Prepositions after "quiet"

quiet about, for, in, on or at?

In 18% of cases "quiet about" is used

So I was pretty quiet about it.

Better keep quiet about that one.

So no, I can't be quiet about it.

I wonder how many other people have stood there shaking only to keep quiet about it.

You may have had sources you were keeping quiet about, but that's not the same thing.

Two years later, Hooper Two is strangely quiet about the German and Dutch mail stars.

While Dury fought back with angry satire, Sanborn, 66, says he coped by keeping quiet about his polio experiences.

In the meantime, I simply couldn't keep quiet about the state of Boston culture (also, I missed the free tickets).

If he knew there was the potential for dissent in the ranks, he should have just kept quiet about the whole thing.

If the Japanese government is doing something substantial along these lines, they sure are keeping quiet about it.

In 17% of cases "quiet for" is used

He was really quiet for a while.

You have been quiet for a while.

Father was quiet for a long time.

They can not make money in times of quiet for the simple reason that they do not know.

However, I do feel it is up to me to keep things going if things go quiet for too long.

You don't have to learn how to meditate in order to be calm and quiet for a few minutes.

Other than playing some European festivals over the summer things have been quiet for the Swedish melodeath masters.

In spite of friends and family thinking it amusing that I could stay quiet for that long, I'd looking forward to it.

It felt awful hearing this but what could we do but keep quiet for the moment? Abed Ali returned a few moments later.

Can't win without losing something, Grunkle would say before he'd go quiet and stay quiet for the rest of your visit.

In 15% of cases "quiet in" is used

Everything was quiet in return.

It was quiet in the first week.

I can not sit quiet in a place.

Otherwise the town is very quiet in comparison to Saigon, which was a welcome reprieve.

Have the tv on at a low volume so that you can read but its not dead quiet in the room.

The gangster groups still exist on the quiet in the metropolis and occasionally strike.

Connellsville Mayor Charlie Matthews said everything stayed fairly quiet in the city with the winds staying in check.

On a good day, you have an empty seat next to you, quiet in the cabin, and (for an evening flight) the lights dimmed.

While the Muslims in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda seem to be in turmoil, the scene is quieter in Burundi and Rwanda.

quiet in the back! To avoid yourself further embarrassment in lectures and tutorials, try to minimize your own noise.

In 14% of cases "quiet on" is used

All quiet on the transfer front.

All quiet on the western suburbs.

It was so quiet on that platform.

Tom Moody, who would be many people's choice, has been distinctly quiet on the subject.

Rockstar are remaining quiet on multiplayer, choosing to make a reveal at a later date.

ALthough im a lot quieter on the yard the lessons have been coming in thick and fast.

The opposition has been notoriously quiet on this issue and I was wondering what the stance of the Liberal party was.

On top of that, the core developers at Moodle HQ were quiet on the issue while dealing with the fallout from Moodle 2.

His work in All quiet on the Western Front (1979, costarring Richard Thomas) helped win that movie an Emmy nomination.

In 6% of cases "quiet at" is used

All quiet at the Bridge so far.

The NTB is quiet at this region.

Westgate is quiet at the moment.

The apartments were also very quiet at night being a distance away from the main roads.

Our rooms were cozy and very clean, and the neighborhood was blissfully quiet at night.

I can be shy and quiet at times, its not the person I'd with its just part of who I am.

Oh no! In fcat, he has been very quiet at the expense of so many victims of Catholic clergy's oppressed sexual desire.

The temple was eerily quiet at night and I enjoyed walking along the numerous temple hallways in my yukata and tanzen.

Like many of you, I only find peace and quiet at my own desk first thing in the morning and in the middle of the night.

This truck is wonderfully quiet at high speeds and can come with many different specialized features to fit your needs.

In 4% of cases "quiet of" is used

I have gone rather quiet of late.

Ben was the quietest of the bunch.

This is the peace and quiet of my old age.

Leeds List Lone Vigil The second vigil was probably the most quietest of happenings.

George Johnson of the Calgary Herald: Jarome Iginla trade rumors have been quiet of late.

Certainly I was just referring to that quietest of moments when you are finally still.

Immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the estate, relax around the large heated swimming pool, or play petanque.

The South African has been quiet of late (perhaps since he cut off his dreadlocks!) but has still been selected by 10.

We pulled into the Arunai Anantha retreat hotel and I immediately felt the peace and quiet of this very special place.

When I noticed that the sound didn't go away even on the quietest of weekends in the woods, I decided she was right.

In 3% of cases "quiet during" is used

He was quiet during this election.

PLEASE keep quiet during the show.

