Prepositions after "intact"

intact in, for, with, from or after?

In 18% of cases "intact in" is used

This remains intact in the amendment.

We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation.

And they're still intact in Congo, despite the horrors.

Thus the existing paradigm of power sharing would remain intact in the new government.

The PM also wants to keep the budgetary measures on subsidy intact in the next budget.

Our self is intact in that transaction that happens in that shrine, between him, us and God.

You have to go out there, oblige we the people and make sure the army stays intact in a perfectly cohesive structure.

It could be a dream for a solo flight but I don't think will remain PTI intact in case of failure in coming election.

What all privacy claimants really want is not compensation but for their privacy to be kept intact in the first place.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Krishan Nagar, Tagore Park, and several other Hindu names still intact in Pakistan.

In 15% of cases "intact for" is used

But the killers were intact for almost 2.

You need to be physically intact for the sake of your family.

Tennis and basketball courts are usually intact for older kids.

Make sure your display is sturdy, as it will need to remain intact for quite a while.

I will leave the blog intact for reference of anyone wishing to know about the school.

But still, somehow -- and call me Deluded -- with hopes intact for this time next year.

However, in order to give these players a chance to succeed, they need to have their core intact for the long term.

This is one important way to ensure that the authentic places you visit will remain intact for generations to come.

Apart from being the ruling party in the state, the Labour Party structure has been intact for more than four years.

The same is true with the veracity of the Buddha ' s teachings, which have so far remain intact for over 2,500 years.

In 8% of cases "intact with" is used

Tag must be intact with the fish.

The book is intact with only some slight stains to the back cover.

They always need a story to be intact with their public sentiments.

But the economic system sur-vived intact with the introduction of a successor crop tea.

Place the ponytail, kept intact with the elastic band, in a zipper-lock bag and seal tightly.

The fort has been left intact with new areas recreating the courtly flavour of Shahpura's royalty.

In the longer term, share price is likely to continue strengthening as the uptrend is intact with all the MAs rising.

The Pilotfish is almost completely intact with exception of a small portion of the conning tower which was blown away.

Will he make himself intact with the Gym business? then what will be of his B-town career? Well, time will be a great.

Here in today globe the phrase fashion is very significant as it facilitate you to keep intact with public in your culture.

In 6% of cases "intact from" is used

Their hearing is intact from birth, Nor are they dumb or lame of limb.

The top five men's teams stayed intact from the previous week's poll as No.

The painting was taken with its frame intact from the stairwell where it hung.

One can not just transfer one's personality intact from one environment to the next.

The wheelbase and skeletal pieces remain intact from last year, even if little else does.

Multi-party democracy has emerged intact from disputed elections in Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal.

Known as his Venetian tragedy, the play's plot was lifted intact from the history books Byron had at his disposal.

While intact from the outside, the historic building is filled with threadbare carpeting, peeling paint and drafty windows.

Few other cities in Europe are so physically intact from the 18th century, when Venice was the decadent crossroads of East and West.

Religious books had become so rare that they could not be found except in some high family which remained intact from Sikh oppression.

In 5% of cases "intact after" is used

Makeup is still intact after the long and crazy night.

I must say seeing bottles intact after that utterly amazing.

The building was still intact after the blaze was extinguished.

The train stops, and I see one final hat woman still intact after her day of fantasy.

Across this absurd steel frame walkway, which they left intact after breaking out the concrete.

Three of the intervention glasses remained intact after two attempts, whereas all the annealed glasses were broken.

Over his lifetime, Sloane collected more than 71,000 objects which he wanted to be preserved intact after his death.

If that explanation is true which part of the towers should have remained whole and intact after collapse? Think harder.

The aircraft was shown beneath an Iranian flag, apparently intact after crashing 140 miles inside the country last Sunday.

In 5% of cases "intact on" is used

She found there were 200-plus pictures intact on the camera.

The Newsweek quotation on page 55 shows up intact on page 65; D.

Six men died, but the locomotive was landed intact on the shore.

Then, the bodies of the victims: they are charred on one side and intact on the other.

According to an Army officer we spoke with, the rail tracks are still intact on the pier.

The barn remained intact on its original half-acre lot as the neighborhood grew around it.

Ironically, the public toilet that used to be across the street is now residing fully intact on the shop's back lot.

The glass on the AMPERES and VOLTS dials were still intact on three of the four gauges, the lettering still visible.

Sticking with the theme, the shells of False Angel Wings are often found intact on the beach, despite their fragile make-up.

It is one of the largest remaining areas of wilderness intact on earth today and was created to preserve both wildlife and wilderness.

In 4% of cases "intact as" is used

All ID's and passwords remain intact as well as PORT assignments.

The bodies have been removed, but it is still intact as a crime scene.

