Prepositions after "rational"

"rational for" or "rational in"?

In 29% of cases "rational for" is used

You're far too rational for that.

It is also rational for employers.

I do not see any rational for this.

There is an economic rational for taking a Manhattan Project approach with the LFTR.

I agree their is more to sport than money, but come one lets be rational for a second.

Not hard to understand the rational for the constant rewrites, the goal posts shifting.

This is rational for her because these other decision makers may have some information that is important for her.

So it is rational for Scotland to exit the union (and this will also open the door for many much-needed changes).

And it is rational for A to make this choice only if A has good reason to think that the A-body person will be A.

For me I still see no rational for prohibiting loving couples from making the ultimate legal and moral commitment.

In 22% of cases "rational in" is used

He is wholly rational in debate.

I am quite rational in the ones I do hate.

Please be more rational in your arguments.

You seem to believe that doctors are entirely rational in their treatment of patients.

Waters is much more rational in her approach than Milne, Rhiannon or Hanson Hyphen Young.

There is no rational in trying to fulfill a Mustahab (liked) act by perpetuating several haraams and prohibitions.

What is individually rational in this case, however, leads to collective irrationality in the form of overgrazing.

Humans are capable of rationality but it's equally true that we act far less rational in our actions than we think.

Everywhere it is seen that modern education is making the people rational in outlook and free from religious dogma.

In 9% of cases "rational about" is used

No one seems rational about it.

There's nothing rational about it.

So let's be more rational about it.

We should be rational about this and realize that we are all in a much bigger fight.

As I have observed in these related posts, people are trying to be rational about this.

Whereas, secular Baathist tyrants can be relied upon to be rational about retaining power.

Then again, sometimes you have to be rational about how you budget things, and that is a very subjective topic.

I deliberately made the decision not to be too cerebral or rational about who my main character was going to be.

Last year there was a perfect example of my inability to be rational about the animals being homeless at Christmas.

He cried, and I was so angry, because it was so obvious that this was the best answer, and I was so rational about it.

In 7% of cases "rational behind" is used

And for your knowledge d rational behind hajj pilgrimage is 1.

This was to form the rational behind the International Treaty.

What is the rational behind accepting one and rejecting the others.

I'll get into the rational behind helping those clubs in particular in a minute.

The key is to first understand the rational behind this differences and accept it.

The rational behind the usage has obviously distinguished lentiviral vector from MoMLV based retroviral vectors.

I want a revue that gives me opinions on games and the rational behind the opinion but I NEVER buy a pig in a poke.

Given the difficulties in having a constant operating environment, I can understand the rational behind making corrections.

Speaking on the rational behind the event, Mr Animashaun revealed that he had been trying to stage the event for the past three years.

In 7% of cases "rational to" is used

Seems perfectly rational to me.

Doesn't sound very rational to me.

Seems all perfectly rational to me.

The reason my point didn't seem rational to you is because you didn't understand it.

Personal: rational to the extent is achieve's an individual's personal reason (goals).

These are my uneducated guesses based on what I have read and what seems rational to me.

As such it seems perfectly rational to me to try and pass on any USD in exchange for an asset with inflating price.

She has brief periods of insanity at which point irrational thoughts seem very rational to her; all normal traits become heightened.

I think that for some people, and some things, it may be rational to value things with ' negligible market value ' just because they are theirs.

In 6% of cases "rational of" is used

Good, About rational of exchanging buses not so sure.

The rational of the characters was just plain retarded.

Stay tuned! Naseem, zia m is among the most rational of bloggers.

Other than Mr E's purported sympathy for the poor, I really can not see the rational of his concern.

Many of the frequent posters here have been banned from RC for presenting too rational of arguments.

After a divorce, maybe using the rational of planning 10 years in advance seems inexperienced at best.

Even the most (usually) rational of commentors can not keep their minds together long enough to make a helpful remark.

NEWS-ONE therefore reached EKB Records, managers of Becca, to explain the source of funding and rational of investment.

I think it is very rational of them to enjoy their time together as an engaged couple and concentrate on baby and mom-to-be.

Buddhism is the most rational of all religions and it was a religion that took a solid stand renouncing all form of violence.

In 2% of cases "rational as" is used

His observations seem rational as well as focused.

The revolution was for rational as well as emotional reasons.

We identify the myths of the rational as well as rationality among the mystics.

His letter is direct and rational as well as being trusting and confident in Horatio.

This decision was found to be rational as the website continued to grow month by month.

Thus this paper uses specification writing method, assuming people are limited rational as a starting point.

We can get that understanding by representing every rational as a product of (possibly negative) powers of distinct primes.

