Prepositions after "predominant"

predominant in, over, among, on or amongst?

In 75% of cases "predominant in" is used

The fire Tattva is predominant in them.

This element is predominant in Javana minds.

These factors also include the kind of religion predominant in a given community.

If testosterone is predominant in you, it sort of overshadows the feminine in you.

But Punjabis are not as predominant in Punjabi cities as they are in the countryside.

There is a marked difference in land use, with inundated cultivation practice predominant in Southeast Asia (e.

One of these is called eumelanin, a dark brown or black form predominant in individuals with dark hair or skin.

Tamils of the Island rightfully own part of the Island and predominant in the North, East, West, and Up Country.

The case really has grown as time continue on and is more predominant in a mans mature person, fruta planta cheap.

In 4% of cases "predominant over" is used

So make sure that text is always predominant over pictures on any given page.

Other religions might exist, it was true; but they had to permit this new cult by the side of them and predominant over them.

But when Israel is predominant over the nations of the world, we are forbidden to permit a Gentile who is an idolator to dwell among us.

It represents the old industrial and agricultural world economy where huge levels of capital were predominant over the value of the knowledge creation.

At the same time, the Sadrists became predominant over the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council and the Iraqi National Alliance (10% of the 325 contested seats).

Indeed, Almighty Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know, and indeed: those who have wronged are going to know to what kind of return they will be returned.

In 3% of cases "predominant among" is used

Although predominant among Muslims.

predominant among the entries over the past few weeks are Geneva-related pieces; and understandably, the sentiments are strong.

Though most students who took part in the Facebook survey recognised the health risks of smoking, the idea of personal choice was predominant among feedback.

In 3% of cases "predominant on" is used

The buildings are still predominant on the site and make the C.

Resorts and bungalows are predominant on the eastern side of the island due to.

Under the Universities Act, government nominees were made predominant on the governing bodies of schools and colleges.

Either a disease has been first discovered here, or, because of poverty and all what not, it is predominant on the continent.

Our present enemy will have the sea to herself, while we shall be equally predominant on land, and shall strip her of all possessions on this continent.

The tropical climate is predominant on Pulau Sipadan and creates the perfect conditions for the diversity of marine life in the waters around the island.

Reproduction being unnecessarily risky, given the nature of life, has nothing to do with what relative amount of suffering is currently predominant on the planet.

Ophthalmological examination (after surgery) revealed a mild ptosis and limitation of the superior rectus with a bilateral excyclotropia predominant on the right eye (fig 2a, d).

Although fewer places on AMHP training programmes are available now than ten years ago because of the public sector cuts, it is social workers who remain predominant on these courses.

In 2% of cases "predominant amongst" is used

Risk factors Ovarian cancer can affect women of any age, but it is more predominant amongst post-menopausal women.

The gifting culture is predominant amongst the younger generation and Valentine chocolates in different moulds make great Valentine gifts.

The socioeconomic factors which are predominant amongst low-income and Medicaid patients would not be altered by giving Medicaid patients a voucher for private insurance.

As a result, a somewhat confusing range of tests has been generated, but predominant amongst the methods are the standard plate count (SPC) and the total plate count (TPC).

In 2% of cases "predominant at" is used

This type of hijab is predominant at any type of social event, i.

While British interests and investments continued to increase and become predominant at the time, French and American activity was also on the increase.

In 2% of cases "predominant of" is used

This sense seems to be one of the most predominant of all of them.

The ridges, Makuyu and Kameno, are the most predominant of a series of binary oppositions.

And not just that, but SVO is by far the most predominant of all word orders in linguistics.

A burning type of pain that occurs in the mid chest section is the most predominant of acid reflux symptoms.

Wine grape production and wine making is the largest and most predominant of the three viticulture industries.

In 1% of cases "predominant along" is used

Sandy beaches are predominant along the 54 kilometres of coastline that stretches from Otamarakau in the west to Ohiwa in the east.

BUILDINGS OF THE FANTES The traditional way of construction predominant along the coast is the timber frame structure with mud infill (wattle and daub).

In 1% of cases "predominant by" is used

If vices become predominant by the inflammation of craving, it is most likely that he will descend to the lower realms.

In 1% of cases "predominant during" is used

Actually, jerseys are very predominant during soccer games in the football arena.

Some of the glyphs of the Nazca lines were symbols very predominant during the Lemurian era.

The adjective is also used to describe the code of morality which was believed to be predominant during her reign.

With the immensely capable Hayley personality predominant during work hours, Kim was able to hold down a job as a van driver for five years.

In 1% of cases "predominant for" is used

But there as been a real self-defeating strain that has been predominant for at least the last 150 years.

In 1% of cases "predominant to" is used

Wasn't their's the first written language? individual features will cue behaviors based on the hormones predominant to a person.

Basinal clastics dominate to the west and platform sequences of shallow-water carbonates and minor clastics are predominant to the east.

In 1% of cases "predominant with" is used

Orange and grapefruit predominant with quite a bit of pale malt throughout.

In the eastern USA, forest was predominant with warmth-adapted temperate forest in the south-east.

The silhouette is predominant with echoing flair compiled with cropped jacket, long jacket style and jacket style embroidery.