If a glacier reaches the sea without melting, it can float intact as a glacier tongue.

The redemptive message is that the foundation remains intact as the song offers more truths.

It helps you to keep the rating intact as well as the debt problem will be out of your life.

The actual untouched items must be looked at to be able to become intact as well as within the expiration schedules.

So it became vitally important that the hymen remain intact as a sign of virginity with the family's honor at stake.

The MKO leaders continue to demand that the MKO be kept intact as a military/terrorist organisation inside the camp.

In 4% of cases "intact at" is used

Ensure your yolk is intact at this point.

The pedal pulses were intact at the same side.

His sanity was intact at the time of his arrest.

Also, you have to make sure that the parts in the costume can stay intact at all times.

What was especially good about it is, my pride is still intact at the end of the evening.

But I also respected you, after realising that you still had your hymen intact at that age.

The City's original copyright and other proprietary notices included with Q the Map must remain intact at all times.

The green Mazda Familia (UPJ 652) of Colonel Nelson Chedrome was found abandoned but intact at Barangay (village) Sta.

Investigators concluded therefore that this area of the flying control linkage was intact at the time of the accident.

Try to keep your respect intact at workplace and in the society and avoid doing anything that might damage your reputation.

In 4% of cases "intact by" is used

The joints are kept intact by ligaments.

Most opt to keep life and limb intact by towing the line.

Again, it is not only the text of the Quran that has been preserved intact by God.

The private sector deals with business decisions and is usually left intact by the government.

Only the fourth line was kept intact by DeBoer at the morning skate, but that might soon change as well.

After the yolk is released from the follicle, it is kept intact by the vitelline membrane surrounding it.

However many of the technocrats in charge of water management solutions want to keep their power intact by controlling policy.

Eye movement and blinking is possible because the nerves that connect the brain to the eye muscles are left intact by the injury.

At least my immunity was intact by that time, in reality; I almost stopped taking the two ART drugs on the second day of starting.

They thanked the frogs for keeping the ecosystems intact by serving as food for the fish and the birds, the lizards and the monkeys.

In 4% of cases "intact to" is used

That record has remained intact to date.

And that system remains largely intact to this day.

Other houses further away were to be moved intact to more stable land.

During the Ming Dynasty, a new wall was constructed in 1370 and remains intact to this day.

After inspection, customers shall return the land records intact to the staff at the Search Counter.

In this way, the map of the visual world that is generated in the retina is transmitted intact to its targets.

Go to Kerkouane and gaze at the only example of a Punic settlement that has miraculously remained intact to this day.

Creative mode makes it intact to Vita but, as before, you need great patience to grasp the great power at your fingertips.

As a consequence, quality in services is not engineered at the manufacturingp lant, then delivered intact to the consumer.

In 3% of cases "intact despite" is used

Arsene Wenger kept his back four intact despite the return to fitness of Laurent Koscielny.

The porcelain had remained intact despite the load of mastication it had taken over the years.

Dark leathery fingers curled towards the deepening sky, the nails intact despite the slow roasting.

It shows Ali's popularity and grassroots support is intact despite being found guilty of money politics.

Only the belfry, faade and walls of the cathedral were standing intact despite the bombings during the war.

Openness and honesty, along with reasonable expectations, can keep the friendship intact despite such feelings.

The tiny, brittle tin whiskers inside the part stayed intact despite the fact they were shipped across country.

Hence, the parting shots were talked about, though the Treaty has remained intact despite the political situation.

They remain intact despite vetoes this week from Abele on the three issues - which all were overridden by the board.

I repeat -- it is a source of pride that Israel has kept her soul (more or less) intact despite all of her problems! 5.

In 3% of cases "intact through" is used

None of them survived entirely intact through the build, either.

We marvel at how the Lord has preserved these sites intact through the course of history.

Yes, seeds do pass intact through a horse's digestive system and will grow if given the opportunity.

So we need to ask whether the behaviour or information is passed on largely intact through several replications.

The lectins attach to receptors in the intestinal lumen and are transported intact through the intestinal lining.

Though the family were poor, Ah Ma had this amazing will in keeping the family intact through the greatest misfortunes and crises.

I'd also quite pleased that my stuff made it intact through all the connections (Montreal -- > London -- > Doha -- > Kathmandu).

Many had shown a stubborn courage which kept their principles intact through years of prison, police beatings and suffocating surveillance.

Even in states which remained intact through the transition, relations between national majorities and minorities have shown signs of strain.

In strand sequencing, an entire string of DNA passes intact through a tiny hole created by an engineered protein, or nanopore, in a cell membrane.

In 2% of cases "intact throughout" is used

Object remained intact throughout sighting and was silent throughout.

The seed stays intact throughout the digestive process; it is indigestible by design.

