Prepositions after "old"

old in, with, for, at or of?

In 22% of cases "old in" is used

Reflections of the old in the new.

I am 16 years old in the 10th grade.

Out with the old in the with the New.

However further education is sought after by nearly 60% of the 17-19 years old in the UK.

Then only is there a total revolution, not the continuance of the old in a different form.

Margaret Connor is 40 years old in the record and may have been the mother of this family.

Prism allows only those players who are at least years old in keeping with its policy of ensuring responsible gambling.

The NLTCS is a nationally repre-sentative sample of individuals ages 65 years and older in long-term care facilities.

At 28 years old, Ferguson has been reluctant to fork out the asking price of midfielders over 25 years old in the past.

And if that means popping your 1year old in front of the television for 5minutes while you have a shower then so be it.

In 12% of cases "old at" is used

I was 31 years old at the time.

I was 28 years old at the time.

I'd 17 years old at the moment.

Well, I was 19 years old at the concert in Utrecht Vredenburg in 1982 and fan since 1979.

After dropping my oldest at the bus stop we rode our cargo bikes to the grocery store.

She was 16-18 months old at the time and didn't want to have any other story read to her.

This crowd was led by ' Aly Sulayman al-Asad, the father of young Hafiz al-Asad who was barely 6 years old at the time.

Prophet Muhammad was forty years old at the time of this first revelation which marks the beginning of his prophethood.

They place this marriage in the tenth year of the Call and state that Hazrat? Aishah was only 6 years old at that time.

Young Vlad would have been about eleven years old at the time of the internment, while Radu would have been about seven.

In 12% of cases "old for" is used

He doesn't look to old for one.

He was getting too old for this.

Same old, same old for the Reds.

Friends of mine are looking around for a school for their 4 year old for next September.

Keep in mind that every day will not only get old for you and that will cause your body.

The study followed nearly 7,000 people age 55 and older for an average of seven years.

Ugh, I'd too old for this!! Anyway, BCP was giving me migraines so I guess zits is better, but really, I'd so over it.

I fear us oldies have never been good at listening and now that we are older for longer it exacerbates that dilemma.

He may be commited and hard working, but I just feel he is maybe 2 years too old for a move to a club as big as Spurs.

My parents have a General Electric refrigerator that is likely from the 1950s but could be even older for all I know.

In 12% of cases "old with" is used

In with the new, old with the old.

I had wanted someone to grow old with.

Must be 18 or older with a valid ID.

There's an excellent marriage of the old with the new and the manmade with the natural.

A Blizzard of Tales and Tunes Saturday, November 24, 11am Ages 3 and older with adult.

Seriously, a five year old with a crayola could have written a better episode than this.

I also noticed that my genealogy software said Amner Caroline would have been 92 years old with a death date in 1933.

Looking back now, I see a twenty-five - year - old with a very compromised sense of masculinity, of his own maleness.

I am a busty 44 year old with a hot figure that is requiring attention from a younger guy who has the ability to make.

To me, one fo the remarkable things about San Francisco is how, unlike Vancouver, it incorporates the old with the new.

In 9% of cases "old of" is used

Martha is the older of two children.

The oldest of the 20 was 40 years old.

My Dad was the oldest of 4 Baily Boys.

My navigator was Grimes aged 27 the oldest of the crew and he was of Irish extraction.

Chris McCann: The oldest of my selections at 25 but has a lot of experience for a man.

Gupta, a telecom engineer is the oldest of the three top leaders with 19 years in HCL.

The oldest of his relatives carried the urn out to the grave and other relatives and friends followed in procession.

THE TRANSFERS: La Promesse, despite being the slightly older of the two films, actually enjoys the cleanest transfer.

Visit The Red Fort: The red fort is the oldest of all forts, and it is also one of the most visited places in Delhi.

Their son, the oldest of the children, is married and is trying to run the farm for them but is not having much luck.

In 6% of cases "old to" is used

Rahulji is 10 years older to me.

They started to get old to me though.

Louis! I took my 5 year old to the Mo.

In this respect I think you engage in the creative destruction of the old to good effect.

They are changing, growing, maturing where as my Leigh will always be 10 years old to me.

Motivating game for children from 4 to 10 years old to practice counting and learn maths.

I usually roll my eyes when i see illustrations that incorporate photography as it's just so uninspiring and old to me.

New pipes should be laid alongside the old ones and the consumer connections transferred from the old to the new pipes.

Case in point- in the shootings in Colorado, parents bought a newborn and a six year old to a midnight showing of TDKR.

