Prepositions after "redundant"

redundant in, from, by, at or with?

In 27% of cases "redundant in" is used

I was redundant in my research.

I was made redundant in july 2011.

It is actually redundant in the sentence.

All this is good but redundant in the new style of play we have got going here now.

I haven't read all of the comments, so I apologize if this is redundant in any way.

So at some point you need to re-engage or risk becoming redundant in that business.

A popular woman administrator has just been declared redundant in October by Jomast in its cost cutting exercise.

The power to dismiss the government and the national assembly had already become redundant in the case of Zardari.

But that would be redundant in the case of this article because every single paragraph describes something insane.

Consider how many people are being made redundant in droves almost daily because of the failure of bad governance.

In 12% of cases "redundant from" is used

This blog is redundant from that perspective.

I was made redundant from that role in March this year.

Then, last autumn, I was made redundant from a newspaper.

I am being made redundant from my job later this year and will receive a large lump sum.

When Charlotte was made redundant from her company of 12 years, it caught her off guard.

Bill started to smoke fish almost 30 years ago when he was made redundant from Cork Marts.

She had also been made redundant from her job as a research nurse and been rejected for jobs she'd applied for.

Others pursue a dream while many others start as solo entrepreneurs, having been made redundant from their roles.

He was made redundant from his permanent role at The Times newspaper three years ago and has been freelance since.

In 9% of cases "redundant by" is used

PAC was made redundant by absuing.

That embarrassment has been made redundant by technology.

In other words, lateness is being made redundant by connectedness.

Civil servants will be cowed by transparency (an argument made redundant by the the FOI act).

Failure cover up or just merely honest mistake that will be forgotten and make redundant by media.

What we are witnessing is not the inevitable decline of a sunset industry made redundant by advancing technology.

Jim Oldfield was the editor of the South Yorkshire Post until he was made redundant by his Johnston Press bosses.

Such a well thought out post and then you make it all redundant by reporting allegations of fading eyesight as fact.

Additionally, the poaching of talent and also accepting of employees made redundant by Digicel will no longer matter.

In 7% of cases "redundant at" is used

Items become redundant at an alarming rate.

Heaven forbid I sound redundant at graduation.

I was made redundant at the age of 59 in August 2010.

It seems all but redundant at this point to say almost anything about the US presidential race.

His best friend Bimbo has been made redundant at the company where he has worked for many years.

I'd 49, made redundant at 45 and never found employment again in my area (in which I hold a PhD).

People are being made redundant at 50 and think they have to go back to university and get a degree to get a job.

Anyidoho has denied being rendered redundant at the Presidency, as suggested by a newspaper publication on Monday.

Now if the allegory seems weak and misguided than it becomes fairly redundant at the point I'd about to mo ve onto.

The AMWU said that 40 full time maintenance positions will be made redundant at the Moura mine, south-west of Gladstone.

In 7% of cases "redundant with" is used

You are too redundant with your posts.

This is redundant with the previous one.

You are redundant with what you don't like.

The 100 plus workforce were told that they would be made redundant with immediate effect.

In all honesty, this suger daddy thing will probably be made redundant with the new FFP rules.

Let us not, discard the teaching in Revelation 20:4-6 as just being redundant with Romans 8:31-39.

The way that I understand it some people feel that it is redundant with the DNR patrols and should be eliminated.

Also some of the instructions are a little redundant with the latest version of Debian on RPi, but they do no harm.

The couple then had trouble getting off the property as their electric gates were made redundant with no power source.

Mark Byford, deputy director-general and head of journalism, left the BBC last year, his post made redundant with him.

In 6% of cases "redundant for" is used

It would likely be redundant for Mr.

The two lighter shades are redundant for me.

I hope the above wasn't too redundant for you.

BT had promised not to make them redundant for the life of the telehealth contract.

It also integrates with other websites, thus making Flickr somewhat redundant for me.

It would be redundant for us to devote resources to work that has been better done by others.

I suppose that, with land value being higher, having a piece of land redundant for half the year makes no sense.

Each one of them has numerous doctrines and principles, most of which are redundant for the time we are now living in.

As this job was suitable for me and they have not given me it they are effectively making me redundant for the sake of it.

Why else would these chairman do it? It would seem the economic argument is going to be redundant for keeping them in the league.

In 5% of cases "redundant as" is used

It is simply redundant as a moral aid.

It doesn't get ret redundant as the levels progress in fact they become more mind boggling.

Their second proposal was redundant as the ACC formed their investigation teammuch earlier.

While it might seem redundant as to why having two types of methods to do almost the same thing.

This seems redundant as the immigration and customs officials are uniformly friendly and efficient.

I was made redundant as a direct result of government cuts to funding and changes in education policy.

Focus on the Company and the Role on Offer Don't focus on being made redundant as the reason why you want the position.

Bernie's sprinkler idea is redundant as the Pirelli's perfomance characterisics will provide enough spice to each race.

Financial troubles meant that Edge IT (a subsidiary of Mandriva SA) was liquidated and all employees made redundant as a result.

