Prepositions after "integral"

integral to, in, of, for or over?

In 84% of cases "integral to" is used

integral to that agenda is race war.

The abuses are integral to the system.

It was integral to the overall design.

Those mechanics are integral to the structure, and thus, the narrative, of the game.

Most serve breakfast as integral to the tariff, either prepared by your hosts or by.

Therefore, nuclear power is integral to the ever-growing problem of fluproliferation.

There are countless others I can list, and their collective influence is integral to the way we develop the event.

A She is also integral to the establishment and development of the AFL SportsReady?? s National Indigenous Program.

Not the least, the Members of the Board have all been integral to the success and accomplishments we have attained.

integral to this theory of change is existing geopolitical structures and traditional government actors and elites.

In 7% of cases "integral in" is used

See the integral in car physics.

They look integral in approach and character.

That was integral in finding my own voice and vocal range.

That's in large part because BPA is integral in preventing food spoilage in tin cans.

Zinzendorf became integral in combining the Unitas Fratrum with the Pietist movement.

Those artists were integral in pushing that movement forward and it was groundbreaking.

The system incorporates an integral in, allowing it to offer all of its prepaid and postpaid offerings in mealtime.

The story is told to while away the time but this story is a bit special and is integral in the events that follow.

A delicate balancing act with a knife edge ridge leading the eye to the famous Peuterey integral in the background.

Understanding our feet is integral in creating a base of support for all the regions of the body that come above it.

In 4% of cases "integral of" is used

After all, isn't climate the integral of weather.

The truth in this case is the integral of T (x, t).

Minus, of course, the integral of TOA radiation to space.

Note that each (Q1, Q2) results from the integral of some (jmusim barpsi gammamupsi).

This is consistent with the modern definition of the integral of a continuous function.

Distal contractile integral of a patient with an extreme example of spastic nutcracker.

The integral of sine and cos Above we saw that the derivative of sin? is cos?, and the derivative of cos? is? sin?

The kinetic energy of the bullet integral of the pressure-volume curve down the barrel (ke=mvXv/2) is very near the.

The kinetic energy of the bullet (integral of the pressure-volume curve down the barrel (ke=mvXv/2) is very near the.

The numerical result of such a computation is called definite integral of the function f and is denoted by the symbol.

In 2% of cases "integral for" is used

All these details matter as they are integral for good engagement.

Personally, there might be no more integral for you to my achievement.

Feminist emphasize the process of democracy as integral for gaining rights.

Where purely sporting rules are integral for the sport and are considered proportionate (e.

Lack of Ambition Champions League qualification this year is integral for the future of Arsenal.

Shoulder pads are an icon of the 80 s integral for power women business fashion and bad guy costumes.

Since we are eventually interested in what happens as h becomes very small, we want to study the integral for small h.

Speed for Spiders While website loading speed is integral for visitors, it has also gained significance with search engine rankings.

CAS Creativity, Action, and Service is an important component of the IB curriculum and is integral for every student at the Academy.

Moreover, possessing enough awareness in terms of payday loans come to mind is integral for that fast and swift producing with the loan.

In 1% of cases "integral over" is used

Any wavefunction can be written as an integral over momentum basis states Y (x) = f(p)e ipx/ dp.

Continuous mass distributions require calculus methods involving an integral over the mass of the object.

Green's theorem transforms the line integral around $dlc$ into a double integral over the region inside $dlc$.

The interaction is a double integral over a delta function of the square of space-time interval I 2 between two points on the paths.

For a fundamental system the weights in an interpolatory cubature rule are given by (wj =) the integral over (S2) of the Lagrange polynomial (ellj(x)).

Transferred energy The energy transferred to the pile head and determined as the integral over time of the product of force, velocity, and pile impedance.

The aim is to express the virtual work in terms of an integral over a known volume and surface and to decompose the stresses and strains incrementally in an efficient manner.

In 1% of cases "integral with" is used

The head is integral with the body.

They were driven by diesel locomotives, built integral with the rest of the train.

I can repay you! Howler and scooper of storms! Capricious and dainty sea! I am integral with you.

His process is equivalent to finding the integral with regard to x of in the form of an infinite series.

He has been integral with our internet campaigning and has provided us with useful ideas to help our business grow.

They function correctly and speak appropriately, seeing all transformation bodies as integral with the self-nature.

The full station is not being built at this time, only the part that is integral with the Finch West Station structure.

A device as claimed in claim 8, wherein the conductive material region is integral with a main electrode of the device.