Prepositions after "interesting"

interesting to, for, in, about or with?

In 26% of cases "interesting to" is used

The content was interesting to me.

It needs to be interesting to you.

It will look interesting to the eye.

One of the things that makes music sound interesting to us is harmonic variation.

The way you make this last three to six hours is by being interesting to talk to.

Also, it would be interesting to extend the idea to other combinations, like: GL2.

What was interesting to me was that the wide forwards pinched in with the fullbacks overlapping to the outside.

Who knows, maybe poettry was interesting to the judges or the mechanics were so good the content did not matter.

What you mentioned about journalism for Development was interesting to me as I write part-time for my local rag.

It is very interesting that he was the least interesting to you when he was closest to home (reviewing fiction).

In 18% of cases "interesting for" is used

This has been interesting for me.

That will be interesting for you.

It's interesting for a number of reasons.

It makes it more real for the reader and it makes life more interesting for you.

It is in a permanent state of turmoil, which is very interesting for the author.

In my opinion I feel like artists like these are making trad interesting for ME.

Ella also loves to write, and everyday she tries her very best to make her stories interesting for us to read.

That's a whole lot of variety, and should be enough to keep your workouts interesting for a long time to come.

Modern approach is being preferred by the mentors to make the learning experience interesting for the students.

It doesn't care what other people think, quirky just does its own thing and is all the more interesting for it.

In 18% of cases "interesting in" is used

interesting in capital letters.

interesting in a different sense.

And I think interesting in the U.

All this news is very interesting in light of several previously establish facts.

The battle is to keep hold of what made the scene interesting in the first place.

Like I said earlier, it's gon na get mighty interesting in the next couple weeks.

The Verification Officer will also meet with people who are interesting in getting involved in organic farming.

And, of course, this is all the more interesting in the light of the most recent revelations from Floyd Landis.

My home-baked digestives had an easier texture, more crumble about them and were more interesting in the mouth.

I have two older sisters and we share some very real disorders that doctors have found interesting in the past.

In 13% of cases "interesting about" is used

interesting about the scientists.

interesting about the allergy Jen.

Say something interesting about it.

To Avice-Claire, That's interesting about the connection with General Roberts.

And that's about all that's interesting about the current Heineken Experience.

The Platform for Change meeting on Saturday morning was interesting about that.

If you focus on how it isn't like professional photography you're going to miss what's interesting about it.

Cosmos vs the plebs What is most interesting about the Extremis report is what it reveals about its authors.

Now, what is interesting about infinity is that when you add or subtract a number from it, infinity remains.

In 4% of cases "interesting with" is used

It'll be interesting with Anita.

It'll be interesting with boosters.

It's interesting with these stories.

The work sounded interesting with limited potential for long term ongoing work.

Life can be very meaningful and interesting with the presence of these buddies.

And tomorrow could become very interesting with this team, on and off the floor.

The subbing was interesting with a tight hole down one end of court one and a gaping hole down the other end.

I do miss the expenses, the money and sometimes the work was interesting with interesting people, but rarely.

I am now looking forward to the race tomorrow; the start should be quite interesting with the cars around me.

But even so, the world seems to me to be a little more interesting with Microsoft stepping back into the game.

In 3% of cases "interesting as" is used

Iona is interesting as the scene of St.

It was interesting as well as inspiring.

And is far more interesting as an artist.

I think it would be interesting as a book, though, I believe I will look into it.

China is also interesting as the largest country with only one time zone (UTC+8).

The upcoming episodes will be all the more interesting as a love track will flow.

I found it very interesting as the experts and the learners can share views, ideas, and knowledge regarding UT.

But there's not anything so interesting as a toaster or a calico cat in this pretentious act of foppish vanity.

Although the timing will be interesting as the banks need more capital to fund their expansion and for Basel 3.

The excavations, of which I send you a View, are interesting as the scenes of important geological discoveries.

In 3% of cases "interesting from" is used

But they looked interesting from outside.

Really interesting from many perspectives.

It can only get more interesting from here.

It's like it's interesting from a standpoint of that this is supposed to be me.

His reply was so interesting from a literary point of view that I give it here.

Class 4 CA are the most interesting from the point of view of complex behaviour.

These passionate amateurs are often far more interesting from my point of view than the stolid professionals.