It is very quiet during operation.

The fact it got quieter during her part is actually proof she usually sings there.

The lack of songbirds also make Guam's forests eerily quiet during the day, she said.

It doesn't - it just indicates that the market was quiet during the financial crisis.

First off: depending on the educational level of your Dutch audience they will be quiet during your presentation.

In fact, we had some evidence that it was necessary to get these animals to be quiet during the treatment period.

Because they are no longer allowed to drink or gamble, it has become more quiet during the evenings, Lourdes says.

Although Beyin was breathtakingly beautiful and quiet during the daytime, it was rather dead during the nighttime.

In 3% of cases "quiet with" is used

Clean, quiet with superb service.

quiet with clean comfortable beds.

All quiet with Ainzley at the moment.

I felt we were rudely violating their peace and quiet with cameras and loud whispers.

This block is pretty quiet with not much going on compared to the rest of Tanukikoji.

So the week overall is looking quiet with a slow moderation in temperatures expected.

The Buchanan Street station was normally quiet with a couple of busy times each day that lasted for about an hour or so.

Funny how MC is all silent and quiet with reporters all the time, except when he opens his mouth he is insulting somebody.

Out of season the resort is much quieter with fewer shops and restaurants open but it is stiil very pleasant nonetheless.

Native Bush Track-Side Icicles Icicles It was incredibly still and peacefully quiet with fresh snow on and around the track.

In 2% of cases "quiet after" is used

I remember keeping quiet after.

He kept pretty quiet after that incident.

Flat sea is quiet after a period of time.

Sales were rather quiet after the festive holidays as stores prepare for a change of season.

The commercial street is very quiet after 10pm but you can find some bars open till morning.

In the fight, first open may not have the upper hand, quiet after the just calculate victory.

Like the turning away from a farewell handshake, the shutting of a door, the quiet after a goodbye on the telephone.

During the day it was a busy and noisy area, but much of Rome gets pretty quiet after midnight, so it didn't bother us.

Reuters He'd have been wiser if he'd kept quiet after this: Mitt Romney making his concession speech on Election Night.

Therefore, when praying for self-deliverance, you should keep quiet after the prayer before ejecting those evil spirits.

In 2% of cases "quiet around" is used

I realize it's been quiet around here.

Things sure have been quiet around here lately.

It's so quiet around here and I miss him so much.

Although when we started dating I was only 17 and was very shy and quiet around him.

That you're always so quiet around everybody, yet I want to get the hang of you more.

It's been quiet around here for a while and I thought I'd put up a post explaining why.

I know it will be fantastic as you are! SO happy for you!!!!! I've been quiet around here too, but I'd still here.

It also gave me a breather to get the dinner on, or sit and breastfeed my younger son with peace and quiet around us.

Well since then he doesn't call or talk to me as much as before, he's gone a lot more serious and quieter around me.

They ran from behind the base, the world slowly growing quiet around them, it was not long however, before they stopped.

In 2% of cases "quiet as" is used

I was extremely quiet as a kid.

She kept quiet as the music came to an end.

I can not be that quiet as a snail like him.

You have described me to a tee there apart from being quiet as a mouse in the real world.

The Line I crossed the line and you tiptoed over, quiet as the Devil at work in the world.

When Mahathair did that MCA is quiet as a tikus and now you two clowns are going to prevent.

It was a chill bright day, quiet as the city always is, a sort of pervading silence from the water and sky and stone.

Then he kept quiet as an auctioneer carved the farm up into lots numbered 1 through 40 and began taking bids for each.

The snow is a godsend isn't it? Enjoy this period of peace and quiet as the warmists have all shut up for the time being.

The tramp, tramp, tramp of those hobnailed boots on the straight Roman roads - and then falling quiet as the roads ended.

In 2% of cases "quiet by" is used

The camp must be quiet by midnight.

We are both rather quiet by nature.

Thankfully everyone was quiet by 9 PM.

I reacted to bullying done against me at quiet by smacking and almost killing somebody.

Could that be it? Was he always a quiet sort of guy? Some guys are just quiet by nature.

For me at the time I just watched, I was considered quiet by most, just taking it all in.

The attorney general responded that he had tried speaking up but was told to remain quiet by the judges on the bench.

How Tottenham's high-powered offense was kept quiet by a resolute United defense led by an outstanding captain in Vidic.

So the track that leads north from Seronera towards Lobo is usually rather quiet by comparison with areas further south.

To some extent, the state and Centre have managed to keep the militants quiet by repeatedly dividing and discrediting them.

In 1% of cases "quiet before" is used

Now be quiet before i pee in your.

