fond of

Prepositions after "fond"

In 99% of cases fond of is used

Not fond of the episodes though.

I am so fond of the McGoldrick's.

No guitar solos in Fond of Tigers.

A few favourites Harris is particularly fond of the early comics from the 60's and 70's.

But he learned to read almost as soon as he could talk, and he was always fond of books.

Not only was she inordinately fond of the dash, she wrought impressive variations on it.

While he was not particularly fond of the monastic life, the Dominicans were famous for offering a thorough education.

And such souls are always much fonder of giving than of receiving, even in their relations with the Creator Himself.

HGW: How does Limbs of the Stars differ from Fond of Tigers? SL: What the three of us play is a bit more open sounding.

This series is about making poetry interesting for them and it's only right that somebody fond of the language does it.