Prepositions after "irish"

irish in, for, at, to or with?

In 35% of cases "irish in" is used

You clearly have a lot of irish in you.

This includes the irish in the USA et al.

So your next question why irish in Ireland.

Derek's latest musical focus has been the music of the irish in the American Civil War.

The irish in those days and up to the early 1950 were treated as second class citizens.

The story was first published in irish in the 1920s and is in stock at Cardiff Central.

It also has a meaning of a group, class or category of persons, and has continued into Modern irish in this sense; e.

Germany also believed that the large numbers of irish in the British army would revolt over the disturbances at home.

Today, the irish in Australia have begun to embrace their ethnic roots to such a degree that one government official.

There's not a word about the games in the very good ' Out of America ' and the ' The irish in America ' PBS TV series.

In 10% of cases "irish for" is used

That is irish for School of Mary.

You can use irish for this purpose.

Which is irish for a horse's pucky.

The story of two battles that sealed the fate of the irish for over two hundred years.

It's like blaming a junior branch manager in Anglo irish for what Sen Fitzpatrick did.

The only thing I blame the irish for is not kicking their government into the irish sea.

If u are happy with your points and u fail one of english, maths (or irish if u need irish for a particular course).

I did OL irish for LC too and spent no time (other than class time) studying Irish, it didn't benefit me in any way.

So, if Ireland falls into the sea, or is vacated by the irish for whatever, the blarney stone and the pub will live on.

In 7% of cases "irish at" is used

You didn't learn irish at school.

Cromwell killed approx half the irish at the time.

He lectured in irish at University College Dublin.

The 2 victories over the irish at the World Cup came in 1999 and 2007 (both in France).

Some were Protestant irish attached initially to the military or the colonial government.

O Conchir was in the US on a Fulbright scholarship to teach irish at New York University.

Is that accurate? Derry (in the ' 60s) alone had a few dozen families who all spoke, and still do speak irish at home.

When the army of Elizabeth defeated the irish at the battle of Kinsale in 1601, it marked the beginning of a new order.

My Dad's favourite subject was Maths because he found them easy! He didn't like irish at school because he found it hard.

I focused on irish at the beginning, but I dabbled in Appalachian, bluegrass, contradance tunes, and a little ragtime too.

In 6% of cases "irish to" is used

This is very noticeable in irish today.

This drew a large number of irish to the St.

But the wake reference sounds pretty irish to me.

irish to London and NYC (and probably every other big US city) Definitely Military Brats.

I have often seen the loyalty of the irish to their Government and to their General proved.

Furthermore, he assigned all the royalties from The Luck of the irish to Irish Northern Aid.

This irish tour had proved plenty of positives than negatives for Bangladesh and our coach Pybus has identified them.

Remember an awful lot of irish to this day have sons and daughters out in America and regard it with great affection.

The Irish were wild and uncivilized in the English perception, and the English subjected the irish to the worst abuse.

Right? I personally walk around central London every day approaching strangers and apologizing for being irish to them.

In 5% of cases "irish as" is used

It is known in irish as a Meangln.

The status of irish as a major language was lost.

Also the same root-word is found in the irish as fede.

This entrance is called Pol na Gollum (translated from the irish as the Hole of Gollum).

But the irish as a perimeter-oriented team will need to try to dictate the style of play.

Truth is, we artifically promote irish as our natural language when it is not -- we are monoglotic for the most part.

As it was they kept free trade and workers in irish as well as British towns and cities had a higher standard of living.

They were encouraged to look on the native Catholic irish as an inferior people and they despised their Catholic religion.

Academic interest later merged with a concern for the survival of spoken irish as its decline became increasingly evident.

In 5% of cases "irish of" is used

The Tajiks are the irish of Central Asia.

Ah yes THE RULES! How irish of us, we must obey THE RULES.

Who were these people? They were the irish of New York City.

May this memorial be a sign of respect and of honour to them from the irish of America.

As the irish of the area were thrown upon hard times, gangs and vice began to take hold.

