Prepositions after "quick"

quick in, on, for, with or at?

In 20% of cases "quick in" is used

We learned quick in this business.

It was a quick in and a quick out.

Word travels quick in small towns.

This way selecting assured of undertaking a quick in a safe and controlled environment.

I really like Uggs! I have 2 twos involving Basic quick in dark-colored and also saying.

Real good drivers are quick in any car, with any regulations and with any sort of tyres.

You need a plumbing contractor Emergency Woodlands PLumber for this, since you desire to proceed quick in such cases.

We're not getting carried away, we know it's just the start of the season and everything goes very quick in football.

If you were quick in 2008/9 you may have been able to break your fixed rate of 8/9% fixed &; drop to floating of 5/6%.

I always used asprin even when it lost popularity because it was remarkably quick in sorting out a bout of rheumatism.

In 15% of cases "quick on" is used

Doctors pretty quick on my case.

You need to be quick on the draw.

And they're quick on the trigger.

Brandi is quick on the draw when someone attacks her and turns it around on the person.

But the tall Chinese used her height to advantage and was also very quick on the court.

On the other hand, it was positive that we were extremely quick on the harder compound.

They were all fast with their hands and quick on their feet and would make good fishermen, thought the old fisherman.

For some amazing reason, I was able to come back on the shotgun, quick on the draw on that very fundamental question.

quick on the heels of Volume 1 this new volume brings back some favorite authors and introduces a couple of new ones.

Besides, Malouda and Kalou both track back well and are quick on their feet so we could well end up dominating Maicon.

In 11% of cases "quick for" is used

But Jesus was too quick for them.

This song grows old quick for me.

It all happened very quick for me.

We required iMovie though as our transitions were too quick for Movie Maker to register.

Then again I am math-minded so these things are quick for me to do, even under pressure.

He swished and sashayed and displayed feet that were too quick for even Bebe and Macheda.

In late July, at the age of 48, the father of two made his first attempt but the authorities were too quick for him.

Did you rub down with wire wool? Or perhaps it could just be dirt? It seems a bit quick for mould to have taken hold.

He managed to hold onto Jenson early on in the race, but then the Ferraris were just too quick for us on the straights.

Got anything cheaper!!!; -) I don't think I've commented before but I just wanted to thank you real quick for this tute.

In 11% of cases "quick with" is used

I'd pretty quick with my hands.

I had to be quick with the scissors.

Everything was always quick with her.

Very fast check in and the doorman was quick with a taxi for the ride to the airport.

Pacquiao today will no longer be as quick with his footwork as he was eight years ago.

And it also seems that a lot of Mr Obama supporters are quick with the race card game.

He's quick with an insult, but he's even quicker with a smile, so it's hard for anyone to take this lemur seriously.

Has developed a good temperament, is becoming unselfish, a good passer of the ball and lightning quick with his feet.

Sharing a pew on Sunday morning, wearing the Harry Rosens, he was always quick with a kind word and a firm handshake.

It (qualifying) rewards the quick with a favorable position to start the race and shows a heart of stone to the slow.

In 6% of cases "quick at" is used

I was not quick at learning them.

She was very quick at chastising me.

Things went fairly quick at the airport.

But the 3D tracking system is quick at identifying and following a subject with accuracy.

While the media is quick to build someone up, they are just as quick at tearing them down.

Hinata is very quick at figuring things out and can easily see through people's ' masks '.

I have seen this time and time again where an employee pays the bills and is way too quick at getting cheques signed.

I have to say, I enjoyed the change of pace and had fun with the opening mile which went off quite quick at 4:45 pace.

It is getting hard to call who will be quick at any given track, but McLaren must head into Monza as a clear favourite.

He was quick at getting my project complete and is always very helpful at helping me with last minute needs or changes.

In 6% of cases "quick off" is used

He's strong, quick off the line.

It pays to be quick off the mark.

Philips has been quick off the mark.

quick off his line and very reliable he? s the perfect choice for my footballing side.