The team must remain intact throughout the investigation, to maintain the case integrity.

But they are more concerned to keeping the winning combination against WI intact throughout the tournament.

I would think he lacked the ability of removing feathers which remained intact throughout the rest of the eagle's body.

Funny how all ancient histories like the Egyptians and Chinese seem intact throughout tha period that your imaginary flood occurred.

I also don't think (and hope this proves to be true) the roster will remain intact throughout the season, let alone into next season.

Meanwhile, the Democratic party managed to remain intact throughout that decade, but slavery acted like a solvent to weaken its bonds.

In 2% of cases "intact without" is used

The rectus femoris is left intact without any attempt to lengthen it.

Articles may be distributed to another person intact without prior permission.

Hence Maha Kassapa suggested that the rules should be preserved intact without exception.

This obsolete act has still remained intact without any amendments to its several articles.

You have your answer and the friendship remains intact without everything being all weird and awkward afterward.

That helps to keep the parcels of land intact without getting them subdivided to uneconomical units and avoids co-ownership.

The outsiders alone keep the pristine human values intact without contamination by social, political, and commercial expedience.

The more Desmond Choo goes along this approach, the more people will need help because the PAP will keep its policies intact without major change.

This was a full blooded, powerhouse of a production that kept the core strengths of the novel intact without being slavish to the source material.

But we can keep the bond intact without Facebook and Google Plus or for that matter any social networking website says Nabila Habib of TimesWireService.

In 1% of cases "intact before" is used

Check if your account is still intact before transferring money to it.

That win also keeps State's potential for a 7-0 start intact before a slippery road trip to Alabama.

As I have noted elsewhere, Africa had existed over 3000 years intact before the first invaders (1675 B.

The plan was to get to the 100-kilometr mark with all our riders intact before really stepping up the gas.

The law allows the purchaser a ' reasonable amount of time ' to have the product intact before asking for a refund.

They gathered intact before the steps of the District Building and began waving their placards, most of which were of the homemade, hand-painted variety.

He said it was therefore imperative that the preparations in the run up to the elections be sufficient enough to keep the country safe, peaceful and intact before during and after the elections.

In 1% of cases "intact during" is used

I find by refrigerating them, it helps make sure they stay intact during frying.

Below, I've shared some things to help keep your sanity intact during while you plan your DIY day.

The adhesive bonding of the outer fabric to the interlining base must remain intact during and after the dyeing operation.

However, if you create your article using Microsoftr Word or other word progressing programs, your formatting won't remain intact during the submission process.

It aimed to ensure that government surveillance abilities would remain intact during the evolution from a copper-wire phone system to digital networks and cellphones.

I had first thought that was surely something that the movie producers decided to keep intact during the translation process, hence the surprise that it wasn't in the book at all.

As we are polishing the stainless I would appreciate it if I can have the middles of the letters (the offcut I guess) as this helps keep the stencil edge intact during the polishing process.

Thus we see that the primary Manicheanism which governed colonial society is preserved intact during the period of decolonisation; that is to say that the settler never ceases to be the enemy.

Alhtough usually most of these antigenic proteins remain intact during fermentation, the ones that your baby is allergic to could be brokendown during the fermentation to yoghurt or white cheese.

In 1% of cases "intact except" is used

We were intact except for RVP vs.

We got back intact except for the Rs 125 damage per person.

The stone lining was intact except the parapet needed repairs.

On clearing the branches, the statue was found to be intact except for the right arm which had broken off.

Toronto, Buffalo and Minnesota stayed intact except for the busy patch the Swarm included in the shoulder area.

Approaching the climb, the bunch was pretty much intact except for a few riders who had been dropped by the earlier pace.

The convoy of trucks was intact except for some bags of floor which had been bayoneted by the RUC, presumably looking for arms.

There was great surprise when the sun rose the next morning to reveal the building intact except for a few charred patches on the walls.

Examination and treatment The animal had injuries around the caudal horn (short horn ), the horn was still intact except for injuries around it.

When the new exoskeleton is completely formed, the old exoskeleton splits along weak points and the animal pulls out, leaving its old exoskeleton intact except for the split.

In 1% of cases "intact inside" is used

The authorities said the reactor itself was intact inside its steel container.

You can see that I've created special boxes for those HTML codes and the code remains intact inside the post.

Publish your post and see the magic! The normal code showed up with the effect but the hacked on remained intact inside the table.

ABC had one huge Cinemascope screen (apparently still intact inside the building) and a couple of small ones (much like you would get in a multiplex).

In 1% of cases "intact into" is used

Ig's are absorbed intact into the newborn's blood stream within a 6 hour window.

However, they appear to be content to proceed with the same group intact into the 2013 draft year.

In retrospect, it is no surprise that my self-doubts were transferred intact into my spiritual life.

