Prepositions after "chock-full"

chock-full of, with or by?

In 97% of cases "chock-full of" is used

It is chock-full of great stuff.

And it is chock-full of film stars.

Several aisles are chock-full of choices.

Mario Kart 7 ' s courses are chock-full of alternative routes and branching paths.

In a night chock-full of bizarre moments, we had a hard time picking our favorites.

The Tea Party is chock-full of such folks, but Romney and the Establishment want nothing to do with Tea Parties.

The area has also been dubbed ' the Adventure Capital of the UK ' and is chock-full of exciting outdoor pursuits.

On the surface, the medical examiner's conclusions may sound rational, but Colby's death is chock-full of enigmas.

That perception especially permeates itself in a place like Los Angeles, (which) is chock-full of beautiful people.

In 2% of cases "chock-full with" is used

The main road was chock-full with burnt vehicles and debris.

It is is chock-full with a full months time of actions including rallies to parades, activities and gatherings.

All their products are chock-full with the latest technology giving you the optimum in breathability and comfort.

The Ross Theatre was chock-full with the same again between it and the Princes Street fence, there was probably half as many on either side.

As for love of Ahl al-Bayt it is an integral of Sunni belief but in a Sunni way, not a sectarian way chock-full with ill feelings fanned by fabrications.

In 1% of cases "chock-full by" is used

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