She was quick off the line a few times to collect the ball at the feet of the strikers.

With VAT going up to 20% on 4 January, the wise shopper needs to be quick off the blocks.

Charles, who plays the show's resident layabout Dave Lister, was quick off the mark and said: ' Chris can play us all.

The Diamonds were quick off the mark, and were the first to score -- from a South African centre -- in the first quarter.

Dirk Nannes is quick off the mark to name new man Virat Kohli, who in turn gets off the mark with a gorgeous cover drive.

quick off the blocks Brazil began furiously against Colombia and raced to a 1-0 lead after just 41 seconds through Gabriel.

In 5% of cases "quick as" is used

quick as a flash I made a beeline for him.

quick as a flash I reached out and pinched his.

Spills his load and quick as a flash disappears.

But the two men were not unaware of the proceeding and quick as a flash they separated.

However, you need to be quick as the spaces are likely to fill up in the next few days.

This caught the attention of both soldiers; then quick as a wink, she dashed out the gate before anybody could notice.

At the same time the teacher needs to find time for individual stimulation for the quick as well as the slow learners.

I am going to educate you on steps to make this quick as well as fast, however simple function is not really incorporated.

And another one had what it took to be a great ball handler, never looking at the ball, always in control, quick as a fox.

In 5% of cases "quick to" is used

Thought about quick to grievance.

Performance Surface RT felt quick to us.

It can be also sturdy and quick to clean.

So it's an easy way to get very quick to hotel and it's still a good deal in a big city.

quick to me does not seem like the kind of guy that is going to take DL to the cleaners.

More tea Vicar? Yes, thanks and apologies, too quick to post after a long day, 64-8 it is.

Has anyone of you even read the two articles? quick to post comments and criticize, its not as bad as you would think.

Langder, a foreman who was responsible for accepting or rejecting a minerAs coal, was quick to brand the man a traitor.

Along with the great service is the support which has always been quick to reply and answer in a polite and helpful manor.

In 4% of cases "quick about" is used

Just make sure you are quick about it.

Bet he would have been quick about it.

More of the same guys, and be quick about it.

If they hadn't been quick about it, my friend would've gone elsewhere for the surgery.

And be quick about it, ' added the Hatter, or you'll be asleep again before it's done.

Candidates should be quick about it as the period for the registration process is short.

If he is shallow, he will be quick about telling you how much he loves you, even if you have not been dating long.

Well, I hope they're quick about it, otherwise the world will have lost interest completely in new musical theatre.

Also? I talk too much and I am pretty sure that men would prefer their hookers to be silent and quick about things.

The ship changed course to locate and rescue him, and lucky for him they were quick about it, as darkness was falling.

In 3% of cases "quick of" is used

Right to the quick of the problem.

Let's just cut to the quick of it.

So much for being quick of the mark.

Parasites will die pretty damn quick of the $3 billion+ blood supply ever gets cut off, dim.

These are the basic credit ratings cash which can be released for you for very quick of energy.

Being quick of lip however he manages to find the words to recover and keep the customer on the line.

You are working quick of dollars in the middle of any month even while you shell out day is also considerably absent.

On the other hand, it touches to the very quick of significance, purpose, moment (something which gives life ' meaning ').

Other fishes are less quick of hearing, and, as might be expected, are more apt to be found living at the bottom of the sea.

When you awake, you are a child Shining-eyed and quick of hug You are as shiny as a bug As dreamy-smooth as chocolate milk As happy as a robe of silk.

In 2% of cases "quick by" is used

This is very, very quick by Malaysian standards.

Thus do nt be too quick by inviting them into NTUC.

How to get rich quick by growing shiitake mushrooms.

Try to make consenting (which is quick by international standards) even quicker, more sprawl.

That guy needs to be fired quick by that Lloyd Ward Lawfirm so treating their clients like that.

We were always very quick by a couple of mechanical issues put paid to the championship unfortunately.

I advise people not try to get rich quick by speculating, but rather to actually get rich reliably and with certainty.