The rocket could fall intact into the ocean, disintegrate while in the atmosphere or burn and fall into the sea as ashes.

But however progressive photography may have been, many of its initial ideas, like the daguerreotype or the use of collodion, have persisted more or less intact into the present.

But it can do more than this: fans are no longer limited to seeing and hearing the star - they can be the star, as what the star feels is transferred intact into the audience? s sensorium.

In 1% of cases "intact of" is used

I kept one credit card and one of my bank account intact of settlement.

Water-borne pathogens may enter the body through intact of damaged skin, or mucous membrane.

It ensures the intact of the territory and the unity of administration, legislation and military affairs.

However, Queen Victoria Market is the largest and most intact of all Melbourne's great 19th century markets.

They have endured a century of Westernization to emerge as one of the most culturally intact of the African tribes.

There are several scientists who contend that the islands of Polynesia were parts left intact of the continent Lemuria which submerged in the midst of the Pacific.

Debt Consolidation Consolidation loan: If your credit rating is still pretty much intact of if you have sufficient collateral, you could approach a lender and have all your bills rolled into one.

In 1% of cases "intact over" is used

This keeps their interests intact over a longer period of time.

Its intense luster will remain intact over the years, despite everyday wear.

As a result the fort has remained intact over its long life, and is very well preserved.

One of the oldest ecosystems on Earth, the Serengeti has remained almost intact over the past million years.

The raw beauty of New Zealand has remained intact over the years, its natural glory still relatively unaffected.

The Great House survived intact over the years but began to fall into disrepair during the first half of the twentieth century.

They have done a superb job of keeping these houses intact over the years and maybe it is time to build new houses with solid mortar foundations.

In 1% of cases "intact till" is used

Even its borders remained intact till 1833.

However, the snob value attached with liquor is firmly intact till today.

This garden remained intact till the time the Sikhs came to power, and they pillaged it.

In the last one hour, it regained energy and kept the bullish speed intact till the end of the day.

And although the wind beat down on my curls with ferocity, they held intact till the very next day.

The gardeners and construction workers need leather coverings or of any other heavy stuff in order to keep their skin safe and intact till the end of job.

It has kept the umbilical cord intact till the end as he continued to work towards a final pictorial solution, which often seems elusive to artists of genuine aesthetic intention.

Native Vedda - October 10, 2012 11:59 pm What character was he projected as? Stubborn, not willing to sell his soul or his policies, that was his character and it was intact till his demise.

In 1% of cases "intact under" is used

She believes that her breast is intact under the dressing.

The waste would be packaged so that it would be likely to remain intact under most conceivable accident scenarios.

The Zed was carrying over 100 articulated cargo lorries when she sank -- all of which are now lying perfectly intact under the water.

Photograph: Art Archive/Alamy For almost two millennia, the piles of wood lay undisturbed and largely intact under layers of hardened volcanic material.

This politically motivated, opportunistic legislation of 1988 by military dictator General Ershad has remained intact under the post-military oligarchs of the country.

The Philippine military remained intact under Defense Minister Enrile, the same man who had gotten rich from political connections while serving as Defense Minister under Marcos.

Finally, its been obvious that keeping small fragments of historical London intact under sympathetic stewardship (after many battles) is in fact the best money spinner of all viz.

In 1% of cases "intact until" is used

Companies that received waivers can keep their caps intact until 2014.

I really wish that they could keep their friendship intact until the end.

The city was reconstructed in the baroque style that has survived intact until today.

Other nations like Russia should it survive intact until then will benefit tremendously from the chaos, as well as Canada, and even the USA and the EU.

This line-up of Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna, Ciarn Bourke and John Sheahan is considered the essential Dubliners and remained intact until 1974.

The Qur'an, revealed to Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel, holds the unique position of being God's final message to humanity, and He has promised to preserve it intact until the end of time.

In 1% of cases "intact within" is used

The other dead bodies, though badly mutilated, were found almost intact within a radius of 4 meters.

Abbey Leix remains one of the few estates left relatively intact within its setting of estate cottages.

Although the times have changed, the traditional is still kept intact within the majority of the KADAZAN community.

These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed.

Under this provision, timber companies are required to leave at least 40% of the old-growth forests intact within a 1.

Items must be returned unworn, with all tags, labels and packaging intact within ten (10) days of receipt of purchase.

And two cyclists head severed, all perfectly intact within this so called safety device, their bodies smashed and twisted.

However, lucidity is preserved; internal speech, affect and cognitive function remain intact within this minimal environment.

Pakistani media is an integral part of people's life so it is vital that the media must keep its respect intact within the masses.

Again it was an act of solidarity used to remind the government and the British public of Northern Ireland's insistence on remaining intact within the United Kingdom.