It seemed like the quiet before the storm.

Friday will be the classic quiet before the storm.

Evening descended, night fell -- a deathly quiet reigned, the quiet before the storm.

Examples of this were the musical numbers and how there was a kind of quiet before them.

The quiet before the storm With the first half of the stage behind us, the hilly second half awaited.

It is working and right now we are witnessing the quiet before the storm that is likely coming in the near future.

Louis Cathedral Academy, enjoy ice cream in Jackson Square in the quiet before the next storm or tourist mass descends.

Steyn, with his fluffy hair and elbows jutting as he runs, then keeps Gambhir quiet before ending the over with no luck.

We spent time taking photos of the area, taking full advantage of the peace and quiet before the afternoon crowd fillled in.

In 1% of cases "quiet from" is used

The weekend looks quiet from here.

It has been unusually quiet from Mr.

He takes his deepest quiet from music.

He would probably love to have some peace and quiet from the craziness of that family.

These trucks are notoriously quiet from within the cabin and this one is no exception.

But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

Spaniards have their big family meal on the evening of the 24th, so the city is pretty quiet from the afternoon onwards.

After remaining quiet from 2005 to 2010, the sun began waking up last year, spouting off numerous powerful flares and CMEs.

The story goes that the old man used to go for a walk up a hill everyday to get some peace and quiet from his nagging wife.

There's a comprehensive book shop, and a fantastic cafe which provides some peace and quiet from Whitechapel Highstreet below.

In 1% of cases "quiet like" is used

He'd been quiet like this ever since.

I wont stay quiet like that all the time.

She kept quiet like an angel lost of ideas.

There are two way either you keep quiet like more mature person or give a quick smiley reply.

So, yeah, just because I'd quiet like this and I say nothing, doesn't mean that I know nothing.

When a group of people keeps quiet like this, the bully's reach is extending beyond just one person.

But Cameron feared his station would be overrun by ambitious diggers, and opted to keep quiet like many people before him.

Even though my mother often wondered why I couldn't keep quiet like my little sister, she treasured these Church drawings.

I am in the choir at church and other Christians I talk to don't seem to see it or if they do maybe they are quiet like me.

Will Kit Siang admit he is wrong or he wish to lay quiet like a senile old man? Never mind, he doesn't have to answer that.

In 1% of cases "quiet over" is used

The man from Basra kept quiet over this.

So it has been quiet over the past week.

Obviously dbanj would have gone quiet over it.

Their Keeping quiet over Boko-Haram activities is not in the best interest of Nigeria.

The water body needs to be large, quiet over its entire surface, and close to the rain curtain.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain from rather than continue to keep quiet over them.

Expert's Answer The poor little girl! Keep her nice and quiet over the weekend and continue to ensure she is eating.

I realize that you with your ' distinctive friend ' were very quiet over the post you talk about since the last ideas.

Anyway teachers who had decided to keep quiet over this free, free thing should shut up when the problems start coming.

I know my blog has been quiet over the past couple of weeks sorry about this but i can't seem to find the time to blog.

In 1% of cases "quiet to" is used

We were both pretty quiet to and at the airport yesterday.

Changing behaviour from quiet to throwing temper tantrums.

And for people from Manila, too quiet to the point of eerie.

It will bring quiet to its southern towns by forcing Hamas to fear its wrath once more.

She was also very high-strung, a contrast to Grandfather, who was calm and quiet to an extreme.

It asserted its own tranquillity, which seemed a pledge of equal quiet to its former inhabitant.

Louis, quiet to this point but loaded with all that cash stashed away from Pall Mall sales at the middle schools, is a player.

It would give great quiet to the people, and, with the aid of the state declarations, a bill might be prepared in a few hours.

I will give him peace from all his enemies round about; for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet to Israel in his days.

Your baby has recently been removed from a place that is dark, warm and relatively quiet to a world that is noisy, cold and with harsh bright lights.

In 1% of cases "quiet without" is used

The house is quiet without the boys.

My house seemed very quiet without them.

It's too quiet without them, and a lot duller.

All up it didn't go bad, she's friendly enough, quiet without being rude about it.

Life was remarkably normal uptown, albeit slower and quieter without public transportation.

Flash floods destroying a power substation? Get used to real quiet without electrical humming.

They are one of the few indoor places you can sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet without having buy something.

If you want absolute peace and quiet without any disturbance from anyone - BUY A HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS.

Life in Room 18 would be much quieter without George, but much less interesting! George, we are so pleased you're in.

However, it offers supreme privacy, so guests can still have some peace and quiet without being too far from civilization.