It provides a quick by pass of the main track, cutting off a substantial zig zag in the old track, saving 15 minutes walking.

Bonus points for being able to charge her super attack frighteningly quick by, you guessed it, attacking with her machine gun.

I sincerely hope that as a result people will be discouraged in unhappy efforts to get rich quick by speculating in securities.

In 1% of cases "quick after" is used

I calmed down pretty quick after that.

Spain got rich quick after the regime died out.

Recovery since pretty quick after November 2008.

Things went very quick after that, and I won my first Grammy award with Chicago in 1984.

quick after your dog moved on the French Paris Saint-Germain FC during the 2001-2002 season.

Whack came the second, it seemed so quick after the first and another sharp intake of breath.

Which is exciting and cool, it's reasonably quick after the last record, I mean I'd not one to sit on my heels, wasting my time.

The turn-in is weird at the point where the tire starts lifting because it falls in real quick after a period of needing more input.

Desert: Apple Crumble (beyond expectation) a freshly baked desert, and I can see the ice cream melts quick after this dish is presented.

I agree that the reveal of the army does come up too quick after the execution of the son and the other two adult characters in the stalled truck.

In 1% of cases "quick around" is used

quick around the court, Sedgman was known for his impeccable net play.

We would also improve the cover defence as Dayan was very quick around the field.

So what happened? Firstly, Pool D was very tough Tasman were very physical and quick around the ruck.

I have always been quick around the streets here, and I believe a good result is possible for us next weekend.

They were also super quick around the cans and the leading two swimmers went very close to going under 6 minutes.

Obviously, our car is very quick around here - Lewis put it on pole by quite a margin - so there's some more time to find.

Obviously, our car is very quick around here -- Lewis put it on pole by quite a margin -- so there's some more time to find.

This run was followed by placed efforts at Newbury and Wetherby, but he may find things happening too quick around this course.

Also brings some added speed to the top of the lineup as Davis, Escobar and Wells are all either quick around the basepaths, or smart baserunners.

Schumi was quickly caught out by this and one Damon Hill, always quick around the Hungaroring, with Bridgestone tyres booted to his Arrows quickly moved into a decisive lead.

In 1% of cases "quick before" is used

Better kill the imp thing quick before Dave dies.

When doing this, be quick before mold attack will happen.

Be quick before the balls reach the hole, or the game will be lost.

Now this EU member is on the rise, so get in quick before the prices go up for good.

If the mix is really not chocolatey enough, add some liquid Nestle quick before step 3.

There are enough interests still telling us there has never been a better time to buy, buy quick before its too late.

If he wasnt my point stands if he means before then we'll need to be very quick before application period closes for EFSF.

It is government and politicians that need controlling and pretty damn quick before the whole of western society becomes another Beirut.

If England are to compete in this series, the frontline batsmen must learn lessons, and learn them quick before Friday's second Test in Mumbai.

In 1% of cases "quick from" is used

On the plus side, service was quick from very friendly staff.

What separates the quick from the dead is the will to prevail no matter what.

You can tell pretty quick from what they post what they believe in and support.

If you want short-term money, win the lottery -- don't attempt to get rich quick from a business.

I was attached to the fish! It all moved downstream pretty quick from here, but that suited me fine.

When out on the sand there arose such a clatter, I sprang quick from my rice sack to see what was the matter.

I prayed that IBB should recover quick quick from surgery in Paris, France, and come and rescue Nigeria from Yar'dua.

This well intentioned idea of separating the quick from the soon to be dead, failed in Iraq and failed in Afghanistan.

He was quick from the get-go, he won in a Torro Rosso albeit a rather Bullish Torro Rosso, and he has carried on winning ever since.

In 1% of cases "quick like" is used

If your lashes grow extremely quick like mine refill every 2 weeks.

Ain't but a little problem that could be took care of real quick like.

It was happening so quick like the blow of wind and I was leisurely flowing with it.