What has been interesting from my observations is how a teacher's teaching style is vital to engaging my son.

Choosing a variety of foods within each group also helps to make your meals more interesting from day to day.

And you find that the smallest of fish are entertaining and interesting from a behavioral and visual standpoint.

In 3% of cases "interesting of" is used

But the most interesting of the lot is this one.

But the red group is the most interesting of all.

Entry was the most interesting of the trip so far.

PACOM has always been the largest, most venerable, and most interesting of the U.

Doctor Ravna is possibly the most interesting of Hammer's vampires of the period.

I'd completed all the Strelok tasks, so I got the more interesting of the endings.

We had a book containing the more interesting of the Bible stories, abridged, very well censored and sanitized.

And, most interesting of all, 25% of current iPhone users are anticipating the release of other smartphones more.

The Wedge Touch Mouse looks the most interesting of the lot--as its name suggests, it looks like a wedge of cheese.

The most interesting of all was the dude who was talking about the problem most women have when choosing a partner.

In 3% of cases "interesting on" is used

Keynes was interesting on this.

interesting on the weather thing.

He sounds interesting on the phone.

interesting on his credulous belief in everything the Soviet Union spokesmen say.

interesting on the whole Soviet-Afghanistan plot, especially with the drug angle.

Here are a few websites you may find interesting on this Remembrance Day weekend.

Educate said I am a little late to this blog by a couple of years, but I find it very interesting on all sides.

I find if there is someone interesting on Twitter I add them on Skype and often have group conversations there.

Experts say her own research is among the most interesting on how media might influence body image and problems.

Beyond the fact that the work is more challenging, more interesting on tv right now, there's also the stability.

In 2% of cases "interesting at" is used

That can get interesting at times.

It's really interesting at the moment.

Probing and interesting at many points.

I've never had a plan, I've just done things that seemed interesting at the time.

In that way their relationship is very realistic, but not so interesting at times.

They just sort of made their way there because they seemed interesting at the time.

I'd hate to think what would have happened if I was only made to do that which I found interesting at the time.

And make your book a little different with these ideas, to make it influential and interesting at the same time.

What was interesting at the Sales Gallery, was that Sime Darby had a 3D model master plan for Desa Melawati displayed.

In 2% of cases "interesting by" is used

This is getting interesting by the day.

Puddle trying to be interesting by playing spot the sim.

Keep it interesting by using different styles and media.

And the downside of that is that some of them feel less interesting by comparison.

You can keep your diet interesting by using a variety of different protein sources.

Look come with me and I'll show you something really interesting by a small stream.

Water can be made interesting by adding freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to it and hilling it in the fridge.

How can you be playful? Make boring routines, like studying, interesting by turning it into a song, for example.

How To Insert Cool Symbols In Your Status Updates: Make your status updates interesting by inserting cool symbols.

That is the difference between what is ignored as a waste of time, and what is considered interesting by physicists.

In 1% of cases "interesting because" is used

This part was interesting because of the suspense.

World cup became more interesting because of them.

It is going to be interesting because of a few reasons.

The casting of this film was quite interesting because of how diverse it was.

But the fact is Rodney Hall is interesting because of the book, not vice versa.

They are interesting because of what we know about how they were made/selected.

Your comments are even more interesting because of the perception of similarity between Canada and the US.

Python's pretty interesting because of its ability to interface with different programs via a range of modules.

This technique is interesting because of the enhanced texture to its maximum potential giving the image more depth.

Since it's set in the opera world, the storyline is, well, operatic, but also intensely interesting because of this.

In 1% of cases "interesting without" is used

I find it interesting without a doubt.

First of all, it's texturally interesting without HOLES.

And they're a lot more interesting without CR in the side.

As if there could be no aesthetic experience of the interesting without the talk.

It has never been that funnier or interesting without the presence of his character.

The arms and the neck? meh Melissa's dress was really interesting without the green top.

But of course, the story would not be interesting without some conflicts that I think made the drama complicated.

I really warmed to Lydia and the grandparents were sufficiently repulsive to be interesting without being over-the-top.

Like a good business plan, ensure your CV is interesting without giving too much away to clinch that all important interview.

You can think that game culture is valuable and interesting without being terribly interested in playing the games themselves.