Prepositions after "notable"

notable for, among, of, in or about?

In 50% of cases "notable for" is used

Cape Reinga is notable for a few things.

The interior is notable for: Facing the world.

This speech is notable for a number of reasons.

These gearboxes are notable for their ability to offer a comfortable and quiet ride.

The sneakers are notable for their durability, comfort and huge selection of choices.

You'll notice that all of these people so far are in some way notable for their hair.

However, the culture of Sydney is also notable for the integral role that fringe and informal culture plays in it.

This farm was also very notable for the common visitor who seemed to somehow time his visits to coincide with ours.

The film is also notable for its portrayal of black women as strong middle class citizens as oppose to stereotypes.

This episode is notable for the first appearances of Sulu played by George Takei and Scotty played by James Doohan.

In 11% of cases "notable among" is used

notable among these was John Good.

notable among them were Professor M.

notable among this set are Professor L.

notable among these are The Figure of Christ in the Works of Galds, edited with P.

notable among the latter was Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan, the Umayyad governor of Syria.

They built forts along the coastal areas notable among them being the Komenda fort.

notable among these is the Unknown Warrior, whose grave, close to the west door, has become a place of pilgrimage.

notable among them is Peter Thiel -- the vociferous libertarian and billionaire entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal.

Also notable among the stars of Cassiopeia is Achird, a fairly bright star roughly half-way between Cih and Schedir.

However, Jamaica has its own issues; notable among them is its perception of being a high security risk destination.

In 11% of cases "notable in" is used

Most notable in that is Andrea Bargnani.

Hey Daydreamer was notable in a lot of ways.

The Hobart Synagogue is notable in other ways.

This is especially notable in a group of three thin vertical slices of hilly landscape.

His wife, Matilda, was notable in domestic affairs, and a vigorous oppressor of the Welsh.

The project was notable in several ways, one of which was its multidisciplinary character.

The notable instance of Talking to Himself is when the dwarven companion Oghren is talking to a dwarven man, Gorim.

Mobile success Most notable in this campaign, and a clear nod to the future, was the success that VW had on mobile.

But more notable in the Heckscher-Olin model may be the assumption that capital can not move from country to country.

Before you write off this resource entirely, consider that one of the major affordances (this is most notable in CK12.

In 11% of cases "notable of" is used

The two most notable of these are s.

The most notable of these is Abraham.

The most notable of them is Paul Ehrlich.

However, the most notable of all the Frankish rulers was Charlemagne (Charles the Great).

Serotonin is the most notable of these chemicals, because of its role in regulating mood.

The most notable of these is Akaroa, a pretty French settlement and popular holiday spot.

The most notable of these enzymes is pepsin, which works best in the acid environment of the stomach - optimum pH 1.

The Baptists, like the Methodists, early in the century had negro preachers, most notable of whom was Ralph Freeman.

The most notable of those saw West Ham's Joey O'Brien on for the final 11 minutes to win his first cap for five years.

Most notable of the visitors have been the Princess Royal in September followed a week later by the Duke of Edinburgh.

In 4% of cases "notable about" is used

What was also notable about Mr.

I asked if there was anything notable about the incident.

That wasn't all that was notable about Seferian-Jenkins ' day.

What was notable about his soccer experience was the lack of teaching that occurred.

What is notable about Healy's talk wasn't what he said but where he said it: at the APA.

What is notable about this particular video, however, is that it has over 2 million views.

However, what is more notable about this photo are the very dark patches which interrupt this overall pale effect.

What is most notable about brand pages is that they allow you to pin the top tweet, so it is not cluttered with replies.

Most notable about the body was the absence of a life jacket, which according to his wife, Colby always wore on the water.

That what was notable about the Northern Ireland elections two weeks ago was that they came and went without much attention.

In 3% of cases "notable by" is used

Canada is notable by its absence.

notable by its absence is the Nexus 7.

Indeed they were notable by their absence.

