Prepositions after "preferable"

preferable to, for, in, as or from?

In 77% of cases "preferable to" is used

One is not preferable to the other.

preferable to eternity singing songs.

Injustice is preferable to total ruin.

Obeying a strong government was infinitely preferable to the alternative: civil war.

I think this is preferable to a pile of magic additive constants for no real benefit.

And, for some, a flat rate might be preferable to the choice of pay-for-what-you-use.

The term head injury is preferable to the term brain damage because the brain has tremendous powers of recovery.

Admittedly, totalitarianism that relies on money is on balance still preferable to the kind that relies on guns.

Labour's vision of collaboration, care and compassion will be seen as preferable to the Tories ' view of the NHS.

And a carbon tax is probably preferable to the usual solution of starting a slow burning, low grade war somewhere.

In 13% of cases "preferable for" is used

Thus, it is preferable for the unmarried.

It is clearly preferable for the rich (i.

This is preferable for some professionals.

It is preferable for case managers to have at least some experience in social work.

Which will be the preferable for any specific plant depends on a number of factors.

It is preferable for therapists to have at least three years ' clinical experience.

Verdict The HTC J Butterfly would be preferable for those who wish to have a smartphone with stunning features.

The roads without toll booths thus offer more benefit to society at less cost; they are preferable for society.

A tabloid (11? x17?) is preferable for newsletters that contain varied article lengths and lots of nice graphics.

It is preferable for you to read Easy HCG reviews to ensure that you to be properly inculcated about the product.

In 4% of cases "preferable in" is used

This bag is preferable in the fashion industry.

Prevention is much preferable in these cases though.

So yes suicide would be preferable in some situations.

This is more covering and preferable in bowing and the rest of the Prayer as well.

Mohammed's people and clan are the most preferable in his heritage and authorities.

It is preferable in such a case to complete the present tawaf before starting afresh.

We know, recipient's same group of blood is always preferable in case of transfusion in adults or older children.

The sitting position is preferable in the obese whereas the lateral is better for uncooperative or sedated patients.

This needs to be looked at seriously as the general perception is that lady teachers are preferable in primary schools.

On the contrary, Nu'man ' s version seems more preferable in terms of its chain of transmitters and the wording itself.

In 1% of cases "preferable as" is used

It is preferable as a permanent condition.

I also wanted to know WHY these techniques were preferable as opposed to others.

Even Venezuela is preferable as a trading partner, notwithstanding the distance and comedy-politics.

Accessing gmail via IMAP would be preferable as the mail client simply has a cache copy of the server.

An MBA from a leading business school is of course preferable as well as experience working as a Strategic Planner in major corporations.

We can choose one of two cheeks of the same arse - it means little, even if one cheek becomes preferable as the other grows more repellent.

To whatever degree you think the Lib Dems have sold out in the last two years, they're far preferable as an opposition to Labour than the Conservatives.

The gist of your piece (forgive me if I'd wrong) seems to be that, on balance and bearing in mind all the grey areas, AU is preferable as an owner to SK.

Oversteer for a racing car is preferable as the instability enables a driver to generate more speed by countersteering, and accelerating at the right moment.

Negotiations among governments and Aboriginal peoples are clearly preferable as the most practical and effective way to implement the inherent right of self-government.

In 1% of cases "preferable from" is used

The Indy car solution seems preferable from fans perspective.

A small bid/ask-spread is preferable from an investment perspective.

Which would be preferable from the needs must schlock you guys are publishing of late.

Lots of things that are preferable from the POV of a single individual are nevertheless bad public policy.

The latter is preferable from the separation point of view, but less than ideal from a performance perspective.

That is what they are hoping for, far preferable from their PR point of view than sending in state police to clear the site.

How about the way the two coins resist wear and tear? Hands down, the 22 carat coin is preferable from a resilience perspective.

Hunger in democracy is more preferable from the so-called prosperity of the authoritarian regimes, just as freedom is from slavery.

Also note that nothing under 10 years, although preferably 15, is acceptable, and preferable from one of the outlying islands, such as Skye.

According to many hadiths, it equals major hajj, minor hajj (umrah ), and jihad; rather it is much better and preferable from the aspect of rewards.

In 1% of cases "preferable over" is used

Facts are preferable over ideology.

Expansion would have been preferable over a sequel.

This is preferable over allowing them to select for you.

Today more than ever, your own executive resume? needs to be preferable over the rest.

Supporting one-and-two man shops are always preferable over the man with once exception.

Straight and simple investments are definitively preferable over too sophisticated ones.

It is preferable over writing reports in R/3 for several reasons including: ease of use, ability to integrate.

Having said that, freeze dried foods take much less weight and space and are preferable over cans and boxes with foods.

As such the h-index is said to be preferable over the total number of citations as it corrects for? one hit wonders?, i.