Prepositions after "counterproductive"

"counterproductive to" or "counterproductive for"?

In 53% of cases "counterproductive to" is used

They are counter-productive to U.

That seems counterproductive to me.

It seems counter-productive to me.

Many claim it is expensive, excessive and counterproductive to school work.

This is counterproductive to running a well oiled machine -- your business.

Creating a hierarchy of musical genres is counter-productive to this goal.

This action should not be counterproductive to the people's livelihood but should save them and the land.

I certainly don't agree with men-bashing as I believe this is counterproductive to the feminist movement.

KayakerKathy, Oh dear, hiding in your car to see if he pays attention to it seems counterproductive to me.

Knee-jerk assumptions and screaming headlines are counterproductive to a useful debate and sound outcomes.

In 17% of cases "counterproductive for" is used

It's really counterproductive for all of them.

Anything less is counterproductive for the sector.

counterproductive for the working class you might say.

Excess possessions are counter-productive for pursuing a remote lifestyle.

I just think it's counter-productive for looks to matter as much as they do.

Calling on government to regulate it now is counterproductive for two reasons.

It is emotionally and intellectually counter-productive for oneself to be dragged into ugly resistance.

True, the temptation is to continue when you're on a roll, but I find that is counter-productive for me.

They have no idea what goes on inside the business -- and it would be counterproductive for them to bother.

Judging from their cartoon TV ads, traditional advertising might even be counterproductive for their success.

In 16% of cases "counterproductive in" is used

It's actually counter-productive in W's forum.

GOP policies are counterproductive in a liquidity trap.

All of that will be counterproductive in the long term.

These tactics have been shown to be counter-productive in almost all scenarios.

Denial of our past is counterproductive in terms of building nationalist sentiment.

It can produce very short-term goals and can be counter-productive in the long run.

So government policy has been very counter-productive in terms of the morale of the teaching profession.

But it is very unlikely that such policies would be counterproductive in the sense of increasing demands.

Fit-For-Purpose Toolset Big system project management tools typically prove counterproductive in practise.

Working out a lot more than you can handle could injure your body, making it counterproductive in the end.

In 3% of cases "counterproductive at" is used

No, I don't think it becomes counterproductive at some point.

Squeamishness or too much humanitarianism would be counterproductive at this point.

By all means kiss him, but sleeping with him would be counterproductive at this point.

This has been as counter-productive at the national level as it is at the parish level.

While this is the perfect environment for a child in daylight hours, it can be counter-productive at night.

They were always vitrolic and tense with one another but it was ridiculously counter-productive at this point.

It will still be bruised and swollen from the biopsy so scans would be inconclusive and surgery counter-productive at this stage.

Does forward speed increase with rocking frequency, or does rocking faster become counterproductive at some point? Why? Graph your average speed vs.

Above all the fall of Elephant Pass to the enemy would be catastrophic and counterproductive at national level, and there was hardly any time to waste, Kularatne pondered.

Especially when you tend to avoid rice and other sorts of carbohydrates -- your energy levels could really drop and it would only end up being counter-productive at the end.

In 2% of cases "counterproductive as" is used

Futile and counterproductive as well as further free publicity for the BNP.

Just a that is certainly counterproductive as well as totally unfair to you personally.

This is both unjust and counterproductive as the world struggles with a growing food crisis.

Targetting potential Hamas peace negotiators is counterproductive as well as shooting rockets at Israel.

In fact it is counterproductive as the only people willing to support the sport are the ones being ignored.

This latest intervention by the current US administration is both hugely counterproductive as well as grossly insensitive.

He added that focusing on science and technology only would be counterproductive as the economy is driven by multiple variables.

Tory beliefs meet Tory practice in perfect harmony! This kind of abuse is inaccurate and counter-productive as well as offensive.

In this way the puppy learns (a) to limit the strength of its bite in both play and for real and (b) that biting is counter-productive as an attention seeking device.

Obama is also exercising a notable restraint in Syria, where an overt military intervention would be counter-productive as to the longer-run scenario a la the Arab spring events.

In 1% of cases "counterproductive because" is used

He noted that the previous practice in which the government was building houses for the people was counterproductive because of inadequate resources.

Pakistan says that while the CIA-run drone campaign has some advantages, it fuels anti-American sentiment and is counterproductive because of collateral damage.

Instead, the focus has been on building central stocks, which has even turned out to be somewhat counterproductive because of the lack of adequate storage facilities.

In 1% of cases "counterproductive by" is used

This approach is dismissed as entirely counter-productive by many experts.

For, in her view, the overextended empowerment was bound to turn counterproductive by making women weak as they are.

I understand that he was trying to instill a sense of hope, but it was counterproductive by throwing out that arbitrary number and then not spending it.

In 1% of cases "counterproductive from" is used

Plain packaging is therefore likely to be entirely counterproductive from a health standpoint.

The bureaucratic interests of fiscal and tax rmnistries are counter-productive from the point of view of economic instruments.

Rather, it is grossly counterproductive from the point of view of strengthening the revenue generation efforts of the government.

Integration In our view these proposals are likely to be positively counter-productive from the point of view of facilitation of integration.

Not only is much of the legislation futile and even counterproductive from the start, we are also left with ever more relics of now-forgotten reforms.

To this day, I don't understand why the Fed decided to start paying interest on its account balances because it is counterproductive from a stimulus standpoint.

In 1% of cases "counterproductive on" is used

Emotional outburst can be counter-productive on the job.

This isolationist sort of thinking is counterproductive on the Internet.

The communist remarks are unfortunate and counter-productive on all sides.

This seems to be counterproductive on the part of the banks and in fact, often is, but it does hold to be true in many cases.

In 1% of cases "counterproductive with" is used

An audit report thus riven by dissent is bound to prove counter-productive with readers being at a loss as to who to believe, and what to believe.