Prepositions after "precious"

"precious to", "precious about" or "precious in"?

In 41% of cases "precious to" is used

She is also very precious to you.

Now life was more precious to him.

Time is precious to me all my life.

X Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Every comment is precious to me.

It is a great and unusual drama of which every word seemed precious to the composer.

Seeing this film about a man who loses what is most precious to him made sense to me.

Right? Why is it that some of you are so afraid of the truth? Are politics and ideology that precious to you? God.

If evil remains so deeply precious to the hearts of some church members, then the battle has been delayed too long.

I can not embark on a mission of ' sympathy dating ' here, both are too precious to me and I respect them too much.

She is so precious to me and has brought every emotion i have to the surface at some stage or other in those books.

In 15% of cases "precious in" is used

Most precious in these memories.

You're so precious in GOD's sight.

This is really precious in God's eyes.

My only concern is that land resource is extremely scarce and precious in Hong Kong.

If God remains precious in those moments, then his supreme worth shines more brightly.

Water is precious in the desert, and wildlife is drawn to it regardless of its source.

I am most certain that, precious in the eyes of our Lord, she is now free from her illness and rests in His peace.

Making up silly names is pretty childish, but I thought Joel B1 was being just a little precious in his criticism.

But that door was as beautiful and precious in our eyes as the Gate Beautiful of the Temple was to the Jews of old.

Sjb: Shuggies: 26 Mar 2012 9:48:25pm (( The Hunger Games) ) 9 The Hunger Games trilogy are precious in my household.

In 14% of cases "precious about" is used

I'd not being precious about this.

There is nothing precious about me.

There is nothing precious about them.

Still a common practice in many countries were they are less precious about graves.

Don't be too precious about this first stage as you will be layering colour on top.

Graffiti is all about layering, making your mark but not being too precious about it.

If the right script came along from another writer I'd do it in a flash, I'd not precious about writing myself.

But Smith was adamant it did n't, and went so far as to lecture MPs about being too precious about name-calling.

I do find players who only attend ITM sessions are a little more spiky and precious about having fun at a session.

What is most precious about KI? I would hate to see the environment degraded or seriously impacted by human usage.

In 8% of cases "precious for" is used

That moment was precious for me.

He is too precious for this world.

Childhood is too precious for this.

Every comment above is precious for me, but sis Julia Bunting, yours has made my day.

The time has arrived to defend our universities; they are too precious for us to lose.

Our women are too precious for any bit of their personhood to be torn by physical abuse.

Equally happy experiences, but the latter feels like you're making something together, somehow, and it's precious for it.

These are skills that will stay with me all my life and these are the skills that are precious for a student's development.

What you recover is more precious for having lost it, and that means never, ever stopping in trying to recover lost function.

In 8% of cases "precious of" is used

Eyes being the most precious of all.

It is the most precious of possessions.

Our children are the most precious of all.

The Librarian was concerned for the most precious of the many objects in his charge.

And so many plants that ask a little extra of us turn out to be the most precious of all.

He told her that a single handmade book of her quotes would make the most precious of gifts.

We would have wasted all those precious resources, but the most precious of all is of course all those young minds.

precious of you to accuse someone else expounding 1890s economics when you're an advocate of neoclassical economics.

This most precious of all gifts was purchased for us by the only One able to do so - Jesus, the spotless Son of God.

Agriculture at its finest: simple grapes, fruits of the soil, coaxed lovingly to deliver the most precious of nectars.

In 2% of cases "precious from" is used

I can separate precious from the vile.

One of the dancers approach the boy and looks to take something precious from him.

During this time, pilgrims often take the opportunity to bring something precious from there trip.

Anyway, I'd not someone who would take away something so precious from you without suggesting alternatives.

I was lucky enough to win The Other Side of Dark from my friend and fellow book-blogger, precious from http: //shusky20.

What happened to me could be construed as rape, not sexual, but in the ease of others to forcibly take something personable and precious from me.

And what is more, They can tell you the regards to get returning on the clientele in the event that they don't want the precious from then on or any some other reasons.

You know at times when God takes away something precious from you, he has a means of compensating you back if you are the type that is religious, I mean very close to him.

For employees, the fundamental realization is that an employer who asks for more than eight hours a day or 40 hours a week is stealing something vital and precious from you.

Unless you are married he should not be asking!! I hate to break it to you but for a man to ask you for someting that is so precious from you, it tells me he is NOT a good person.

In 2% of cases "precious on" is used

That dartboard is precious on so many levels.

