepositions after "awake"

"awake at" or "awake for"?

In 28% of cases "awake at" is used

It had kept him awake at night.

Polly as he lay awake at nights.

This also keeps me awake at night.

Notch and the boys are regularly around and keeping us awake at night with their calls.

It was also suggested by an expert report that the man was not fully awake at the time.

Teaching draws me out of bed in the morning, and keeps me awake at night, anticipating.

The node allows a Marine to sleep and remain awake at the same time by switching off areas of his brain sequentially.

I used to be particularly affected by the music, which stuck in my head like a tape loop, and kept me awake at night.

They weren't like us today; if we stay awake at night then when we finally sleep we don't wake up till the afternoon.

I hope the leadership of the newsroom lays awake at night in their guilt, but they're probably in denial on that too.

In 21% of cases "awake for" is used

Almost worth staying awake for.

I've been awake for a long time.

He'd be awake for days at a time.

It causes a temporary alertness and allows you to stay awake for long periods of time.

If you can not remain awake the entire night, then stay awake for a part of the night.

Training wasn't an option as I was struggling to stay awake for more than a few hours.

More weeks later, and I still struggle to stay awake for a whole day, and run into fatigue sometimes quite suddenly.

I'd finding it harder and harder to sleep -last night I was lying wide awake for hours before I finally calmed down.

Assuming the average male is awake for 16 hours a day, each bloke would think about sex more than 8,000 times a day.

He had no idea about meth, it is really hard on ones body to force it to stay awake for days on end which meth does.

In 12% of cases "awake in" is used

It's time to be awake in dunya.

Should be awake in five minutes.

I lay awake in fear of no money.

The awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua.

A human being should remain awake in all situations and should strictly guard his actions.

You may wonder where this all heads, if you are still awake in moments before the sunrise.

But I would go home at night and lie awake in my bed at 3am, wondering if this wasn't just an enormous waste of time.

It's performed under either a spinal anaesthetic (you're awake in the top half of your body) or a general anaesethtic.

This presented a challenge to lucid dreamers who wanted to convince people that they really were awake in their dreams.

FROM HERE I rarely write these kinds of details down a session, although I often lie awake in bed thinking things over.

In 7% of cases "awake to" is used

The Premadasa Stadium was awake to it.

You must be awake to your responsibility.

When Kundalini sleeps man is awake to this world.

Manawatu coach Stu Jacobs was awake to this and should be admired for his quick action.

Either they've got no conscience, or they're not awake to the gravity of the situation.

Give me life abundantly and keep me awake to experience it And to share it! http: //www.

Businesses are awake to the prospects that the IP revolution offers value in terms of marketing and brand management.

We are born with a spiritual need in many it is latent, for the fortunate they are awake to it and are happier for it.

Or when we hear the chorus of birds in the morning we may sense that deeper joy of life and awake to its divine nature.

Adam Wyeth is a poet of ideas exquisitely wrought and swarming, demanding a reader awake to complexity on a subtle scale.

In 6% of cases "awake by" is used

Hey, sometimes I'd already awake by 3am.

Middle aged man shaken awake by his wife.

I'd still awake by this time cos I cant sleep.

She curled on her bed, shaken by sobs, kept awake by the growling of her empty stomach.

I was awake by quarter to seven and we were up and out of camp just after eight o'clock.

I kept myself awake by drinking coke and listening to music with the bedroom window open.

The last month, he'll be wide awake by 9am and will not go to sleep until after dinner even though he's super sleepy.

Maybe the nipple shield would help him bridge over to nursing while awake by providing a different, bottle-like, texture.

For 13 weeks straight from the time I was screamed awake by a DI to the time I was given permission to sleep, I was hazed.

It will take a couple of hours, and if all goes well, I should be awake by early tomorrow afternoon, just in time for Ellen.

In 5% of cases "awake during" is used

Ie; awake during the daytime, sleep at night.

After surgery, I was awake during normal hours.

I both love and hate being awake during the night.

If you can't stay awake during the work day and are seeing spots, you go see a doctor.

This is because call center agents sleep during the day and is awake during the night.

I had to fight to stay awake during the 2+ hour class, and I lost the fight many times.

