Prepositions after "irregardless"

irregardless of, as or to?

In 98% of cases "irregardless of" is used

AllenBouchard: irregardless of the.

irregardless of what anyone else might think.

GeddyLee: 07 May 2011 1:34:33am irregardless of what ppl think.

Deep down I know, irregardless of what's coming, it will be for the greater good.

irregardless of the motives, Natasha's behaviour can impede the work of the group.

A club like RM would come in for a player like Bale irregardless of any agreement.

Therefore irregardless of sexuality, men are physically on level playing fields with each other, as are women.

If you want to search the entire library, irregardless of collections, simply ignore the collection drop down.

I ask that everyone who reads of this case spare a moment to make prayers for this person, irregardless of faith.

Alas, I also think that PR are doing their best now and should be commended irregardless of the election outcome.

In 1% of cases "irregardless as" is used

Not only how much money do you have, but how much money does all your close relatives have irregardless as to whether they will actually give you any of their money.

In 1% of cases "irregardless to" is used

When told to draw cards, you draw cards irregardless to your hand size.