Prepositions after "head-to-head"

"head-to-head with" or "head-to-head in"?

In 49% of cases "head-to-head with" is used

Earpods is head-to-head with Samsung.

This would bring it head-to-head with the U.

There's nothing really to go head-to-head with them on.

These two designs now go head-to-head with the Wellywood concept in a final vote.

I decided to take it head-to-head with the HTC One X -- which is my current device.

They regularly fought head-to-head with the Russians, often to Russia's disadvantage.

It doesn't necessarily want to compete head-to-head with every small carrier in every small town in America.

It needs powerful, sexy products that can compete head-to-head with any smartphone the industry has to offer.

It will place Zeebox head-to-head with Intonow, the similar companion app that is now under Yahoo's ownership.

She says she will not go head-to-head with the shinkansen (though her airline will fly between Tokyo and Osaka).

In 21% of cases "head-to-head in" is used

On Saturday they go head-to-head in Paris.

Japan and Serbia go head-to-head in the other big game.

South Africa and England will go head-to-head in a bid for the No.

Two teams are determined and go head-to-head in an extreme elimination challenge.

So they'll be coming head-to-head in that category with Hurts then, in fact, no,.

Paul Ryan, went head-to-head in the 2012 vice presidential debate in Danville, Ky.

And the person from each camp who viewers have voted for will go head-to-head in the second Bush Tucker Trial.

The Wii U Pro Controller will allow the Wii U to ake on the Xbox 360 head-to-head in the hardcore gaming arena.

A Big Ten championship season followed, and in the final game, both parties met head-to-head in the Capital One Bowl.

In 8% of cases "head-to-head against" is used

The Hyderabadi levelled the head-to-head against the Danish 1-1.

I don't think Delany wants to compete head-to-head against the SEC for a market.

If you involve players from around the world, you go head-to-head against complete strangers.

Romney always promoted as the most electable, but Santorum wins head-to-head against Obama too.

In fact, according to the LA Times, Batman will also have to compete head-to-head against Prometheus.

A head-to-head against Miami raises the question of whether Durant is ready to guard LeBron for extended stretches.

Watch as fearless youngsters go head-to-head against successful adults from the fields of music, culture and sport.

Watch the tape, and you'll see only 13 of those 27 shots actually came head-to-head against Bradley in the half court.

In 6% of cases "head-to-head for" is used

The winners of the semi-finals eventually go head-to-head for the gold.

But many times, Box and Microsoft compete head-to-head for enterprise deals.

Ireland and England went head-to-head for the second time in 48-hours in Co.

The two presidential candidates go head-to-head for the second time tonight.

The winners of the semi-finals eventually go head-to-head for the gold medal.

Galaxy S series will be this Fall, when the two go head-to-head for the affections of holiday shoppers.

The two best teams in each pool will qualify for the semi-finals, the winners of which will go head-to-head for the gold.

Roddick still finished his career 3-21 against Federer (more of a lopsided football game than a normal head-to-head for two former No.

In 5% of cases "head-to-head on" is used

It's About The US And Europe Going head-to-head on World Economic Dominance.

A total of 17 teams went head-to-head on the humid Saturday showdown for the morning and afternoon races.

This is the first time Obama has had to go head-to-head on a level playing field with a prepared opponent.

The ITU World Triathlon Series allows the world's top athletes to compete head-to-head on an ongoing basis.

Ghana and Mozambique will go head-to-head on Saturday with a place alongside South Africa in the semis at stake.

The archeaologists Edouard Naville and Kurt Sethe went head-to-head on the order of rule between the three Tuthmoses and Hatshepsut.

Once they get those, they qualify for the first ballot, which determines which two candidates will go head-to-head on the final ballot.

The Rossoneri leapfrogged their city rivals Inter at the weekend and go head-to-head on Sunday evening, but first they face a midweek test.

In 4% of cases "head-to-head at" is used

They argue head-to-head at the boardroom table.

In fact, the two will go head-to-head at the Sylhet Divisional Stadium from tomorrow.

I'd rather beat you guys head-to-head at full strength, because then there are no excuses.

All of which sets the scene for a mouth-watering double head-to-head at the London Olympics.

In regular-season meetings, RSL holds an edge in head-to-head at 3-2-4, as well as a 9-7 goal advantage.

In regular season meetings, RSL holds an edge in head-to-head at 3-2-4, as well as a 9-7 goal advantage.

Emerson Drive and Doc Walker have frequently gone head-to-head at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards.

The second match will see two three-time champions, Charlie Smith High and Camperdown High, go head-to-head at 3 p.

Southend United and Rochdale are two of the division's form teams - with both not losing in five - and they go head-to-head at Roots Hall.

In 2% of cases "head-to-head between" is used

Stage 19 will be an intriguing head-to-head between the Sky teammates.

Thus with the revenge motive firmly in place, the movie transposes into a head-to-head between the two men.

Djokovic successfully served out for the match, putting him 4-3 in front in the head-to-head between the pair in 2012.

The usual head-to-head between the Tech 3 Yamahas didn't materialise on this occasion with Andrea Dovizioso forced into battle with the satellite Hondas.

The head-to-head between the Scot and the Spaniard stands at five wins each, although they have never previously met on a grass court, let alone an indoor one.

Because it's no longer three teams on four points - Czech Republic would have six; Russia and Greece four and it would be the head-to-head between those two sides that would decide it.

In 2% of cases "head-to-head over" is used

The two men go head-to-head over Iraq and their positions on leaving US troops there.

Murray, of course, has beaten Federer before: Indeed he has a winning head-to-head over him.

In it, they went head-to-head over the right back position and who should stay in it as we move forward.

In what was described as an animated discussion, Brewer and Obama went head-to-head over her book, Scorpions for Breakfast.

He rightly points out that few scholars want to re-fight the theory wars of the 1980s, when critics went head-to-head over deconstruction and other tradition-rattling schools of thought.

Academics Richard Jackson and Alexander Gillespie went head-to-head over the question of whether New Zealand troops in Afghanistan died in vain, producing a solid argument on a great-looking page.

In 1% of cases "head-to-head during" is used

Phoenix Entertainment reported that at least eight domestic movies will compete head-to-head during the National Day holiday in October, another peak period for filmgoing.