Scientific studies of this crucial public health issue have been notable by their absence.

Its rice with curious and selected seafood is notable by its taste and careful elaboration.

notable by their absence are the words ' carbon dioxide ' and papers strongly pushing the AGW meme.

A comic book, edition 10,000, including 100 portraits of Bradfordians nominated as notable by their fellow residents.

But that's what the impartial observer might think and impartial observers are notable by their absence at Heaton Park.

Mr Allister was at St Andrews, but was notable by his absence when Ian Paisley addressed reporters after the agreement was reached.

Former neighbours and classmates - friends are notable by their absence - have described an introverted but extremely smart student.

In 2% of cases "notable amongst" is used

notable amongst them are Los Banos and Pila.

notable amongst these are Acacia erioloba, A.

notable amongst them is Maizuddin High School.

They built forts along the coastal areas notable amongst them being the Komenda fort.

notable amongst them are former Super Falcons striker, Mercy Akide former coach of the team, Sam Okpodu.

notable amongst the family at this time was Reverend John MacHale who was 47years the Archbishop of Tuam.

notable amongst them, is the early detection of abnormalities in the growth of the unborn child and possibly correct them.

Most notable amongst them was another semi-final goal against Chelsea, this time in the FA Cup as the Reds again won through, 2-1.

Most notable amongst them is the addition of the all-new Imarda Support Portal, which features a complete knowledgebase and support ticketing system.

I was lent the proverbial cold shoulder by a few more masters of this pristine game, the most notable amongst the culprits being Sir Geoffrey Boycott.

In 1% of cases "notable as" is used

Wexford had never been notable as a cultural center.

Bargany Mains is notable as the birthplace of two poets.

She's also notable as the only entry on the list whose show is still airing.

It is also notable as a city that has has for a long time recognised racial equality.

The young ladies brought up with them are generally very notable as to worldly affairs.

The name has seen occasional usage for boys, but is more notable as a middle name for both genders.

The timing of the outage is also notable as the United Nations is scheduled to vote Thursday on Palestinian statehood.

He is mostly notable as the longtime producer for Canadian rapper/singer Drake, and also as one of his closest friends.

The team's three other starters were all either 26 or 27, with right tackle David Stewart notable as a possible future Pro Bowler.

This phase transition is notable as a gradual reduction of a liquid from matter due to the exposure of a considerable amount of gas.

In 1% of cases "notable at" is used

Another notable at the function was classical Hindustani vocalist Pandit Jasraj.

In more recent times, two other men, Eisner and Katzenberg have been notable at Disney.

notable at Lolita is the granite and stainless steel kitchen manned by talented Chef Glen.

Difference is notable at top end but not huge and torque wise I recall them not feeling that different.

This was especially notable at the top, which was defined, sibilance free and not at all bright or fatiguing.

This is especially notable at meetings or group discussions, where the most confident and aggressive people usually dominate.

Now much of their time is spent in their own heads -- invest in wood toy that feeds their imagination, as it is notable at this age and will assist them with inventing games.

In 1% of cases "notable because" is used

This is all the more notable because of what has happened in the intervening years.

Charles Schumer's cosponsorship of the bill is notable because of his proximity to Wall Street.

The North Pacific Subtropical Gyre is the one most notable because of its tendency to collect debris.

It is especially notable because of its intersection with the Strand, a major street in central London.

Note: Varathorn is notable because of his infinite supply of herbs, and the Manual: Shapeshifter he sells.

This statue repair project is notable because of the materials originally used to make this delicate figure.

Obviously these are not things that men exclusively care about, but they are notable because of what is absent.

This fixture, and others during the late twenties are notable because of the increasing importance of Maori rugby.

Dreman's approach is most notable because of his use of investor psychology and his forceful rejection of the efficient market hypothesis.

It was notable because of its celebrity voice overs - Isaac Hayes was a regular as ' Chef ' but each week there would be ' cameo ' appearances from known film stars, appearing in.