The Scots fought the Gaelic irish of Ulster, but later, also the English settler forces there.

Hughes planned to re-introduce the irish of Five Points to their religion and teach them to have pride in themselves.

By 1259 the revolt had become more widespread, with the irish of Munster revolting against the Anglo-French Lords there.

The status of subject of the State is acquired in accordance with the provisions irish of the and State Citizenship Law.

In 5% of cases "irish on" is used

I am irish on my mother's side.

We are all irish on this island.

I have irish on both my mothers and fathers side.

So Irish fought irish on different sides in deserts and mountains 6000 miles from home.

On one occasion, he was slapped for having his name written in irish on one of his books.

Expect the flanker to respond with a storming performance against London irish on Sunday.

And this is Life and this is Democracy and this is what we believe we Proclaim to be as irish on this Island of ours.

My name is in irish on my birth certificate but they won't put it on my passport because I didn't have proof of usage.

Republicans, true Republicans should give the lead? learn Irish, speak Irish, put irish on the posters, leaflets, etc.

Irish Language There were 77,185 persons speaking irish on a daily basis outside of the education system in April 2011.

In 5% of cases "irish with" is used

It is in irish with an English translation.

I like the irish with a late touchdown, 21-6.

I did get to practice my irish with some locals.

Very good, high quality, completely traditional irish with a good mix of instruments.

It is the irish with organisation behind getting drunk and nothing ever shutting ever.

Variable but fairly formal almost entirely irish with occassional Shetland and Scottish tune.

Over the centuries, the English have dehumanised the irish with jokes about their stupidity thus excusing oppression.

So if you have some time to spare, and are in need of something irish with a local twist, why not check out the show.

The ' 70s were really honkers but no one writes about it, all they write about are the irish with pigs in the parlor.

The double irish with a Dutch sandwich technique is just one of a class of similar international tax avoidance schemes.

In 4% of cases "irish from" is used

With higher expectations, the Fighting irish from St.

There was another great one in irish from the same old record.

Theres nothing to differentiate the irish from anyone else anymore.

Uk Well I wish you all the luck of the irish from the emerald isle, enjoy the trip home.

Where is the apology and reparations to the irish from the blacks? In Zimmermann defense.

No word if the Fighting Irish picked up any actual fighting irish from the IRA while there.

I do not live in ireland anymore and have gotten jobs from people simply because I'd irish from other Irish people.

Seeking to avoid a cultural mess where people can not distinguish irish from Polish or Polish from Irish is NOT RACISM.

So there are some things that clearly separates the irish from the English, they feel like having a different ethnicity.

The Irish clergy now had to help the invader and support Henry II all of which was done to save the irish from themselves.

In 3% of cases "irish by" is used

I'd irish by the way, trying to be objective.

All taxis on Irish roads are irish by definition.

WWW, although living in Newfoundland, is actually irish by birth.

The American Irish could claim that WE are the real irish by numbers? No that's silly too.

Jokes told about Poles in the US are virtually identical to jokes told about irish by the English.

Any suggestions? i am 28 years old, irish by birth and have lived in London for nearly three years.

Last summer, in the city of Cracow, I was greeted in irish by a Polish student, a member of the Polish-Irish Society.

At the beginning of his term in Leitir Mir, he declared that he would perform a stand-up gig in irish by the end of the year.

As well as seeing firsthand the effect on the people of Ireland from the centuries long oppression of the irish by the British.

Oh and I'd irish by the way!!! I love your blog and treat it as if it's a conversation rather than a spell checked piece of prose.

In 2% of cases "irish into" is used

No effort was made to consolidate Confederate irish into large units.

Thank Fianna Fail for bluffing the irish into a bank bailout amounting to 32% of GDP.

The Welsh: promotion into the Football League Two and the irish into the (renamed) SPL for example.

Later General O? Duffy was to record these words about the entry of the irish into that shattered town.

It appears the spark that pushed the Gaelic irish into revolt was a heavy snow fall in January of 1270 10.