These incidents can not and should not be swept under the carpet without the truth being told to prevent a reoccurrence.

In 5% of cases "old from" is used

I'd 27 years old from California.

Polk, 48 years old from Tennessee.

I am 31 years old from Tamil Nadu.

I had never had Hong Peang hot hot in my life always a few days old from a plastic bag.

The company must not be more than one year old from its commencement date of production.

Paris is proposing to ban cars aged 17 years or older from driving in the city centre.

Lee Ermey answers Carson, a nine-year boy old from Colorado, who asked when the Colt 45 started its service in the U.

The requirement was first scaled-back in the 1950 Amendments, which exempted workers age 75 and older from the RET.

People young and old from all over the world and Londoners helped me with the buggy, it was a heart-warming experience.

Thanks =) -Zach hello Patrick In a thirteen year-old from Dorset and i read your chaos walking novals and i loved them.

In 5% of cases "old on" is used

So hold onto the faith you have.

My 3 year old on the other hand.

I am totally sold on this product.

The Junior Isa is a year old on Thursday -- but the celebrations look like being low-key.

His mother was there with his daughter Brooklynn, who turns two years old on November 24.

Some 19 Yr old on Jan 23, 12:26 PM Well done kid, because you're usually better than that.

It seemed like we suddenly couldn't afford a 6m 29-year old on a three-year contract at the higher end of the pay scale.

Now that he is retired, O'Toole -- who will be 80 years old on Aug 2 -- will focus on writing a third volume of memoirs.

Jermaine Taylor, the 27 year old made his debut for Jamaica at 19 years old on November 24th, 2004 in a 12-0 win over St.

Nintendo and I have a long, happy history together, and the Wii U has me as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

In 4% of cases "old by" is used

I want to grow old by her side.

From and sold by divers player.

He is getting older by the day.

Related articles: Aging in a Straightjacket? How to Avoid Being old by Barbara Morris, R.

These children hardly ever go back to school because they are too old by the time they can.

Since Anthony is 30 year old by 12/8 this year, the youth group choose Palsm 30 for Anthony.

He wasn't very favored by the new modern artists at Marvel because they thought his art style looked old by that point.

I was technically too old by then I guess but I still asked for clothes and stuff for Molly probably until high school.

For example, if your child will be five years old by January 31, 2013, s/he can start Kindergarten in the fall of 2012.

Occupations of Employed Workers in the Civilian Labor Force Age 16 and Older by Gender and Origin, 2008 There were 3.

In 2% of cases "old as" is used

This one is as old as the hills.

I'd 40 years old as of 2/21/2011.

I am slightly older as a result.

Yet the edifice is erected to do what? To use a seventeen-year old as a political cudgel.

And a larger share of that population is going to be older as the 21 st century unfolds.

Empirical evidence shows that the old as a class are unquestionably richer than the young.

In fact, many seasoned pundits are already mentioning the 17 year old as a future star in full blown Supersport racing.

It was an old song, old as the breed itself -- one of the first songs of the younger world in a day when songs were sad.

Runnergirl- Really no way! I got rejected recently by a 35 year old as a 10 year age difference was too much apparently.

This river is old: 58 million years old as a discrete drainage line, and around 450,000 years old in its present course.

In 1% of cases "old about" is used

I told the 13 years old about faith.

Then she began asking the five-year old about me.

I was pumping at the time he was 1 month old about 2-3oz total (both breasts) each session.

Original Image and Website: This picture is of year 2004 nearly 8 years old about riots in Thailand.

I think it is much more painful being backstabbed than being told about something straight in your face.

I have also spoke with my oldest about enlisting or possible Officer Training in the Air Force after High School.

Ask any 12 year old about Greg Heffley &; they will eagerly tell you about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid - the books &; films.

And if i must remind you, GEJ was part of the people that felt hurt when they were not old about Yardua's state of health.

There are things that you won't realize or learn until you are older about life and responsibility that you need to understand.

In 1% of cases "old after" is used

I felt old after becoming incontinent.

That gets pretty old after so many years.

It gets old after a while so I apologize.

Henna stain 7 days old after poor care and not leaving the paste on the skin very long.

The patriarch himself passed away when Atan was 3 years old after the birth of Yatibah.

Maybe she was old, or maybe she just looked old after a hard life of scowling at people.

I'll read about ' em on wikipedia, but actually reading the comics seems like it'd get old after 500 or more issues.

But in stasis you certainly get older after long time (like what happened to Merlin, or alternate Weir, or Aurora's crew).

