Prepositions after "intense"

"intense in" or "intense for"?

In 27% of cases "intense in" is used

The traffic is intense in Japan.

It's going to be intense in there.

They seemed intense in their protest.

Love can not be as intense in the case of several wives as it can be in the case of one.

The interest in the life of Jesus was understandably intense in the early Christian world.

The film could have been more intense in terms of the exploration of how living alone affects family and love life.

But said ' the flames were so intense in the second vehicle that no one could approach to check for any casualties.

The 22 month program is intense in every sense of the word, with both yours and others expectations ever increasing.

In 16% of cases "intense for" is used

It was too intense for the eyes.

May be too intense for some viewers.

Probably too intense for most people.

Doing what you did is just too intense for most people, especially college students.

The hay-seed market was seasonable but very intense for a few weeks in early summer.

It was really very intense for young people and we really just kind of got burnt out.

I feel also a little shaken as it was a bit intense for me to finally get there, simply because we waited so long.

We feared the culture shock and language barrier would be too intense for us (in hindsight, it wouldn't have been).

Take a lesson from the elites and back off your training, especially if it's been intense for a long period of time.

In 10% of cases "intense with" is used

Mom gets really intense with this sort of stuff).

SUPERB!!! flavors seemed more intense with the wait.

It is fast paced and intense with push ups and lungs.

In Yugioh -- it takes two, but the action is more intense with the human component.

If the pain becomes more intense with movement, you can switch to static exercises.

This stage is short but intense with fast runs interspersed with technical sections.

However, locking eyes for a prolonged period of time can also be a little bit intense with someone you don't know.

The cyclones in Asia have been very intense with heavy flooding in Oman and then later in Karachi and Baluchistan.

Obviously it is even more intense with the trucks as they occupy more of the road and the dust is considerably more.

Although intense with each other in their opinions and discussions, God choose this volatile pair for mighty ministry.

In 7% of cases "intense at" is used

It could get pretty intense at times.

Nookie is really intense at the minute.

It is the wrong word to use, but it is more intense at an angle closer to 90 degrees.

Individual type IIIs tend to be more intense at the lower end of their frequency range.

The pressure was intense at times and inevitably mistakes were made by all the back four.

It's going to struggle in blind tastings because it's not as intense at the start as something like Siberian Night.

Hell is the centre of evils and, as you know, things are more intense at their centres than at their remotest points.

OttawaCentrist I am trying to edit out liars as the word is no fun, but IntenseDebate is kind of intense at the moment.

My contractions were incredibly intense at this point, lasting over two minutes with only ten second breaks in between.

In 6% of cases "intense as" is used

It gets more intense as the minutes pass by.

They will only get intense as the series proceeds.

The set got more intense as it progressed with both players staying close in the scores.

Supersets always help you and make your workout more and more intense as well as useful.

The grand final was intense as the two Chinese teams met each other, Tongfu and World Elite.

Therefore, a sound at 60 dB is 100 times as intense as a sound at 40 dB but is only perceived as four times as loud.

Mengestu is intense as well as being forthright in his arguments in a clear concise manner I haven't seen in a while.

In fact it replicates all our physical sensors, but at a higher frequency, so it feels more intense as a physical description.

In 4% of cases "intense of" is used

The intense of the sound is generally individual.

Those seven months were the most intense of my life.

The most intense of feelings in the Human experience.

It's not intense of high activity but so many disabled people and amputees can enjoy it.

The relevance of this most intense of introductions into the world of St John paramedics does not escape me.

Vrishchika (Scorpio ), the eight sign in the Rashichakra, is the deepest and most intense of any of the signs.

Ordinarily, the week between Iowa and New Hampshire is one of the most intense of the entire presidential campaign.

These walls filter the most intense of the driven fury unlike the solid double-wall which would block out everything.

Weird as they seem to us, they were the most intense of realities to thousands of men and women in 17th century America.

If a night has been crazy busy for you then consider for a moment how intense of a shift that was for your kitchen team.

In 4% of cases "intense on" is used

It was pretty intense on many levels.

Volcanic activity was intense on the early Earth.

They are qualified to be intense on details that need amend in the advertising tendency.

Things have been a little intense on the family front lately and I've fallen behind with a lot.

Winds may be light, but the pressure remains very intense on this second full afternoon at sea.

Having signed to Trybe Records this year, the spotlight has been more intense on the wunderkind and he has yet to fail.

Julian Doing an event every weekend is quite intense on the body, specially if you are just starting the sportive or race season.

They do a great job at the ballpark on the business side, the fan atmosphere is great, and really intense on the broadcast as well.

The negotiations are still intense on the meaning of what a green economy is, and how the term could be used and should not be used.

