Prepositions after "doubtful"

"doubtful about" or "doubtful of"?

In 29% of cases "doubtful about" is used

So I'd doubtful about your theory.

However, I am doubtful about this tale.

She'd been doubtful about it beforehand.

It is doubtful about the extent to which Euclid actually mastered these concepts.

The Qur'an says to seek those who have knowledge if one is doubtful about issues.

The confusion prevented the nation to be doubtful about role of Japan or British.

Dhrtarastra, the father of the Kurus, was highly doubtful about the possibility of his sons ' ultimate victory.

I disagree with this line of thought for the reason mentioned earlier: I am doubtful about phenomenal properties.

Dhr? tar? s? t? ra, the father of the Kurus, was highly doubtful about the possibility of his sons ' ultimate victory.

He refrained from taking food when he was doubtful about it and satisfied himself by eating vegetables and even grass.

In 24% of cases "doubtful of" is used

You become doubtful of yourself.

Be doubtful of no % teaser costs.

I'd also doubtful of Windows Phone.

There is a school of belief that is doubtful of the merits of that, to say the least.

Me, I am doubtful of this idea that markets will always and naturally fill some demand.

Tradition would choose the eldest son but many advisors became doubtful of his capabilities.

Adding another human being to the equation leaves you feeling insecure and doubtful of yourself and your abilities.

I can see how a non Muslim might be doubtful of it's divine or miraculous nature but we atleast have to respect it.

Islamic law aims to prevent arbitrary charges so that the accused is not doubtful of the charges placed against him.

A hopeful but doubtful of me was getting ready to go the first of three flights that would finally get him to Orlando.

In 13% of cases "doubtful for" is used

It was looking doubtful for a while.

One was so bad it makes Fabrigas doubtful for Barca.

Chao! Martin, Berbatov is very doubtful for the game.

Our keeper Berko is also very doubtful for the next matches after he injured his knee.

He can be safely ruled out for Week 11, and should be considered doubtful for Week 12.

Injuries may play a factor in this game with a number of players doubtful for both sides.

Dane Kelly is doubtful for Tivoli, but though not 100 per cent, Navion Boyd is expected to lead the forward line.

Nobody is ever before doubtful for the excellence of the boots and shoes which have been manufactured by the firm.

It doesn't help that safety Troy Polamalu is doubtful for this week's Ravens game, but Steelers fans will be waving.

Moussa Dembele, who has been out since early October, also remains doubtful for the fixture at the Emirates Stadium.

In 7% of cases "doubtful as" is used

I was doubtful as to whether he can actually defend.

doubtful as to whether something will happen or is worthwhile.

Rather, one becomes doubtful as to the very grounds upon which is standing.

We thought of entertaining the idea? it was in July? but were doubtful as to the result.

I'd more doubtful as to whether civil liberties arguments against the IDs are going to wash.

Ordinarily, death penalty is a horrible punishment and it is doubtful as an effective deterrent.

It was doubtful as to how these people could invest money in projects as they were in dire need of basics for living.

It is indeed doubtful as to whether this land has been properly surveyed and subjected to the attentions of urban planning.

He liked what Manto had suggested but was doubtful as to whether he should accept a solution offered on the spur of moment.

I am very doubtful as to whether it could have a lot of effect on the millions of sperm, which are released when a guy discharges.

In 7% of cases "doubtful in" is used

They are doubtful in their very doubts.

Very doubtful in fact, because in 1895, BMW didn't exist.

It is this facet which is extremely doubtful in the Gulf context.

The usefulness of the application of the MARPOL 73/78 is doubtful in such incidents.

The extent to which one can accept the latter as ' proper ' English is doubtful in itself.

Who wants to start over? doubtful in his introductory definitions he states that 1/0 = infinity.

When Hadrat Mu'awiyah noticed that the position of Qais was doubtful in the eyes of Hadrat Ali, he declared him as his man.

It would be better to be 100% sure in these important worships rather than getting doubtful in fulfillment of the obligation.

I'd pretty doubtful in investing my money because every time I joined an investment club, everything doesn't seem to work out.

All sensory beliefs had been found doubtful in the previous meditation, and therefore all such beliefs are now considered false.

In 3% of cases "doubtful on" is used

Harvin is listed as doubtful on the injury report.

Would Liverpool have won 3-0? doubtful on current form.

Has it ever been done? Will it ever be done? doubtful on both counts.

Therefore, some quarters are still doubtful on the outcome of the GA8.

Posted by: Janita September 24, 2012, 6:54 am 6:54 am doubtful on that O'daltuin.

I was quite doubtful on the fact that Jim Carrey would be playing the part as Count Olaf.

Backus injured his hamstring on Sunday and was listed as doubtful on Wednesday's injury report.

If the only reason you want to be with her is the way she looks, she's going to be a bit doubtful on that.

Okay so what makes me doubtful on wether or not he truly is a Christian at all is because of his practices.

Whiles I do not question the effectiveness of this strategy, I remain doubtful on the scale of information diffusion this strategy can offer.

In 3% of cases "doubtful to" is used

I agree with Arsene but his judgemet of Bendtner is doubtful to me.

It's doubtful to me that that time is automatically best spent on Twitter.

It is doubtful to what extent supermarket chains in Sri Lanka make use the customer data for the above.

It seems doubtful to me that people woke up on New Year's Day of 1500 (or 1495 or 1450 or 1350 or 1300.

States that destroy to enhance health word coverage would be doubtful to knowledge these improvements in women 's.

