Prepositions after "prime"

prime of, for, in, with or at?

In 51% of cases "prime of" is used

He's in the prime of his career.

Felipe is in the prime of his health.

MC is entering the prime of his career.

Goddard, as one of the league's elite players, is currently in the prime of his career.

Hed be worth a gamble in my opinion + he's in the prime of his career at the moment too.

Related Links You're in the prime of your life, just a handful of years from retirement.

It? s a shame they are in the prime of her life now and aren? t helping the less fortunate or causes she cares about.

Many critics could argue he wasn't able to reach the peak of his artistry and creativity and the prime of his career.

Things to consider Dan Henderson is arguably in the prime of his career but at the age of 40, he is no spring chicken.

The two were in the prime of their lives and were excited about buying a place in the lazy, low key, Long Island town.

In 10% of cases "prime for" is used

You might want a prime for portraits.

It is prime for snorkeling and diving.

Steps 1 and 2 will prime for forgiveness.

That is certainly my opinion of Alonso, and M Schumacher in his prime for that matter.

The shoots need time to grow but its at that stage that they are prime for consumption.

The easiest part was just breaking up the chocolate into small pieces, prime for melting.

The Autobots make quick work of the Sharkticons as Perceptor tells Blaster to radio Rodimus prime for reinforcements.

The Autobots make quick work of the Sharkticons as Perceptor tells Blaster to radio another prime for reinforcements.

My team suggested I run until Lap 6 on the Option and then switch to the harder prime for the remaining race distance.

The boy band may have been the main genre in pop, but the dissolution of its main powerhouse left it prime for the taking.

In 9% of cases "prime in" is used

He is what is prime in primates.

Optimus prime in Transformers Prime.

Macdonald) were in their prime in the 1970? s.

Alas, because the interest in commercial success is understandably prime in most cases.

Grant Hill, when he was in his prime in Detroit, was also kind of that point forward guy.

They haven't had a touch of genius since Gregor Townsend was in his prime in the mid-90s.

That set up the first touchdown of the day with Kurtis Parson finding Xavier prime in the endzone on the second down.

In fact, FIA may even consider deleting the rules that says one must use both option and prime in one race (dry race).

I am a lot harder on my prime in terms of storage, though, so a tablet with 1/4 - 1/2 the storage of my phone is worrisome.

That is, we find that the metaphor in Experiment 2 was significantly more influential than the lexical prime in Experiment 3.

In 4% of cases "prime at" is used

Were you able to sign up for Amazon prime at $7.

I feel I'd in my prime at 35 years old, and I feel that.

In fact, many sports experts feel a player is in his prime at 29.

Among them was the largest known prime at that time, 180 (M 127) 2 + 1, a 79-digit number.

Some may suggest that there is no guarantee that rates won't go up even higher than a prime at 6%.

Marquez Will Not Last Long Enough for a Split Decision Marquez is no longer in his prime at age 39.

Also, many people say that players reach their prime at 27-32 which would mean that we would have bought Dempsey at his best.

There were question marks regarding how United would cope with the physical challenges of Didider Drogba, arguably in his prime at the time.

Imagine a talented basketball player hitting his prime at the same time as Michael Jordan, and that is what happened with Yutaka and KimuTaku.

Women by the way are not in their sexual prime between 18-25, where did you get these facts from, it is males that are in their sexual prime at this age.

In 4% of cases "prime with" is used

prime with a lightweight primer.

prime with Basic Oil on wooden surfaces.

It takes on the ASUS Transformer prime with its 1.

If going straight to bottling then prime with half a teaspoon of sugar in each bottle.

Its design is very similar to the Asus Transformer prime with eccentric lines and metal body.

My taste varies from Dolores Keane (in her prime with De Danann) to Alison Krauss to The Ramones.

I use ' Nightmoth ' or ' Vino ' lip pencils from MAC and a little bit of the lip primer from Prep and prime with it.

Right now the normal Surface tablet is a Transformer prime with a worse keyboard, MS Office and almost no other apps.

In order to look a bit bit much more esteemed, you might wear this prime with white pants and look extra like a preppy.

A keeper of goal was John Thomson In his prime with the utmost respect, This challenge he made was fatal His goal he was trying to protect.