In 3% of cases "intense about" is used

My dad has been pretty intense about it.

I love the book and get intense about it.

I get really intense about naming things.

There was, Ginny mused, something rather intense about the way that Hermione rested.

As I mentioned before, I was being really intense about it and it just wasn't sustainable.

I know I was intense about the whole thing, but hardly a reason not to discuss it or clear up.

At that point, only people who are really intense about a particular issue or set of issues is paying attention.

All my hard work paid off, but I am giving a big warning to anyone who really wants to get intense about it, it hurts.

Doctors and patients need to be more aggressive, more vigilant, more intense about measuring blood pressure and treating it well.

This tells of her shy but passionate nature who feels with all her heart and is totally intense about anything that involves her.

In 3% of cases "intense during" is used

That focus seemed to get more intense during the HCR debates.

In Sri Lanka lightning is very intense during the inter monsoon period.

This zone is most intense during southern hemisphere summer (Figure 4).

We find that conflict was more intense during colder period, just like Zhang et al.

In all fairness, however, the smell is most intense during the actual smoking of the cigarette.

He's also thoughtful and can be very intense during discussions such as the one held this morning.

Obviously, it's going to be a little bit more intense during practice, which is what I would rather have anyway.

This feeling generally tends to get more intense during the day especially after standing for prolonged periods of time.

Climbing trips are boss!! My small addiction goes along with some nerdy habits that used to get more intense during the years.

The pain was not as intense during the first half but it was there, sometimes twinging when i land at the smallest twist of my foot.

In 2% of cases "intense after" is used

It gets really intense after half the lecture.

He got really intense after the accident, his ESP got really strong.

In fact, his writing became more intense after that as far as I am aware.

I think the debate between green energy and nuclear will become intense after this.

A relationship becomes more intense after the 22nd but at last you're working in harmony.

Demand for gold appears to be less intense after gold's QE3 inspired bull run has dissipated.

Fear of flying was so intense after 9/11 that many people in the US opted to drive rather than fly across the country.

The pain was so intense after a few sips, my doctor thought I had a stomach ulcer, though the tests came back negative.

As the Army approached nearer, shelling became more intense after the vacation of most civilians and the ICRC by mid-November.

The brutal suppression of political opponents became even more intense after a grenade was thrown at Nkrumah in August of 1962.

In 2% of cases "intense by" is used

Life's troubles are getting intense by the day losing our focus.

Their physical activity was certainly intense by today's standards.

This quality in dogs is made more intense by the custom of selection.

But the level of global engagement in attempts to ease the crisis is growing more intense by the day.

The race was made more intense by France, who remained well within striking distance of a qualifying spot.

Hurricanes become intense by gathering heat from a warm ocean and not because they are next to a cold front.

That presence is much more intense by Patricia quoting the scriputres associated with taking the elements of the Lor'd s supper.

Try to make certain moments in your life worth remembering more intense by making up similes and metaphors around them and see the quality of.

About how, from the earliest times, human civilisation has been no more than a strange luminescence growing more and more intense by the hour.

This case is interesting, as the blush did not thus extend downwards until it became intense by her attention being drawn to this part of her person.

In 2% of cases "intense from" is used

The fighting was intense from 9.

It was also very intense from the beginning.

Your workouts will be more intense from start to finish and you.

It sounds like the storm is supposed to be intense from this afternoon into early Monday.

The threat to India from Hindutva bigotry was at its most intense from about 1989 to about 2004.

I am not sure how popular Khulna and Barisal rivalry is but it is very intense from my fathers generation.

The soreness was extremely intense from 24 to 48 hours, fading quickly after that -- the usual pattern of recovery.

The debate regarding which operating system is better among the android and iOS has been intense from quite a long time.

A guys feelings should slowly emerge not be so intense from day 1 (or not emerge at all but at least its more of a normal progression).

I started to labour and the contractions were very frequent and very intense from the second they put the drip on but they kept turning it up.

In 2% of cases "intense over" is used

Droughts have been more intense over wider areas since 1970s.

I can understand that the fire behind the fireman on his knees would grow more intense over time.

Political and economic background Preparations of the NCCP have been intense over the period of 10 years.

As a relatively new start up, the pressure of getting it underway has been intense over the past few months.

It came into conflict with Knight and his students and the struggle was most intense over research methodology.

The existing arid type blank disc intense over unity magnetic separators found in follow production feature single cd.

Tagore's criticism of the British administration of India was consistently strong and grew more intense over the years.

With the expansion of the climate change agenda, this interaction will likely become more intense over the years to come.

Barrett admits he has been impressed by the quality brought into the playing ranks and knows the battle for a starting spot in the Exeter line-up will be intense over the coming weeks.

