Prepositions after "overcome"

overcome with

In 100% of cases "overcome with" is used

We see Wilson overcome with fear.

Evil can not be overcome with evil.

I'd overcome with a sort of nostalgia.

Sometimes they get overcome with the emotion of it all and make exaggerated claims.

And at the news he was overcome with fear and trembling, and his hair stood on end.

On beholding this, the king and his men were overcome with the utmost astonishment.

Have you had any setbacks in your career? I have been overcome with many setbacks throughout my swimming career.

Everyone is busy, the tempo is hectic, and it is easy to be overcome with feelings of alienation and loneliness.

overcome with grief, Orpheus ventured himself to the land of the dead to attempt to bring Eurydice back to life.

This guilt can, however, be overcome with good psychosocial support before and after bone marrow transplantation.