We would like to incorporate the word free or freedom in irish into it so that we get saoirse as part of it.

It's all part-and-parcel of the stealth agenda converting the irish into a non-sovereign nation without their knowledge or consent.

So much so, that if you literally translate something in French or in irish into English, it can sound quite poetic, and vice versa.

His attempts to ' solve ' the Irish problem, as he saw it, was to send to the island his New Model Army and coerce the irish into obedience.

As regards splitting irish into Lang and Lit is also an interesting Idea, however I think this needs to be done with English more so than Irish.

In 1% of cases "irish about" is used

SIUCRA The only thing that's irish about this brand is the name.

When you ask the irish about it, they agree it's backwards assed, and not very good.

However, apart from my name there is nothing immediately identifiable as irish about me.

On what visa basis has this guy setteed in the US? Course I'd not surprised--there was never very much irish about Bono.

There's nothing remotely irish about Scotch eggs, which were invented by the famous Fortnum &; Mason department store in London.

In 1% of cases "irish after" is used

Ah shure, they're irish after all! 2.

The irish after all do love to support the underdog.

The irish after 1830 were not so illiterate, and a better type of man came as dock builders and engineers.

But the 31-year-old veteran insisted his future is very much irish after securing citizenship earlier this year.

Rees came into the game in the third quarter to quarterback for the irish after Golson was briefly knocked from the game.

The lists indicate the vitality of the irish after the severities to which they had been subjected during the preceding forty years.

Word has come out that USC Quarterback Matt Barkley will not be able to face The Fighting irish after injuring his shoulder against UCLA.

Ofisa Trevaranus joined London irish after the 2011 Rugby World Cup and Mikaele hasn't made the team regularly in the World Sevens Series.

Catt will leave English club London irish after Saturday's final Premiership game against Gloucester for England duties from May 7 to June 30.

That was the name given to the British paramilitary troops that were formed around 1920 to put down the irish after the failed Easter Uprising.

In 1% of cases "irish against" is used

Tony Stephenson was next on court for the irish against Israel's Vladi Cheslov.

Of a truth in the whole area there are four irish against one English or Welsh.

Meanwhile, Brady made a scoring dbut for the irish against Oman at Fulham's Craven Cottage.

Why? because they use the same artcles and scaring tactics to rile the irish against other Europeans.

Put them under pressure and watch them crack, a bit like the irish against the All Blacks last Saturday.

We referred earlier to the rising in Ulster and the exaggerated accounts of actions of the irish against the Protestants at the time.

Charbonnel had perceived that the best weapon to guard the irish against secularism and assimilation was a separate system of education.

Just as there never was a unity of purpose on the part of the irish against the Vikings, so there never was a unity of purpose among the Scandinavians in Ireland.

The British Army in Ireland, with considerable numbers of Catholics in its ranks, was called to suppress these patriotic movements, once again pitting irish against Irish.

In 1% of cases "irish among" is used

For example, the roster of the 76th Foot, a Scottish regiment that was at Yorktown, listed 114 irish among its soldiers.

There were no all-Irish regiments in the British order of battle at Yorktown, though there were irish among the rank-and-file.

The majority of the native Irish, though capable of speaking English, tended to speak irish among themselves and to think in Irish.

She was the last speaker of irish among the Palatines, also the last speaker of that German dialect which they brought with them to Ireland in 1709.

Only the Germans and the irish among other Europeans voiced nearly as low levels of satisfaction with their home countries, according to the survey by benefits consultants Aon.

In 1% of cases "irish before" is used

Give your child a taste of irish before going to Primary School.

Ferguson, and the beautiful and gracefully written irish before the Conquest, of Mrs.

You will remember that New Zealand achieved independence long ago, the irish before us.

I have never really considered myself as irish before -- particularly as I am also part French and Swiss.

They ask for just one thing; the opportunity to live their American dream like so many generations of irish before them.

What has for generations been the land of promise is where I hope I will get my next break, like generations of irish before me.