This is not inconsistant with the views put forward by the logical outcome of Morocco Bama's aforsaid rational as to extinction.

Wes Studi is calm, collected and almost rational as the bloody Magua and I almost felt a righteous sense of justice about the man.

With it the rational as well as emotional motives have become an essential motivation driver in the whole supplier development process.

In 2% of cases "rational at" is used

It is, therefore, important to be formal and rational at all times.

But those old beliefs *were* rational at the time they were generated.

It is true that war was avoidable, but that would have required the politicians to have been rational at the time.

I should have slowly backed away from bear as soon as I was able to move but I guess I was not very rational at the time.

The reason is that he has the capacity of being animalistic, raw, yet emotionally vulnerable and rational at the same time.

How 2 weeks ago can you possibly expect their anger to be rational at a time like this? Does that make it right when they abuse runners or volunteers? Of course not.

All of those responses are rational at the micro level, but if saving exceeds investment, then the economy adjusts by reducing income, which reduces output and jobs.

In 2% of cases "rational by" is used

Yet all this is rational by capitalist criteria.

Can we try to keep these threads rational by the way.

Natural law is simple, and quite rational by the source of power.

However this internal rationality may not be viewed as rational by an external view.

All the others, including Hofer, DS9, and others, actually seem rational by comparison.

What do you think?:) Are the Chinese being rational by voting against their self-interest (e.

If being rational by some definition leads to conclusions they don't like then they can just change the definition.

Scientists, and those who appreciate their approach to knowledge, are people, and thus not wholly rational by any means.

The result is that players are instrumentally rational by definition: experiments are pointless, there is nothing to test.

If humans drive to group morality, it is because it is allowed by selection whether or not it is rational by your definition.

In 2% of cases "rational on" is used

They seem more rational on the surface.

Makes a change to have someone rational on the other end.

rational on November 7, 2012 at 12:22 pm I am a big Paul fan.

Warigi, was not rational on his thinking towards the complication.

The management has to be rational on the usage of funds and equity vs.

Rationality is not always a matter of how intelligent or rational one is.

To apply a Venn diagram would be to impose the rational on the irrational.

That is to say, politics trumps all -- economics, the law, being rational on a national scale.

Why there are so many of us who are seemingly rational on the outside and completely irrational on the inside.

If the Will is rational on its face then the law presumes that the testator was of sound mind on the date he or she signed it.

In 2% of cases "rational with" is used

I've tried to be rational with this.

You can not be rational with irrationality.

Hope others remain rational with eyes wide open.

All the evidence points to brilliance, caring, rational with little ideological leanings.

Rationalism begins with confusing the rational with the real, and ends by confusing the real with the rational.

This work contains ' Pascal's wager ' which claims to prove that belief in God is rational with the following argument.

To do this, one first approximates by a rational with controlled denominator (using a tool such as the Dirichlet approximation theorem).

Organize what your daily/weekly/monthly activities are and be rational with how much your mind and body can manage without killing yourself.

This provided a model and a strong foundation for subsequent thinkers to reconsider paradigms of both thought and rhetoric in the perpetual quest to reconcile the rational with the concrete.

In 1% of cases "rational from" is used

Unprincipled but rational from a purely selfish perspective.

As JJ Rousseau said,? Children are good by nature, curious and self-directing, rational from 12 and need protection from corrupting society?

John says: 02:17pm 02/03/10 Increasing the population rational from our fearless leaders sounds more like a Ponzi scheme, Bernie Madoff would have been proud.

It's not incoherent to separate being rational from having certain data, for example; I might present Rational Sam with an argument based on data they hadn't previously been exposed to.

In 1% of cases "rational rather" is used

Be frank and rational rather than overly emotional.

This will help you to be rational rather than to be egocentric.

At its meekest, it points simply to the habit of making rational rather than reckless decisions.

You need to look into your heart, understand your feelings and try to be rational rather than emotional.

At present, we are running with an economic theory that assumes people are rational rather than emotional.

Clearly I appear to have wildly overestimated their ability to understand finance and to make rational rather than emotional decisions.

IF we want there to be an improvement in the human condition I think it can only come from the rational rather than the emotional aspect of humanity.

Again the importance of Thales ' idea is that he is the first recorded person who tried to explain such phenomena by rational rather than by supernatural means.

The program was structured this way so Gallup could control for the company's other customer and employee activities, which covered rational rather than emotional elements.

In 1% of cases "rational versus" is used

I believe we can internalize these new overviews of our rational versus irrational behaviors and make consistent reductions in our irrational consumptive behaviors.

For Didion, mourning lay precisely in this struggle, rational versus the magical, the working through of grief versus the hope against hope that death can be overcome.