Prepositions after "leery"

leery of, about or over?

In 84% of cases "leery of" is used

So, they're leery of hiring you.

You're right to be leery of him.

Being an oily gal I'd a bit leery of it.

I heard there were some issues with McAfee updates also so now I'd leery of all updates.

You have to be a bit leery of someone who sticks needles into people for fun and profit.

It points out one of many things that make me leery of the Religious Right in the States.

One shell, then another quickly tried instead, seemed to stick on insertion and I was leery of jamming the mechanism.

That, plus the number of bad reviews, combined with my past experience with Avast! products makes me very leery of it.

Look for sellers with good numbers and no negative feedback and be very leery of anybody saying their stuff is perfect.

I waddled over to see what was going on, though I was more than a little leery of the cameras: I had good reason to be.

In 14% of cases "leery about" is used

First let me say I was so leery about going.

We eat venison, but now she's leery about it.

I've been leery about the set up this season for Sam.

My current agent told me that I should be leery about using an online insurance company.

Now, with that being said, is it safe to use? I would be leery about using it in high school.

I am leery about making the claim that he will get Democrats and Republcans to work together.

If you are still leery about online seniors dating services then you can find out about them through a free trial.

I too at first was leery about buying things like that but once I got started I don't even think about it any more.

Something about the ' microwaves ' given off from the microwave make me leery about eating food that comes out of it.

If you're in the dating stage of the relationship, you may be leery about buying him a gift that's either too personal or too expensive.

In 1% of cases "leery over" is used

I'd optimistic on distance learning, but leery over the loss of personal interaction - the late night sessions where opinions were tested, honed, and strengthened.