In 1% of cases "notable during" is used

This was most recently notable during the 2011 Sarawak state election.

This was notable during the Summer Olympics in London this past Summer.

In Ghana price increases were particularly notable during the Christmas season.

Most notable during the opening 5 minutes was the ferocity of the ' Bates Out ' chanting.

The pace and guile of another Celtic absentee, James Forrest, was notable during a generally turgid opening half.

notable during that period (1988-1998) was the fact that Rao stopped in his tracks, for whatever reason, after firmly deciding to test nuclear weapons.

It was very notable during the Wales game that the Welsh were able to get much quicker possession at the breakdown and gain forward momentum on a regular basis.

This is especially notable during the song ' You're Everything to Me ', which concludes with the couple eagerly rushing upstairs, presumably off to bed together.

Great strides in the swordsmith's art were especially notable during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333 ), when swordsmiths benefited from the patronage of the Imperial House.

In 1% of cases "notable from" is used

Several examples are notable from the article.

Ro said there wasn't anything notable from any of the arrest.

I quote John Foster Dulles, a notable from our own State Dept.

Broadband liberalization place is notable from rogers via something, and bell canada via dsl.

Furthermore, Hoeffler and Keller (2002) pointed that brand awareness can be notable from depth and width.

What makes the Freestyle notable from a business perspective, is that it is a perfect marriage of R &D; and Marketing processes.

Most notable from the release is the absence of the Nintendo TVii service, the free program the company had said would be available from day one.

In 1% of cases "notable on" is used

It is even more notable on individual stocks.

One feature which HotDoc doesn't have, but other files managers do, most notable on GoogleReader is zipping files.

At the time of writing it is spoken only by the chief of Mbondjanga and his notable on a more or less daily basis (i.

The effects of this are especially notable on the grasslands, the croplands, the forests, the water resources and the wildlife.

Late-season warmth is especially notable on the High Plains, where Wednesday's temperatures will top 70 as far north as Montana.

Nigeria is notable on the continent for having the largest national population, and the second-largest economy, and for being the primary exporter of crude oil.

notable on the industrial scene early in the century were Ellis and Bernard, timber merchants from 1905, and the concrete business established by the Firth family in 1910.

In 1% of cases "notable to" is used

Most notable to me:The support of the UK.

It can be notable to other people too, particularly mates.

Well, notable to me as these were artists I had not been exposed to before.

What was most notable to this author when visiting Japan was that these toilets are everywhere.

This film is only really notable to FRIDAY fans for the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason.

Specific and notable to Canadian autism history is Michelle Dawson, a Canadian autistic researcher.

My ranting aside, what I came here to do was to point out something Romney said about Syria that seemed notable to me.

A blank space is notable to the side of Powell, possibly reserved for the Alex's next graduate, 18 year old Max Clayton.

How sad for society that such events are less notable to our ' news ' papers than Simon Cowell or our equally vacuous politicians.

While I defend your right to decide what is notable to you; I categorically reject your attempt to define what is notable or important to me.

In 1% of cases "notable with" is used

Also notable with the release of Athlon was the entirely new system bus.

Nevertheless, it is a lot more notable with men in late adulthood and through puberty.

This is most notable with any instant-KO effect, which theoretically all have 30% success rates.

Particularly notable with Connor, whose abilities seemed to correspond directly to how inconvenient it would be.

Drive-by-wire notable with all Honda models nowadays is that they are equipped with Drive-By-Wire (DBW) throttle control.

The abundance of birds is notable with over 800 species, including parrots, peafowl, pheasants, crows, herons, and paddybirds.

In order to make your website notable with search engines like google, then you certainly has to be constantly submit new entries.

The loss of some of the original skaters is notable with the likes of -- Chad Muska and Bucky Lasek missing from the character select.

Toy Story has a huge jump in time between 2 and 3, most notable with Andy having already graduated high school and going off to college.