Prepositions after "individual"

individual with, for, without, to or in?

In 61% of cases "individual with" is used

An individual with an emotional baggage.

I am an individual with a learning disability.

Thats about working as a individual with others.

Every piece is distinctively individual with intricately detailed lattice panels.

This individual's genotype is different from an individual with the dominant trait.

Jail-like boot that an individual with a brick at night to trumpet aimed at throwing.

This correlation only exists, however, when an individual with that gene has been exposed to abuse as a child.

God creates each and every individual with an image and he is experimenting, which is most appropriate to say.

An individual with a considerable amount of will power will be able to make decisions more quickly than others.

In 15% of cases "individual for" is used

The inner journey will be individual for each person.

It was not enough to die as an individual for sinners.

Flexible program settings could be individual for every user.

Icici Lombard 2yr individual for 3lakhs or max bhupa if so which one in max bhupa.

TRAP: Simply relying on an individual for a smooth business running is ill-advised.

It shows disregard for others who have to work along side that individual for 8 hours.

We will be looking to contract an individual for this role, however organisations can also apply but will need.

The coat of arms which the crest is part of is presented to an individual for services rendered to the monarch.

A bhikkhu has to depend on a forest glade or a village or a town or an individual for his residence and support.

Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for a church or Christian individual for this same purpose.

In 5% of cases "individual to" is used

This is very individual to the kind of book.

The discount amount is individual to each tour.

Our illness is highly individual to us, however.

The best diet for you is individual to you -- precisely because you are an individual.

Ones recovery is individual to them, however they define it and how they choose live it.

Is your computer making down also? The configuration can play individual to a manufacturer.

It may impact on it, but not necessarily in a positive or negative way -- but in a way that is individual to us.

There are many people, most people, feel similarly whether they act out the same way I do or not is individual to them.

KMshopdress004: How very important style would be to somebody is Karen Millen dresses individual to every single of us.

Everyone's experience is individual to them, so highlighting what is unique about your experience can help you stand out.

In 5% of cases "individual without" is used

It wasn't like an individual without help.

Thanking every individual without missing others is a daunting task.

We just can not give a gun to an individual without the right training.

They will never divulge any information about an individual without his authority.

It's hard to motivate a team or even an individual without their physical presence.

Chana showed up when there were no groups of men, or as an individual without a group.

Accepting an individual without the talent in any respect can, needless to say, acquire more time get started.

Your current Amygdala emotion won't proper care the amount of periods that worries an individual without cause.

It always appeared a politically expedient step for him as an individual without any organisational implication.

In general terms, killing an individual without trial is extrajudicial murder unless it qualifies as self-defense.

In 4% of cases "individual in" is used

They're all individual in their own right.

The pain-body is not just individual in nature.

It was felt that suggestion was individual in nature.

Everyone is very individual in what they like and don't like in sex and sexuality.

Start your blog by giving an excerpt from a well known individual in a subtle manner.

Each of the animals is represented by only its head, but each is individual in character.

The Vedic scriptures, however, are different in that they can direct the individual in the proper way to love God.

It also states Saramedha and Gunomeju ordains few well may be 7 or 8 individual in Chittagong, Mohamuni Pahartali.

As with the scores, the gaps will be dependent on the people and the situation, and each profile is individual in that respect.

He might also have avoided being the second most frequently mentioned individual in his book -- if you count God as an individual.

In 2% of cases "individual as" is used

That's individual as well as corporate.

We offer both individual as well as group enrollment.

Islam puts individual as well as collective responsibility.

In context to human resources, it manages both individual as well as blue- collar workers.

Strategies should be holistic, emphasizing individual as well as systemic or structural change; 4.

It was agreed that all embassies should take individual as well as collective action in this regard.

This type of skill is helpful in order to Legal Settlements both individual as well as expert edges to be an attorney.

Indeed, Kurtz is not so much a fully realized individual as a series of images constructed by others for their own use.

During those years, students have shown individual as well as collective initiatives in order to make the school what it is today.

These military suicides signify individual as well as a collective tragedy in the Sri Lankan society questioning our moral beliefs.

In 1% of cases "individual by" is used

It has debarred one part of the community from being individual by starving them.

Eli Siegel taught what it means to see every person as entirely individual by seeing what they are in relation to.

Demonstrating you are well resourced individual by being able to ' waste ' resources is the essence of conspicuous consumption.

In 1% of cases "individual from" is used

Morning Illness in Being pregnant is pretty individual from being pregnant to pregnancy.

Zaban (person) A name of unknown origin and meaning: individual from the Tublias PGP region; reign of Sargon II PGP.

Hence, they conspire against the very notion of freedom and the best way to do so is to alienate individual from other individuals.

With Heidegger, the being of human being is conceived as individual from the very outset -- and in this respect we follow Heidegger.

In 1% of cases "individual of" is used

Your metabolic rank is individual of them.

But Spybot was definitely individual of the first.

Acupuncture is individual of the most frequently tried non-medication therapies.

This is individual of the key reasons why backside staff outsourcing is in advance prominence.

Invest time to discover who you are for a individual then seek for those individual of an eating routine or just diet.

His prodigious talents are matched only by his ego, the most individual of sportsman in a sport that prizes the team ethic.

Hence, it is a great deal top if they underwrite their businesses by means of import individual of the cheap life insurance rates policies.

In today to know that you are working a few customer you should buy out about the advice that you are slowing your network from or see to kids that you are individual of.

In 1% of cases "individual rather" is used

They tend to prefer individual rather than people oriented activities.

The comparisons that determine what is reasonable must, according to Scanlon, be individual rather than collective.

This inter -- and intra -- household various in nature and intensity of poverty calls for individual rather than household focus.

Freedom is anathema to the socialist as it is inherently individual rather than collective in nature, and it does not submit to the exchange of votes for tangibles.

Until we become aware of the bias we will not recognise our own bias and women will not be prepared for it, accepting their experiences as individual rather than systemic.