Of the 4 outsiders, they've clearly had more success since their championship season, but not winning gets old after a while.

In 1% of cases "old among" is used

Born in Selkirk, Lang was the oldest among eight siblings.

The older among us can recall at least three such happenings.

This copper plate inscription was the oldest among all the other inscriptions found here.

At the time, only the ageless Eddie Johnston (42) was older among goalies in the NHL or WHA.

The Pardesi synagogue in Cochin, Kerala is the oldest among the surviving synagogues in the country.

Luckily, the oldest among the chiefs Abu Omaiyah bin Mugheerah Al-Makhzumi made a proposal which was accepted by all.

My grandfather, not being the oldest among them but the most educated, was selected by the other rulers to be the king.

The old among you know this already: tender eyes are dried by the motion of a grabbed wrist and a certain solid pull upwards.

According oral tradition it is believed that the families Asona, Ekuona and Aduana are the oldest among the eight Akan families.

In 1% of cases "old before" is used

They are old before their time.

They are old before their years.

Makes me feel old before my time!

IMO, I feel it makes men look old before their time, and makes them appear unhealthy.

A male Corn snake should be two years old before being put into a breeding programme.

That he is old before his time, broken by some great sorrow, I have seen, or thought I saw.

China and Thailand may be the first important countries in the history of humanity to grow old before becoming rich.

They had an older brother, Robert Walter Butler, but he died at only a few days old before the twins were even born.

Lets take a look at some smart ways you can protect your vehicles finish and keep it from looking old before its time.

But, even if he plays a full year at every level, he'll still be just 22 years old before the start of the 2016 season.

In 1% of cases "old during" is used

Gibbs was 67 years old during that season.

Moses was 80 years old during all of this.

I was six years old during the 1965 blackout.

Upon your questioning I hereby state that I was about 36 years old during the war in 1971.

Upon your questioning I hereby state that I was about 12 years old during the war in 1971.

I remember being ten years old during the Cuban Missile Crisis and practicing air aid drills.

With a strong supporting cast including a young Tuesday Weld who was only 17 years old during the film's production.

I was 2-4 yrs old during those years and unaware of what the rest of the country looked like, only my own surroundings.

Alma Willits Terrific pictures -- brought back so many memories -- I was 17 to 19 years old during most of these pictures.

It was a very rare breakfast treat my father gave me one day when I was 8 or 9 years old during my primary school holiday.

In 1% of cases "old into" is used

He looked much older into the street we.

We would like to put our 7 year old into a private school.

Talking a nearly 9 year old into an IV is quite interesting.

Bringing any 22 + 21 year old into any team as soon as they have been signed is stupid.

The play of life and death we see everywhere--this transmutation of the old into the new.

Be realistic about her age and stage Try to avoid situations that are sure to send your two year old into a meltdown.

Red Lipsticks? Not even a year old into the game! Bought Hot Tahiti last KC: D And Acne? I too still get it once a mnth;).

Why are all of you making excuses for Clash? The man got on the internet and talked a 16 year old into having sex with him.

Collaboration tools are an important means for turning the travel time and expense of old into work time and increased profits.

In 1% of cases "old like" is used

She has a five year old like me.

I would like to grow old like that.

And all will grow old like a garment.

Nothing makes you feel old like being called Mrs Marley (even though I'd not married!).

So, what would an almost nine-year old like Meredith wish for?? And then it came to us.

This kid is now like 16 or maybe even older like 18, right, and it's severely handicapped.

Then there's all the new songs coming out from A*M*E, Ellie Goulding, Mumford &; Sons and then back to something old like.

The cruelty of the ADULTS next door, who would bully a 9 year old like that (a dying 9 year old, nonetheless ), is the issue.

Posted by Val Burman on 1 November 2012 Have recently retired, all existing kitchen equipment is old like me and needs replacing.

In 1% of cases "old without" is used

He's a 20 yr old without a conscience.

That really gets old without any additions.

We just look plain old without the darn thing.

Do not give Concerta to a child younger than 6 years old without the advice of a doctor.

What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength.

There is no tragedy in growing old, but there is tragedy in growing old without means of support.

You probably won't get LIBers cracking this one if he were some poor 59 year old without money n possibly contacts.

Do not give cough and cold medications to babies and children under 6 years old without first talking to your doctor.

Marriage of 98yrs old without any meaning outcome need to be dissolve, each region is old enough to cater for herself.

Some fear they'd get too old without finding true love while others would prefer to remain single if they can't find it.