Prepositions after "indebted"

indebted to, for, in, by or with?

In 87% of cases "indebted to" is used

I am also greatly indebted to Mr.

So we are indebted to the sun-god.

I am likewise much indebted to Mr.

Her neck brace came off and she was indebted to the medical staff member who did it.

We are indebted to the farmers in the study contributed substantially to this effort.

Britain no doubt was indebted to the role that women played during the whole of WWII.

By being so indebted to the rest of the world now, we may well be on our way to becoming a global economic colony.

He said even though the revenue accrued has consistently increased, the fund has been indebted to the tune of 180.

That is like saying that I am indebted to both America and the Taliban, I am indebted to both Canada and Al Queda.

In an earlier era, they became indebted to the pawnbroker; now they are indebted to banks or credit-card companies.

In 7% of cases "indebted for" is used

Both of which I am very grateful and indebted for.

We're borrowing from China so much we're indebted for trillions.

Through Narada, we are indebted for the presence of classical music.

People of Bangladesh are made more indebted for these projects and made more vulnerable.

And it is to his pencil we are indebted for the illustrations accompanying this article.

To whom these criminals would remain indebted for the rest of their lives? Definitely AL.

A very good reporter to whom we are indebted for making sure this didn't get swept under the rug, but a reporter.

Elliott and Fry I am also indebted for their kindness in allowing me the use of reproductions of their photographs.

God is there but where are we? I have an older friend whom I love to bits and to whom I am indebted for many things.

On the other hand, TGRR, your children are to be indebted for life to ensure they remain docile units of production.

In 2% of cases "indebted in" is used

To each of them, I am indebted in a way.

Also, he got deeply indebted in five years.

Our households are some of the most indebted in the world.

Today, Caribbean states are among the most indebted in the world.

That is why they are capital-surplus peoples and we are among the most indebted in the world.

So why is Japan's government now one of the most indebted in the world, with a gross debt that's 235.

I find it weird that there is a denial amongst MMTers of the fact a nation can not be indebted in its own currency.

Second, it is far from clear that UK households were disastrously overly indebted in the years preceding the crisis.

But there is some long way yet to go, with New Zealand households being among the most indebted in the developed world.

Withers ' departure the work was accomplished; for this the College is indebted in no small measure to the effects of Rev.

In 1% of cases "indebted by" is used

It stunned a misguided fan of the Deeply indebted by forecasting successive defeats at Chelski and MugSmasherLand.

Theoretically, at this level, each of the 94 million Filipinos is indebted by P55,457 to foreign and domestic creditors.

As his country becomes meaner and more indebted by the hour, it is to his credit that he has placed his considerable weight at its service.

Were not the Muslims of Bengal worst suffers in the hands of Calcutta Mahajans to whom they were indebted by Rs 4000 million which rose to about Rs.

Lewis concedes that the authority of England is not final, but by being indebted by birth, upbringing, and education the weight is against the pacifist.

Debt relief to Uganda has enabled the government to borrow still more money and remain highly indebted by significantly increasing its level of absolute debt.

Ironic, isn't it, that the people who may be required to pay the cost of saving the British banking system are the very ones who have been hopelessly indebted by it.

He returned to a community now heavily indebted by the legal costs of his and others ' trials, as well as the costs of the police expedition, which he was expected to pay.

Moore eats this stuff up and then constructs a case that Americans are kept so indebted by their education and health costs that they are mind-numbed into corporate subservience.

In 1% of cases "indebted with" is used

He shall be indebted with the cost of maintenance.

The person who persecuted you, on the other hand, is indebted with you.

He is such an inspiration and one whom I will always forever be indebted with.

Debt counselling is there to help the over indebted with the aggressive creditors.

Rights issue was a noble idea because the club is heavily indebted with choking debts.

Being so much indebted with gifts, many other things do not matter any more, be it a delicious meal, an argument, or an ego.

The town hall is characterized by poor governance, weak administration, nepotism and is heavily indebted with insufficient financial resources.