In 3% of cases "prime as" is used

Kaka is at the end of his prime as a top player.

Strauss is getting beyond his prime as an England quality batsman.

At 30 years of age, the Spaniard should be in his prime as a goalkeeper.

Certain areas will remind of you of Metroid prime as the sound focuses on the unknown and alien.

Take the usual definition of a prime as a natural number greater than 1 divisible only by itself and 1.

During his prime as a bowler, he was sent to the Alf Grover School in England to learn more about fast bowling.

Many are past their prime as a musical instrument because they weren?? t tuned regularly or because of exposure to humidity.

Although Donatello was inspired by Classical figures, he did not choose a Greek youth in his prime as a model for his David.

Has Ferdinand passed his prime as a football player? Or does he still have plenty to give to Manchester United? Difficult to answer, indeed.

Additionally, Asus secured the Design Award Winner category with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer prime as well as the Tech Brand of the Year award.

In 2% of cases "prime among" is used

prime among them will be the logistical challenge.

prime among them, as Carragher mimed, was to win headers.

prime among those standards this year was the first-person shooter.

prime among them will be his trophy cup-boards which must be wailing for the IPL crown.

This is because of a number of factors at play; the prime among them is the cost factor.

prime among these conditions is dampness -- in fact, mould can not grow without moisture.

prime among those has to be the elimination of the inequalities in performance that are embedded in the educational system.

Even if the issues of credibility are put aside, the inadequacies of the Neazor report remain, prime among them its narrow focus.

Osborn: ? prime among those things which became clearly focussed in revival was the reality of a moment by moment experience of God Himself.

prime among these was Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the king of the milky ocean, who arose on the new moon day (amaavasyaa) of the Kartik month.

In 2% of cases "prime by" is used

Young Gandhi's Dad was cut down at his prime by the Diaspora financed LTTE.

M 89, for instance, was found in 1911 to be prime by a railroad employee named R.

The young man was cut down in his prime by assasins bullets and Jimoh feigned ignorance.

Firely and Serenity are just amazingly good, cut short in their prime by ruthless executives.

Albanese was well past her prime by the mid-seventies, and was cruelly booed by the unforgiving audience.

Search engine optimization can get you to the prime by rising the number of men and women who click on your site.

It's like Willem Defoe all over again - poor old Boxer Andy Carroll, cut down in his prime by the heartless Americans.

Though he certainly wouldn't be in his physical prime by the time he was president, he was a bit tougher than what propagandists portray.

Some have died on our bad roads, at child birth in our sub-stansard hospitals, been cut down in their prime by air crashes and bomb blasts.

You feel that this is a place blighted in its prime by some strange misfortune; it is so silent and fallen that you could imagine it under a curse.

In 2% of cases "prime on" is used

Also, AMZN does not offer prime on everything.

There will be a sprint prime and a Koh prime on the 3rd lap and then.

At prime on Sunday, then, there are to be said four sections of the 118th psalm.

If you have a Discount from prime on your mortgage then you are sitting pretty right now.

General by definition in the control volume: When V &G; use the prime on constraint 2 (i.

It's just I visit the site daily and I noticed the Amazon logo now said Amazon prime on it.

The President knows the country is on a high, sub prime on drugs and coming off the drugs will mean his defeat in 2012.

Maybe some of you thought we were going to see the ' 96 Bulls, but Kobe isn't MJ, and there isn't a Pippen, Rodman, or Kukoc at their prime on this team.

When the Apollo 11 astronauts discover the wrecked remains of Sentinel prime on the surface of our natural satellite, they bring him back to planet Earth.

Think he'd rather play for less money, or waste away the last years of his prime on a crap team in a city where people don't care about soccer? I think it can be done.

In 2% of cases "prime to" is used

C's PREP AND prime to prep the skin for makeup.

The point is that these numbers are already coprime to all primes less than.

Past his prime to humans, Buddy wants to chuck the luxury and live in the wild -- if Antwan will show him how.

I don't have to worry about any of my prime to shows that come on these channels not being their when I get home.

The relationship of this prime to this Mersenne is simply the J(p) = J(Mp) = order of Mp which is about the log of Mp.