In 2% of cases "intense to" is used

The forecast noted intense to heavy rainfall over a 600-kilometer diameter.

Smell is most intense to vampires, because one can smell the blood of his prey.

Everything has to be BIG, IMMEDIATE, EXTRA- intense to her quiet, dignified, shy.

The heating can become very intense to the point where it will damage the car if it is not managed.

Would a limit to subs lead to smaller, more streamlined teams that could play intense to the last whistle.

Sometimes I forgot that I was reading a work of fiction as the characters became so real and intense to me.

When at its worst moments, the pain was so intense to that I could neither stand, sit nor sleep; my teeth rotted away.

It's no surprise that, left alone for the past 20 years, some of the band's tunes might seem a little intense to the guys now.

The obvious advantage of the game is that Squash offers a varied workout so intense to the point that it demands overall physical exertion.

In 1% of cases "intense among" is used

Health care-related problems and worries are particularly intense among the uninsured, those with lower incomes, and those in poor health.

In 1% of cases "intense around" is used

A momentary glow, a sparkling aura, radiated from the little body, appearing most intense around its wound.

These frequency resonances were predicted by Schumman in 1952, and range between 3Hz to 60Hz, and is most intense around 7Hz to 8Hz.

The northern lights become more active and intense around the peak of a sunspot cycle, and in the three to four years immediately following the peak.

In 1% of cases "intense because" is used

For the latter, education is getting more intense because of expanding human knowledge.

The only difference is that their response is more immediate and more intense because of the power of the music, itself.

My body is getting used to it but I am feeling fitter than ever and training is not as intense because of all the games.

REFLECTION The tension created between who you are and who you seem to be is made more intense because of the gender reversal.

They met in school and became friends but the friendship became more intense because of the interest or passion they both shared in common in the Internet.

If La Nia events, or their effects on Queensland rainfall, became more frequent or more intense because of global warming, we can expect more frequent flooding.

The issue before the Quebec public at this time is one which has become much more intense because of the attempts by Quebec and Hydro-Quebec to proceed with the hydroelectric /pp.

In 1% of cases "intense between" is used

Ultraviolet light is most intense between 10 a.

That's why the standoff is so intense between them.

This was the time that cold war had become intense between the west and the east.

Not to What counts as getting laid? This week, things get intense between Cornelius and Aspen.

Cravings are usually at their most intense between three days and five days after you stop smoking.

When we leave they say things and act like I didn't want you to end it I just didn't want it to be as intense between us.

Fighting was intense between 1958 and 1972, when the south resisted erosion of its cultural and political rights by the north-backed ruling powers.

The lobbying campaign by the banks was particularly intense between the publication of the draft legislation in January and the Bill itself in June.

It becomes even more intense between the couples when Jeanette declares that she can't handle living alone, so she is planning to go with her husband.

In 1% of cases "intense due" is used

The effect of rich nations is especially intense due to higher per capita consumption.

A far more reasonable explanation is that the flooding is becoming more intense due to global warming.

You can also get sunburnt on cloudy days, as UV radiation can penetrate some clouds, and may even be more intense due to reflection from the bottom of the clouds.

The above-described fear is growing intense due to a combination of forces at play in Sindh province, which is the mainstay of a majority of the Hindu population in Pakistan.

In 1% of cases "intense like" is used

I fell into a relationship with an Australian girl because she was easy to be with, not intense like Sarah.

I haven't had intercourse but have had oral sex with my boyfriend and feels intense like having intercourse.

I know there is also some murder and oppression against hindus in BD but not that intense like our some neighboring countries like india or myanmar.

I go for poems that unsettle me, poems that make me feel something quite intense like a blow to the solar-plexus, or a whomp to the chest from a defibrillator.

In 1% of cases "intense throughout" is used

Precipitation is projected to increase in winter and spring, and to become more intense throughout the year.

The battles for class honours were intense throughout the year with the majority of classes only decided on the final round.

Tribal allegiances are intense throughout the Middle East and Sunni suspicion of the long-term objectives of Shiite-led countries like Iran and Syria surfaces frequently.

Although the work schedule was intense throughout the school year the provision of social events and trips to the wonderful sites in Israel by the school made a vast difference in my ability to cope.

In 1% of cases "intense without" is used

In fact, weaverly love may become more intense without words.

It's intense without making you feel too edgy and I like that.

The book is emotional, intense without being forced, and graceful.

Yes, I can work out without it - but my workouts aren't as intense without the music.

And make a clear distinction: if you are intense without sincerity, you can not be forever intense.

Lahaye's wines are intense without being weighty, showing a vinous, concentrated character that clearly.