Because it's the only way i like surprises, i answer so quick like i was waiting for this question.

If this is not an option then it's something that goes quick like pasta - am very tired on a Monday.

Willow: Well, that's why you teleport over there real quick like a bunnreal quick and, uh, see if I'd right.

Focus is not quick like it is with a good video camera but seems best achieved to me anyway with manual focus.

Silent and quick like death, my chain loops around the first, turning into a gallows for the unfortunate soul.

They'll learn an economics lesson real quick like the banks did a year ago trying to add a bunch of surcharges.

While you can obviously adjust geometry, the 29 inch wheels will never be nimble and quick like the 26 inch wheels.

In 1% of cases "quick out" is used

You will lend me Ira quick out of mine.

My filly, she's really quick out of the gate.

How the self-releasing quick out trout catfish bass bait hook works.

To me, the Uranian is the quick out of the blue change, whether we receive it or embody it.

Luuk has good top-end speed and is quick out of the blocks despite the fact that he's 6 ' 2?

Like the man whose pose he pulled that day in Bridgetown, he'd been quick out of the blocks.

Alderley were quick out of the blocks in the second half and won a penalty corner, which Pont fired in off the underside of the bar.

Madrid were quick out of the blocks and goalkeeper Victor Valdes made a superb block from Higuain on seven minutes to stop a certain opener.

It was dour and littered with stoppages and cynical fouls but Donegal were quick out of the blocks and had a four-point lead after ten minutes.

Moore was so quick out of the blocks in the rush to bury bad news that the twin towers hadn't even collapsed when her email hit departmental inboxes.

In 1% of cases "quick over" is used

I know because I have to mow quick over that.

He was pretty quick over the mile too Hi Alan.

I'd not denying Grosjean is not quick over 1 lap.

He also put in a great shift, the pitch was mean't that he ran his nuts off and isn't quick over 5/10 yards.

I think we're quite quick over a qualifying lap, for several reasons, but in the race we're still not the quickest.

But for me it's trying to improve the start of the race because these guys are so quick over the first couple of laps.

He is really quick over the first 15 metres, and he just knows where to run on the lead, he doesn't call out, so you don't know where to place yourself.

Despite being so tired and sleepy all the time, given my hectic schedule as a Mom of a newborn, I forced myself to bake something quick over the weekend.

He's not your typical tight-head in that he is all muscle, is seen in attack quite a lot and has scored some great individual tries and is also very quick over short distances.

In 1% of cases "quick through" is used

I have become a detective fairly quick through some shifty means.

quick through passport control and very quick baggage delivery on arrival.

He was quick through the air and found lift where others could not: Willis was similar.

I was quick through transition and soon I was out on the road and heading up towards Drummin Hill.

When he had arrived on the scene, he was quick through the air, and, equally, sharp off the wicket.

Say you play a quick through ball across a 10 yard space to Tevez who is in full flight running forward.

Arrival on one of the last flights of the day, quick through immigration and luggage was waiting on the belt.

Obviously it is not as quick through the corners as the Ginetta G50, but the G50 has got various aero bits on it.

You could have cars that are really quick through the corners and then have lots of slipstreaming, a bit like formula ford.

And to top it off, Tyner's voice is excellent, darting breathlessly quick through the earnest backing of his Detroit cohorts.

In 1% of cases "quick without" is used

He just shoots too quick without thinking.

Skyrim is getting real old real quick without the DLCs.

Basically, people want to get rich quick without effort or risk.

The GTA has a fair bit of torque low down, and is quick without having to thrash it.

Easy money has made this multiculti stew edible, but it will go sour quick without it.

It's certainly a wish to get rich quick without effort, perhaps that makes it immoral.

Well, I need to dodge this password, so, my plan, the best way to do that, is quick without thinking and hit Enter.

The Charles Dickens quote at the beginning sums up the story well and the ending is quick without leaving any threads loose.

I just wish to get over October quick without any troubles going around and I think I would only have a better year-end mood beginning November.