As many of them told me, most had been working there for more than a decade; they had devoted their prime to this city.

A more general theorem is that (mod n ), where a is prime to n and is the number of integers less than n and prime to it.

A standard function in number theory is phi (n ), which is the number of integers smaller than n and relatively prime to n.

Adding the information that both had become the leaders of their families, a sense of power and possession is prime to them.

The changes in Thor's narration as he moves from ebullient youth to god in his prime to elder deity are subtle, yet distinct.

In 1% of cases "prime amongst" is used

prime amongst them, is that real collectors often get priced out of the market.

Magical Keleti Beach, Tongatapu prime amongst the sights has to be Keleti Beach.

prime amongst them is that reputation is much more than marketing or your brand -- although both certainly form part of it.

prime amongst conspiracy theories that may soon be finally proven to be either valid or the figments of overactive imaginations, are those alleged in the gold and silver markets.

prime amongst these have been doctors and I don't ' merely talk of the infamous Mengele but those who have lent their expertise in the service of torture and abuse of human rights.

In 1% of cases "prime between" is used

On prime between mersennes is akin to conjecture that a prime exists between N and 2N.

In 1845 Bertrand conjectured that there was always at least one prime between n and 2 n for n? 2.

In 1845, Bertrand conjectured that there was always at least one prime between n and 2n for n>3.

He proves Bertrand ' s conjecture there is always at least one prime between n and 2 n for n > 1.

In 1845 Bertrand conjectured that there was always at least one prime between n and 2 n for n > 3.

In Many cases the accused already spent their prime between the four walls and many got excited without a retrial.

Women by the way are not in their sexual prime between 18-25, where did you get these facts from, it is males that are in their sexual prime at this age.

In 1% of cases "prime during" is used

Draper was just coming into his prime during the last Wings ' repeat of 1997 and 1998.

Such sophisticated ceremony of Heaven worship reached its prime during the rein of Emperor Qianlong.

This also suggests that the Sumerian civilization was entering its prime during this period as well.

This park is at it's prime during these months and we adjust our itineraries to take advantage of the prime wildlife viewing there.

Long-time Husqvarna rider, Mikkola was coming into his prime during the 1974 season after finishing third in the 250 class the year before.

If he stayed healthy in ' 10 and last year, then maybe I agree, Naslund in his prime during the WCE years was a top 5 player, not just winger but player in the league at the time.

In 1% of cases "prime from" is used

The Transfer prime from Asus was the first quad-core tablet using the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset.

Then along comes Jeff Raven, an untrained prime from a frontier colony who could bounce around with no ill effects.

Skype has optimized the new tablet UI for the Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 7, the Transformer prime from ASUS and a few others.

Their list ranks the most effective ten pitchers in the last fifty years for the way dominant they were inside the prime from the career.

What seperates prime from your usual shooter experience is that everything just comes together so well, the atmospher, the graphics and the action.

Some completists will collect a particular thing like radios or butterflies and some can be even more specific like every form of Opitmus prime from Transformers.

Advertising man Greg Partington, the Managing Director of Ogilvy, is launching the Shopping Channel on Sky 18 (24/7) and late at nights and mornings on prime from October 1.

Now, I'd not saying that old marketing and advertising principals can't be upgraded and incorporated successfully, but as a rule marketers must remain on prime from the newest advertising trends.

In 1% of cases "prime plus" is used

RBC is currently offering a secured LOC at prime plus 0.

So if we have L plus L prime plus L double prime is equal to P.

The interest rate is usually stated as prime plus a certain rate.

For short and medium term loans, you should request a rate of prime plus 2%.

Iphone 4/4s and sgsii and nexus prime plus some atrix phones are all quad band.

The interest from that pays for the loans made each year at a rate of prime plus 2% to 3.

If the prime rate is low, lenders could potentially offer variable rates at prime plus a percent.

In most cases, the loan must be repaid within five years, with the interest rate at prime plus one percent.

The loan includes features and options that address this demographic and support their long-term success, including variable rates at prime plus 0.

If your score is high (above 650 or so) you'll probably qualify for a loan at prime, but a lower score might saddle you with prime plus several percent.