Prepositions after "distrustful"

distrustful of, in, about, at or for?

In 93% of cases "distrustful of" is used

I am deeply distrustful of undue speed.

He was deeply distrustful of the British.

But don't be too distrustful of The Beast.

The Chihuahua is watchful of strangers and distrustful of those he does not know.

More than ever, politics has become grounded in ideology and distrustful of fact.

Weasley was distrustful of Baron Hill, and the education they were receiving there.

Unions are not suicidal -- but they are distrustful of guys who claim bankruptcy and take bonuses for the Board.

Empiricism is supposed to urge that people be distrustful of authority and go out to look directly at the world.

As night descends, I become distrustful of cab drivers, strangers in elevators, and, really, the majority of men.

Those involved in prevention and intervention activities are often distrustful of the efforts of law enforcement.

In 2% of cases "distrustful in" is used

They are cheerful and distrustful in their trading.

Over the past three years the relationship has become more strained, fraught, and distrustful in a number of realms.

Those that are distrustful in a public sense -- people can sense that they are so -- it doesn't engender much trust to follow someone you know doesn't trust you.

distrustful in the past of the Soviet Union, Qaddafi is now calling for an ever closer alignment of Libya with Moscow -- a prospect that raises questions about the wisdom of U.

In 1% of cases "distrustful about" is used

CreditSights ' weekly funding report said the ECB had effectively become the central clearer for the region's banks as lenders are increasingly distrustful about funding one another.

In 1% of cases "distrustful at" is used

O'Mara also said the couple was stressed, fearful and distrustful at the time.

When my GP described my husband and me as ' excellent parents ', my anxiety reduced; although I still feel distrustful at times.

In 1% of cases "distrustful for" is used

Right from the start, our immigrants from the Russian Empire arrived mad at Moscow, distrustful for usually good reason and inclined to stay that way.

Instead, they were simply unsure about Wildrose - not unsure in the active sense of being distrustful for any particular reason, they just didn't know a single thing about the local candidate.

In 1% of cases "distrustful toward" is used

Although I don't think he would ordinarily be a bad candidate, I am distrustful toward his fellow conservatives.

In 1% of cases "distrustful towards" is used

I'd not surprised she feels distrustful towards her legs.