Prepositions after "nostalgic"

"nostalgic for" or "nostalgic about"?

In 54% of cases "nostalgic for" is used

I felt almost nostalgic for the NHS.

Calzones, are a little nostalgic for me.

I am a little nostalgic for the old days.

What many decried in the 90 's, I find myself longing and nostalgic for: Gridlock.

Are you nostalgic for that optimism? No, but I'd not a nostalgic person by nature.

Makes me sort of nostalgic for innocent times before the privacy snobs came along.

Gore ad-libbed a speech praising the French, which made me oddly nostalgic for the old fights of the Bush years.

It is expensive and it is crowded, the sea of cowboy hats don't resonate anything emotional nor nostalgic for me.

Against this background of remarkable change, it is almost nostalgic for us to see these antigenetic commentaries.

I started following your blog because I studied abroad in England and was nostalgic for the cultural observations.

In 30% of cases "nostalgic about" is used

I don't feel nostalgic about Clough.

I can't even get nostalgic about it.

If you feel nostalgic about NZ you can.

And of course amid all that we get pretty nostalgic about ending our Japan stint.

There is something oddly kitsch, charming and nostalgic about Bangkok's Chinatown.

The trailer looks fresh, interesting and makes us nostalgic about our school days.

We should be nostalgic about other things and be much more responsible about what we allow our children to eat.

Relevancy People may be nostalgic about television shows from the 1960s, but they only long for the show itself.

Tauba Auerbach displayed works dealing with glitches caused by static -- that thing I feel most nostalgic about.

Recently Lu Ping and Chen Zhor-yee reprimanded Hong kong people not to be nostalgic about the British colonial rule.

In 4% of cases "nostalgic of" is used

So nostalgic of my angsty years.

Typing this blog post has made me nostalgic of San Diego.

I guess you could say it is the most nostalgic of the senses.

Maino was not only nostalgic of his fascist path but also very proud of it.

Speaking of Paris, every time I watch a Champions League game I feel nostalgic of that final.

And I don't want to look like a nostalgic of the old days, but I do not like many things of this modern F1.

The car also boasts a park distance monitor with visual display and body stripes which are nostalgic of Minis of the past.

But it is interesting, not only to the nostalgic of a certain age or to cinema fans curious to see Alan Parker's first screenplay.

The car also boasts a park distance monitor with visual display and body stripes which are nostalgic of Minis of the past that entered racing events.

In 3% of cases "nostalgic in" is used

I'd obviously getting nostalgic in my old age.

But The Saw Doctors also were nostalgic in their choices of songs.

At the same time Sebastian also intends to remain nostalgic in mood.

Monirul Islam is nostalgic in his themes and brinks on the romantic.

It was kinda ironic to feel nostalgic in front of a new Seoul Station.

It is nostalgic in segments from early days because of the dress of the Americans interviewed.

But he was convincingly nostalgic in Dances at a Gathering and a sensitive, fervent prince in Swan Lake.

For those few, like me, nostalgic in our world, these sixty birds might have been dashing round an old church tower.

Feeling somewhat nostalgic in the spirit of the season, I grabbed the two paper piles and started playing through them.

Even 1950s science fiction, he argues, was far more nostalgic in Britain than its more optimistic American counterparts.

In 2% of cases "nostalgic at" is used

Even redecorating makes me nostalgic at times.

Their music is also good to listen and makes you nostalgic at times.

Trenance Cottage Tea Rooms, Newquay -- This is a romantic little spot, perfect for the nostalgic at heart.

So if you'd like to be nostalgic at your holiday table, you could add this humble source of hardy nutrition.

The three of us chatted away about travel and Stephen Bishop's songs, which were romantic and nostalgic at the same time.

Even though I'd not American(I'd Canadian) the pictures made me feel very odd(can't explain the feeling) and nostalgic at the same time.

After four years of studying at Trinity I feel a little nostalgic at the prospect of leaving, and I am applying to do my Masters here next year.

In 2% of cases "nostalgic on" is used

There is no reason why we should dwell on or turn nostalgic on such disappearance.

On our last visit to Colombo in April 2003 we felt extremely nostalgic on our arrival at the airport.

Where is the world in this dance? nostalgic on one hand, and forgetful and two-left-footed on the other.

He believes it may be becoming more popular in Melbourne restaurants because ' ' people like to have something nostalgic on the plate ' '.

But for the past couple of days, Twitterers have united to wax nostalgic on something quite positive: the video games they grew up playing.

If you've been itching to go video game nostalgic on your Mac, PC or iPad then I guess it's time you picked up the enhanced version of Baldur's Gate.

Credit: AP/Press Association Images The Fulham player got all nostalgic on Wednesday and shared his childhood memories of Ireland competing on the European and world stages.

In 2% of cases "nostalgic over" is used

Get yourself nostalgic over the song's of the year 4.

I couldn't help but wax nostalgic over his enthusiasm.

Listen to the part where Romney waxes nostalgic over a visit to a factory in China.

VirginiaJeff: **34;101;TOOLONG to the part where Romney waxes nostalgic over a Loading comments.

I didn't even know it was possible to wax nostalgic over something that happened just 6 months ago.

Feeling nostalgic over events even as they are happening is a weird sensation, but I'd implore you to enjoy him while you still can.

With fashion that is! As I head back to my shelf in Varese to wax nostalgic over the past few weeks, here are some favorite pics snapped of me.

It's not too presumptuous to say that if you gather a few middle-aged African Americans to wax nostalgic over childhood hijinks, sooner or later the whipping stories are told.

I can't remember what got me started on getting nostalgic over these closings over the years, but I believe it was recent thoughts on the first one on the list, which I'll explain when we get there.

In 1% of cases "nostalgic as" is used

Songs performed will be nostalgic as the trio hasn't followed up to the last album A Ene.

Chuck and Pat Rothermel founded the company after a family holiday turned nostalgic as the children prepared to disperse across the country following the gathering.

In 1% of cases "nostalgic to" is used

Starting at 1:47 this track is extremely nostalgic to me.

It won't be as nostalgic to GF as it is to me considering my highschool life was a couple months back, hah.

The Sopa has a more unusual stylistic expression that apparently dates from the late eighties, but remains evidently nostalgic to the previous decade.

Though Bradbury's vision is at times wild and darkly romantic, I know it can seem sugary and overly nostalgic to some; but if you have a sweet tooth for candied prose, then by all means - dig in.

In 1% of cases "nostalgic with" is used

The atmosphere was nostalgic with plenty of westen pictures and roadsigns.

A dry reception is the perfect opportunity to think outside wine glass! Go nostalgic with root beer or coke floats.

It's hard not to get nostalgic with a the funky duo, neither game is a by the numbers, designed by committee effort.

Just as The Castle Of Cagliostro is nostalgic with those works, we can't help but feel nostalgic towards Miyazaki's first film when watching it today.

I usually think Hollywood is being lazy and overly nostalgic with all these ' 80s shows they keep forcibly resuscitating and this time is no different.