I started by complimenting his futuristic-looking watch, and I vaguely remember having a conversation in irish before getting his number.

He is not unlike millions of irish before him who came to America, worked hard and made a better life for themselves and everyone around them.

The Trojans won a record eight straight over the irish before a narrow loss in 2009, lling one dropped touchdown pass short of a perfect 10-year stretch with the bejeweled trophy.

In 1% of cases "irish during" is used

Yes Westminster did not do much to aid the irish during the period.

McCaffrey noted that New York teams were particularly irish during this era.

They left at the time of the English genocide of the Catholic irish during the reign of Cromwell.

The expression, ' ' Hell or Connacht, ' ' was often uttered in despair by the irish during this time.

The Irish Times reported this weekend that Dil ireann will conduct business through irish during the event to mark the occasion.

Patrick's Day They say everyone's a little bit irish during this festive celebration, and that's especially true in New York City.

Agree something radical needs to be done re Irish, great success of gaelscoileanna- more informal irish during the day in non-Irish speaking schools? Re.

It's ridiculous to compare the Ugandan regime to the plight of the irish during the Famine and the millions who either lost their lives or left our shores.

It is no use forcing pupils to study irish during 10 years and more who hate it except in the Gaeltacht where Irish-medium education should remain the only kind of education.

It may be excessively minimalist in design, but the Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City offered me an engaging experience, and an insight into the life of the irish during that long ago time.

In 1% of cases "irish out" is used

A letter from Pat in America There are as many irish out of Ireland as in it.

Let's kick all the Prostestant Northern irish out of Ireland and send them back to Scotland.

Every time that I expelled the new coming irish out of the country the rest do have a grudge against me.

They are doing the irish out of business by selling junk food in comparison to their freshly caught healthy seafood.

Who chased the irish out of Springfield village in aught four? Me, that's who! Irish man: And a fine job you did, too.

However, the worse feature of the spelling and script form was to push nearly all works in irish out of print over night.

American Wake From the mid-19th century, hunger and famine and ambition drove the irish out of their home island, across the Atlantic to a New World.

It was something new -- and the script and spelling change that pushed nearly everything in irish out of print facilitated the adoption of the new standard.

Just as the great potato famine of 1740 drove the irish out of their homes so a lack of good facilities for old people will drive a lot of rich Chinese out of China.

In 1% of cases "irish under" is used

The Fighting irish under Lou Holtz beat Miami in 1988 31-30 in its last championship season.

Remember how the irish under British rule produced such remarkable individuals as Yeats, Joyce, Burke, Wilde.

She was a native Irish speaker; studied ancient irish under the tutelage of Liam O'Briain, but soon was tutoring him.

The supplanting of the native irish under James I's plantation in the northern counties led to an uprising by the Ulster Irish who were joined by the Catholic? Old English?

Oppression/Suffering This novel, written against the background of the Famine in Ireland, shows some very vivid images of the oppression experienced by the irish under British rule.

The same month, about 5,000 French foot landed at Kingsale with two generals, the Count de Lauzun and the Marquis de Leary, King James sending back as many irish under Lieutenant-general Mac-Carty.

In 1% of cases "irish vs" is used

Re: Old Swan Band Re: irish vs.

Irish: it's the traditional music of Ireland Re: irish vs.

Whatever you say, someone is going to disagree with you! Re: irish vs.

Enjoy your Sunday I had the opposite irish vs English difficulty when I went to vote.

So, what is the difference? or is there really a difference at all, and my mind is trying to play tricks on me again? Re: irish vs.

The very fact that you are comparing the experience and knowledge of your builders with the irish vs non-national signs debate is racist.

Pfff The very fact that you are comparing the experience and knowledge of your builders with the irish vs non-national signs debate is racist.

The Celtic language is in itself derived from Indo-European - but you would hardly classify Irish music as being Indo-European, would you? Re: irish vs.

In reality, Meal Seachnaill II was the one who neutralised the Vikings (all by himself, with no allies) at the Battle of Tara in 980, which was a genuine irish vs.