I have not heard of HAARP before, but it looks highly doubtful to me that it could have any effect on global climate.

Where would that begin and end, and would it really stop someone from hi-jacking the brand name in some fashion? doubtful to me.

Whether or not the correlation is correct, it seems doubtful to me whether such a simplistic link could fairly be drawn between brideprice and rape.

In 3% of cases "doubtful with" is used

Mikele Leigertwood is doubtful with a dead leg.

Fixture: West Ham (Home) Ba is still rated as doubtful with a 75% chance of playing but never fear.

Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead is doubtful with a knee injury that has kept him out of the last two games.

First off, a usual steroid brand can be acquired in the black market which are obviously doubtful with regards to quality.

Rookie Stephen Hill, New York's second-round pick, is listed as doubtful with a hamstring injury -- as is tight end Dustin Keller.

I do hope Chelsea manage to stay in the CL for a bit longer, although it's doubtful with Inter Milan's form, and chelsea's of course.

Meanwhile, India have called up Ashok Dinda to cover for Ishant Sharma, who is doubtful with a viral illness for the match which begins in Ahmedabad on 15th November.

Hence, the quality of our present representation if not reviewed will be doubtful with its attendant effect on the well being of the people of Kabba/Bunu Local Government.

Defensive tackle LeTroy Guion was listed as doubtful with a turf toe injury, but the Vikings did get Adrian Peterson back at practice Friday after he missed the previous day with an illness.

Maybe they should discuss one other factor: This Colorado team isn't as good as last year's -- especially with leading rusher Christian Powell doubtful with a concussion -- but neither is Utah.

In 2% of cases "doubtful at" is used

We can be both hopeful and doubtful at the same time.

The only thing that's truly doubtful at this point is whether he's truly doubtful.

The Central Committee of the Association in Dublin was doubtful at the start about success.

But what was undoubtable at age 7, became a little doubtful at 10 then completely doubtable at 12 or so.

Slight chance for a millionaire's tax bracket and other soak the rich measures but I am doubtful at this point.

It is doubtful at what particular time the unlucky Americans realised the presence of this new factor in the fight.

I really wish the reed children are going to show up but unless they kept the casting under wraps it is very doubtful at this point.

It is extremely doubtful at this late date that the committee would - or physically could - hold confirmation hearings before the November election.

If Rawlings eventually decides to join the campaign which is highly doubtful at this time, what he would say to undo the nasty things he had said should be his own chitchat or headache.

I just hope IDW's Mazzucchelli print run was big enough to leave a few copies for the remainder stores Jose-Luis mentions above, but I'd say that's looking pretty doubtful at the moment.

In 2% of cases "doubtful by" is used

The reality of God is made a little more doubtful by a lifestyle that God Himself had advised against.

The children of Israel found themselves growing bitter, discouraged, disillusioned and doubtful by the unfulfilled promises of God.

It can be rendered more doubtful by either negative evidence (flaws) in the non-design theory itself and by positive evidence of design theory.

In 1% of cases "doubtful after" is used

Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy (thigh) is doubtful after being taken off against Everton on Saturday, and could be replaced by Mark Bunn.

With Jonathan Dwyer doubtful after suffering a quad injury last week, Isaac Redman is expected to get the bulk of the backfield work versus the G-men.

Danny North, Alan Keane and Iarfhliath Davoren are all out while right-back Seamus Conneely is rated as doubtful after picking up a hamstring injury in Cork last week.

Honduras Injury front: Spain defender Sergio Ramos has a rib injury but should play, while midfielder Andres Iniesta is doubtful after being injured against Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the Cards will have defender Mike Cestor, midfielder Lee Sawyer and striker Bradley Bubb available again, though centre back Jack Parkinson may be doubtful after limping off towards.

In 1% of cases "doubtful because" is used

Cornerback Byron Maxwell is doubtful because of a hamstring injury.

The striker has been doubtful because of injury but should be available, likewise Joe Ledley, but Scott Brown remains an improbable starter.

Could even the Yanks pull off the trade? doubtful because of their current commitments and their reluctance to break they luxury tax threshold.

Fullback Jordi Alba is also doubtful because of flu, but captain Carles Puyol is expected to return from a cheekbone injury, albeit with a protective mask.

All that mess had to be cleaned up, and on top of that, there was the uncertainty that just seven-eight countries had come in and others were doubtful because of the negative publicity.

So the assertion inherent in the latter's opinion that some one at the prophetic era Migrated from Madinah to settle in Kano and spread Islam is highly doubtful because of many obvious reasons.

In 1% of cases "doubtful considering" is used

He said that he'd been into it on a ladder, but I find this doubtful considering the depth.

This view is very doubtful considering the context and parallel restrictions of widows ' moral characters.

In 1% of cases "doubtful due" is used

Tim Bresnan is also doubtful due to an injury.

That said, I hoped I would like this movie but I was doubtful due to all of the poor fan reviews.

However, this is no good news for Chelsea as Ashley Cole remains doubtful due to a hamstring injury.

In 1% of cases "doubtful from" is used

It is doubtful from the last few radio messages, that the planes decided to ditch together.

It looks a bit doubtful from the outside, and the room did not impress me when I first opened the door either.

I would like to hope that Andrei is going to find his motivation and focus again but it is very doubtful from my point of view.

In 1% of cases "doubtful over" is used

It makes it even harder when I think about all those times when I was in your shoes and acted doubtful over much trivial of issues.

An economic dip has come at just the wrong time for Obama, just four months before he asks Americans already doubtful over his economic management for a second White House term.