Prepositions after "hands-on"

"hands-on with" or "hands-on in"?

In 66% of cases "hands-on with" is used

I'd very hands-on with my crew.

They are very hands-on with the process.

Bertie went hands-on with it earlier this month at E3.

Reporter Beth Macdonell dove at the chance to get hands-on with some sea creatures.

Kids can also get hands-on with some fascinating creatures at the Queensland Museum.

Or, the tendency to isolate and be hands-on with no-one because it is easier to do so.

My first hands-on with Samsung Galaxy Note Video I had the chance to touch and interact with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Pocket-lint was on hand at the launch event to go hands-on with the new phone and see just how yellow it really is.

In our hands-on with OnLive we experienced connection time outs on our (admittedly creaky) Wi-Fi in the old office.

Be sure to see Marc's previous hands-on with the PlayBook to get an idea of what else this device will have to offer.

In 16% of cases "hands-on in" is used

We're way too hands-on in that respect.

Another 1,400 of you were hands-on in helping me build it.

Training is hands-on in a well-equipped computer laboratory.

I'd also very hands-on in the buying process, so I'd on the road, meeting with designers.

One answer is that as people have become more creative and hands-on in their working lives.

P-Noy was invisible in the disaster relief effort but he was definitely hands-on in the RH battle.

The most gratifying thing about creating this record was being hands-on in producing sounds and feels that I love.

He still is very hands-on in business, although he's given us a free hand in the day-to-day operations of the company.

With up to 5,000 visitors every day, up to 10 million children will get hands-on in the James Dyson Foundation classroom.

Training is hands-on in a well-equipped computer laboratory, making use of practical exercises to apply the techniques learned.

In 3% of cases "hands-on at" is used

HANDS-ON SKILLING Being hands-on at every level in your business helps.

Both are too far from the North-West for him to be hands-on at the stables.

The reality is, she is hands-on at everything that goes on in each of her stores.

Yes, McAfee has released a fix but it's one that has be applied hands-on at each affected computer.

In 3% of cases "hands-on for" is used

Thanks again for teaching, modeling, and providing the hands-on for us.

This post will summarize the result of my hands-on for days 4 and 5 in makeup school.

Barnes made it fun and hands-on for the students (a difficult task considering the topic).

There is plenty to read, view and observe, plus some added hands-on for the younger people.

UPDATE: We've added two more videos above the other video thanks to it being incorrect, so these two new videos deliver a spec comparison and hands-on for iPhone 5 vs.

My initial thought was to become a doctor, and I think my parents were trying to guide me towards something a little more applied or hands-on for my first degree, before I went off to med school.

In 3% of cases "hands-on of" is used

You can read our hands-on of the Vivo Tab here.

AU Editor's Note: this is an Australian hands-on of the HTC 8X.

Check out our quick hands-on of the Linksys EA4500 Smart WiFi router after the break.

It's all about the apps In our hands-on of Microsoft's Consumer Preview, we declared that your familiar Windows desktop is all but dead.

Furthermore, you should attend local events to play hands-on of games whenever possible and you should also come to meet your fellow gamers.

Meanwhile, you can refer to our hands-on of the earlier edition that will be included on all 2012 Philips smart TVs until the new version is ready.

We will also publish a hands-on of the Superfone Elite A84 very soon, so keep following our site, AndroidNova! The key features of this device are: 4.

How does all these enhancements translate to the real world? Many that have been lucky enough to get a hands-on of the device say that the 9900 is very fast and responsive.

In 2% of cases "hands-on on" is used

Director Tony Gilroy was very hands-on on set.

There will be hands-on on the studio equipment and lighting set ups.

This book also has a great cast of supporting characters, from Archangels who rarely leave heaven to Archdukes who like to be far more hands-on on Earth.

The future of education in this country will be resolved by the resolve of communities like Cala who still are hands-on on the education of their children.

In 1% of cases "hands-on as" is used

Very hands-on as a father, he is not interested in the limelight or the shiny baubles that money can bring.

What's more, it has a 1080p IPS display, which looked just as nice in our initial hands-on as the spec sheet would have you believe.

In 1% of cases "hands-on by" is used

A99 hands-on by Thistonybridge.

Scroll down for iPad mini product shots, promo video and hands-on by The Verge.

It's here that kids will get to explore Missouri wildlife hands-on by touching everything from snakeskin's to feathers of native wildlife--and much more.

In 1% of cases "hands-on during" is used

In addition, he loves to cook and is always hands-on during our Friday Dinners.

I just bounce off ideas with him, suggesting that this or that could be better or maybe he should try so and so, but generally I don't get hands-on during writing and arranging.

In 1% of cases "hands-on from" is used

And I like to go hands-on from ground breaking to releasing the funds.

He really needed to be hands-on from the start and I don't think he was.

This program is usually hands-on from the very start, allowing students to turn ideas into solid objects.

At the least, it's the most hands-on from start to finish form of photography that you can participate in and, as an artistic tool, is a great addition to your photographic toolkit.