So God broke the most precious on behalf of those He loves.

You can find more information at **28;1760;TOOLONG and more about precious on www.

Sounds strange? Ok, they helped out during the time I delivered my 2nd little precious on 30th October 2012.

This could be an alternative or addition to streaming the contents since bandwidth is precious on smartphones.

As her fellow students help precious on the road towards literacy, and a healthy pregnancy, Problems pile up on ol ' perpetual victim Precious.

Dear desperate piano players who yearned for this piano sheet, please download this precious on the Side of Me piano sheet in PDF version for free here.

Her book, with its clear display of the precious on its cover, was eliciting a great deal of interest and perhaps some hissing and rubbing of bony hands.

Encrypted data is incompressible, but the DRM encryption was invariably applied after a compression stage (because storage space is somewhat precious on e-readers).

In 2% of cases "precious with" is used

BOB Ahh she is just so precious with a sweet little bob.

It offended AN and that's why you have to be precious with the pen.

Thou art too precious with the Lord for another death to befall thee.

Our neighbor told her that they get better and more precious with age.

The memories are even more precious with more and more of them doing so.

The kind you get to clean glasses and smartphones if you're precious with your phone.

I also am not precious with my cameras and just use regular little backpacks or tote bags to carry them around in.

Often when you work with producers it becomes a tug of war with egos and crying and people being precious with certain things.

precious with a hint of some exotic spice, because it had that lovely th-sound at the beginning which her own native tongue lacked.

But I know in my own life, the crosses have indeed become beautiful and precious with the gifts of grace and time and spiritual experience.

In 1% of cases "precious as" is used

And why? It is because there is nothing so precious as a soul.

But these creatures are not precious as us we are, but God feeds them because they have faith that God will must feed them.

Only people who have never been attached to something soo precious as a newborn baby would say that it is only a reflex action.

I believe that in the eyes of God I am just a precious as a 55-year-old cancer survivor as I was when I was a 55-day-old embryo.

There is so much talent out there, we want to play our part in exposing it and we hope that people see precious as a vehicle to global success.

During that Baraza Muslims took a solemn pledge to fight to the bitter end to ensure that Muslim blood was regarded as precious as the blood of other citizens in the country.

I don't think people are being precious as such, but are incredibly surprised that this guy is considered a ' music critic ' who then makes unfounded and hugely offensive comments.

In 1% of cases "precious at" is used

They are even more precious at this time.

When you wipe the brown off your nose and examine your idea of choice, teaching your precious at home might be a better answer.

That doesn't lessen the importance of those friendships because they were precious at the time and contribute to a happy memory.

Introducing the gala screening of the film precious at TIFF 2009: We're a big event and a lot of very prominent people come through every year.

The writer was smart to put the stuff about precious at the start of his article as this will stimulate the shrivelled compassion gland amongst Guardianists reading his article.

In 1% of cases "precious because" is used

The value of goals is so precious because of how hard it is for a team to score one.

Somehow these moments of beauty seem all the more poignant and precious because of the city's terrible past.

Very few of us were given sense of unconditional approval, a feeling that we're precious because of what we are, not what we do.

Some things are only precious because of the shared history they have, they don't matter at all when you are alone and that's the worst thing maybe.

In 1% of cases "precious beyond" is used

Some things in life are precious beyond words.

This place that I hold in my heart for you is precious beyond words.

The specimen, a male is still with me somewhat rubbed, but precious beyond anything that mere lucre can buy.

Apart from the fact that it's only polite to do so, that sort of contact is precious beyond words to us writers, who are in the main a fretful and lonely bunch starved of human interaction.

In 1% of cases "precious by" is used

Make the object of your desire more precious by saving up for it.

It is composed of lives, but has a life of its own; a life held precious by the participant who, in part, creates it.

What is your favourite theme/style? Using the unique vintage tins and making them precious by combining them with silver.

But what I do object to are the paper thin excuses so many people have of turning what was held precious by their fans into cash cows.

In 1% of cases "precious like" is used

The design can't be precious like that.

Those flowers look really precious like porcelain.

As something precious like a bead of light or a pearl.

I have learned that in this day and age One must guard what is precious like never before.

Each piece is precious like a locket or detachable pendants that you can keep with you or pass on to your friends.

This day is as rare as the crimson skies in Africa, the moments as precious like the children smile, it's the dreamer's tale.

Open to what life might bring us, and what we bring to life, we may receive life afresh, unexpected and precious like a gift at each moment.