This is amplified by our body's circadian rhythms that program us to be awake during the day and asleep at night.

So if you wake it up around the same time everyday, it is more likely to stay awake during that time in the future.

Lack of protein can also affect your concentration and focus, making it a lot harder to keep awake during lectures.

You'll remain awake during the operation, although you may be given other medication to make you drowsy and relaxed.

In 4% of cases "awake with" is used

You're usually awake with an epidural.

By 5am I was awake with horrible pain.

I lie awake with echoes of music in the air.

I used it for the first time last night and it actually kept me awake with the light.

He nudged Merlin with his foot, who he felt jolt awake with a sharp intake of breath.

I fall asleep from fatigue, am shaken by horrible dreams, and start awake with a cry.

I remember hearing them wrap gifts as I lay their, wide awake with excitement and anticipation of the next morning.

I went to bed that night and was awake with nausea and vomiting the next day i felt dreadful and was still vomiting.

I then awoke wide awake with energy and for some reason all the pains in my body have been gone the rest of the day.

But, seeing her own state mirrored in her mother's face, Katharine would shake herself awake with a sense of irritation.

In 3% of cases "awake from" is used

They are awake from this dreamy illusion.

The stress of keeping awake from about 11.

I choke back the fumes and awake from my daze.

Now the good man was just awake from his sleep, and was getting up to go on his journey.

She can stay awake from 6am to midnight and run around like the crazy little girl she is.

I was on set at the airport when he had to stay awake from 9pm till 8 am the next morning.

Don't be tempted to cram in too much information? you want to keep you and your audience awake from start to finish.

Her song ended and her beautiful movement with it so abruptly it felt like being shaken awake from a beautiful dream.

They felt hopeless, especially in those early days, as they kept trying to shake themselves awake from this nightmare.

And it should be able to recall any perception, even the trivial, asleep and awake from the beginning of life to death.

In 2% of cases "awake after" is used

The downside is that I can not stay awake after 10.

I was dang awake after seeing it I will dl this later.

Security scared me awake after 2am and asked questions.

It is discouraged to stay awake after Isha in wasteful occupations of gossip and vain talk etc.

I put her down awake after a bath, bottle, and story (story lasts about 5 mins - long enough?).

When you are fully awake after your Obama nap, perhaps could write a more sober and truthful piece.

I used to soak up books like they were made of chocolate I loved them, but now I'd lucky if I'd awake after one page.

However they let us shower, gave us vast amounts of coffee to keep us awake after our long journey, and were full of advice.

In my day, however, lectures, as long as you could stay awake after your own nocturnal fieldwork, were interesting and revealing.

We were brought to Eagle Rock Cafe after that to chill but you know la, old people like us can not stay awake after the whole day events.

In 2% of cases "awake on" is used

Coffee to keep the PS awake on return journey.

Little Lucy sat awake on her bed afraid to move.

Most people moan more than 10 minutes as soon they are awake on Monday.

He informed that being awake on these nights was a means for wakefulness in our hearts.

When discussing this at a party, at some point I'd asked how I stay awake on long flights.

I have been awake on and off since around 2am, so maybe that is why I feel so ' off ' today.

On the way he was telling us not to trust anyone, and to stay awake on the bus and keep a close eye on all our stuff.

I promised Emi Lenox I would help keep her awake on the way home, but I started nodding off halfway through the drive.

A She rarely stays awake on the breast and if she is awake she screams so I am having to bottle feed her (EBM) 3 hourly.

This illustrates what Dr Stampi noticed in his experiments that it is not hard to stay awake on a polyphasic sleep schedule.

In 2% of cases "awake through" is used

Let us remain awake through a great revolution.

Still, he choose to stay awake through the shifts.

Aagh, I could barely stay awake through the first pages.

It was OK, but I don't know many people who managed to stay awake through the whole movie.

Being told that if I couldn't stay awake through the training sessions I would have to leave.

If we all learn to do this we, in a real sense, will remain awake through a great revolution.

I knew that the Red Bull was part of my addiction, but it was the only thing that kept me awake through the day.

The practice of yoga nidra allows the body to relax while the mind stays awake through a form of guided meditation.

So if I can deal with it, and still love it, even after struggling to stay awake through college (and only come out with a 2.

Everyone is now walking, talking, toilet trained, and sleeping through the night (though with the teens, awake through night again!).

In 1% of cases "awake before" is used

Awake India awake before its too late.

But the others had all been awake before him.

I love being awake before the world gets busy.

I forced myself awake before the park opened and packed my tent.

I thought I had it rough because I was awake before 6am this morning.

He was awake before his eyes were open, listening to a noise that was near.

If I wasn't awake before (at about 5:50am PT) I sure was awake when I saw that.

There are times though when he's awake before me, and that means I meditate with him.

On the morning of Day 3 awake before sunrise to watch the colours change over Uluru with a glass of bubbly in hand.

In 1% of cases "awake of" is used

He was afraid that my baby would keep him awake of a night.

Do be awake of virus infections and linked guarantee risks.

Now let us just be mindful, aware, alert and awake of what is happening in our mind and body from moment to moment.

If you have done so, then you are one of the credible and living testaments awake of its advantages and disadvantages.

Now let us just be mindful, just be aware, just be alert and awake of what is happening in our mind and body from moment to moment.

In the awake of these misuses of the internet, a lot of countries are policing the internet with the view to identifying individuals who fall foul of the law.

The statement comes in awake of a dark cloud that surrounds Tanzanian football with both Taifa and Twiga Stars knocked out of Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers over the weekend.

Mohammad Ruhul Amin, district administrator of Cox's Bazar, said they had a meeting with officials concerned in the awake of the situation and decided to resist any kind of intrusion on the frontier.

In 1% of cases "awake throughout" is used

For being awake throughout the night, Dr.

I was awake throughout the whole operation.

If you arrive in the morning, try to stay awake throughout the day.

The whole idea of staying awake throughout the night didn't strike me as a challenge.

And I did stay awake throughout a Kronos Quartet concert, the only one of my group to do so.

The other beneficial part is that they will be awake throughout everything and still not feel anything.

In fact, I am surprised that he has stayed awake throughout the movie because he couldn't even stand Twilight.

Various puzzles relate to finding a light source, finding a way to stay awake throughout night, and finding a safe place to store the stake until it's needed.

He was awake throughout dinner and ate like a starving toddler (he didn't have his own tray, as he was a lap-child passenger, but he loved the food from our trays!).

How they seat some 2,300 delegates in the Great Hall of the People is a pretty amazing feat, but probably even more so is how to stay awake throughout the entire proceedings.

In 1% of cases "awake till" is used

Really! You may stay awake till 2 a.

The patient kept me awake till midnight.

I was awake till 2am or later almost every day.

One by one, they nod off; bar Leonard, who forces himself to stay awake till midnight.

You are wide awake till 3am, and then get to sleep and wake up feeling wrecked at 7am.

For example, it is permissible to remain awake till mid-night in conversation with friends.

Was out clubbing last night trying to forget everything, but i fail to get myself drunk, and I stayed awake till now.

I was awake till 1 AM reading all the national highway projects in Tamil Nadu in one of the threads in skyscrapercity.

Me and the lodgers kept awake till two in the morning with your singing and dancing, let alone banging the floor with the chair.

However, if you're not the one you could be awake till late night then you may already know that you can schedule your posts on pages.

In 1% of cases "awake until" is used

I thank them for their keeping me awake until Saturday, yesterday.

There's just something about that time thats precious, screw it up and your awake until 3am.

If you want to adjust faster to a different time zone, try to stay awake until 8pm local time.

Last night I was in bed for 11, slept for a short time and was then wide awake until 5am this morning.

Jet Lag If you want to adjust faster to a different time zone, try to stay awake until 8pm local time.

I stayed awake until 3am despite feeling exhausted and had a few little naps until 5am when I gave up and put the TV on.

I have also lost about 4 stone in the past 3 months or so and I struggle to sleep much at all, sometimes I lie awake until 6am.

The reason for anxiety is my fear of not being able to sleep tonight, therefore being forced to stay awake until tomorrow night.

I ended up unintentionally staying awake until 4am and was dying from laughter and had tears coming out of my eyes the whole time.

So most of the time, I am just sitting at home, feeling so excited and stayed awake until 2am then only to find out that I will be disappointed.