In 5% of cases "redundant to" is used

So it's redundant to this list.

From 2020 females will be totally redundant to men.

Sure, it may seem redundant to many; ESPECIALLY in the US.

Some plugins might be redundant to your new theme and some might no longer suitable.

And both are redundant to people who really need speed and who will memorise the shortcuts.

On the one hand, this has rendered humans redundant to the economic enterprise of production.

These real teachers and what they teach are as redundant to young peoples ' lives as their sad reel counterparts.

To reproduce an entire book like Qur'an is meaningless and redundant to me (While talking to one of my Mukto-Mona colleague Dr.

It's not that these corporate indemnification promises aren't good -- but they are redundant to any vendor worth its customers.

After the language of the first commandment, this has always seemed redundant to me, as it was covered in the first commandment.

In 4% of cases "redundant after" is used

It would have become redundant after a while.

Often or not is redundant after whether, but not always.

But he was made redundant after a takeover by Thomas Cook.

He was made redundant after faking a work contract to make it look like he had permanent job,.

I was made redundant after 17 years of hard earned cash put back into the so-called NZ economy.

However, she is being made redundant after having been on a three-day week for more than a year.

This book is pretty detailed and extremely useful for the first year, but it will be almost redundant after that.

For example, if you were made redundant after 15 years, up to $8 126 + (15 x $4 064) = $69 086 can be received tax free.

Great blog, it's hard to believe there are football fans who see 4-4-2 variations as redundant after the last two seasons.

Obviously if you were made redundant after April 2011 then the balance of any tax you owe will not be payable until 31 st January 2013.

In 3% of cases "redundant on" is used

I was made redundant on my birthday.

And I'd being made redundant on Thursday.

Messenger is redundant on those platforms.

Had it been the latter, it would have been made redundant on the collapse of the USSR.

Your employer can and should inform you that you will be made redundant on your return.

The beef was amazing, it was cooked perfectly and melt in the mouth - my knife was redundant on the table.

Got made redundant on second maternity leave and it's a very different prospect with two pre schoolers to pay for.

With press photographer getting made redundant on o daily basis the price paid for pictures lower than twenty years ago.

We were all made redundant on Monday and we still have not received any Irish forms in order to make a claim of redundancy.

Categories What we're fighting for Vestas Blades UK made production workers at their factories on the Isle of Wight redundant on 12 August 2009.

In 2% of cases "redundant because" is used

After six months he was made redundant because of a downturn at the company.

However, these significant events are almost redundant because of the many storylines going on at the same time.

And even that became redundant because of the system they had in place where kills started to become worth less and less.

Meanwhile, a lot of English majoring graduates have become redundant because of the oversupply and many of them are now working as politics teachers.

Dismissal You have the right not to be dismissed, retired or made redundant because of your age, or the age of your relatives or associates, including your children.

This is where the mobile website versus mobile application debate came in but it is becoming increasingly redundant because of developments in the mobile software industry.

MPs suggested that she had been made redundant because of this, and Mr Fry admitted it was no secret that Ms Thomson had been unhappy about the decision to choose Entwistle.

Much easier to go into a job interview saying you were made redundant because of economy slowdown with a reference than trying to hide the fact that you took an unfair dismissal case.

In such a scenario the predicament of investigative reporters, as we know them today, will be similar to the oft-dreamt Utopian world where the police become redundant because of lack of criminals.

In 2% of cases "redundant due" is used

Consequently, many tweets are redundant due to retweeting.

However, this was cut short when the psychologist was made redundant due to cuts.

Any other trips are redundant due to proximity between stations or transfers that already exist.

Redundancy refers to an employee made redundant due to retrenchment or early release of contract.

Schedule 3 repeals certain Acts that are now redundant due to the introduction of other legislation.

Later, the Defendant informed her that she would be made redundant due to the closing of her division.

So good luck getting your payrise, when First are making you redundant due the extra costs and due to.

I have now been made redundant due to financial difficulties in the firm and my employer not being able to pay both our wages.

He left his wife and children there to return to Australia to look for work, after he was made redundant due to a downturn in the economy.

They totally contradicted why my wife was made redundant due to ill health and stating that she might be able to work again in 12-16 months time.

In 2% of cases "redundant within" is used

My partner was also made redundant within a month of me being so.

The track also is firmly within PSY's style without being redundant within his discography.

Is there any chance this whole 43 billion baby could be redundant within a decade or so? Probably not.

Employers that wish to make between 20 and 99 employees redundant within a 90-day period must consult for 30 days.

When a number of employees are being made redundant within a 30-day period this is known as a collective redundancy.

The disclosures have emerged as the education secretary plans to make 1,000 career civil servants redundant within two years.

The closure of the facility, planned for 2013, will result in 2, 400 employees being made redundant within the next two years.

Some 80 soldiers in the last round of cuts have been made compulsorily redundant within a year of reaching their pension point.

They were told that the job might become redundant within six months but were encouraged conceal this from the interview candidate.

The bullying manager was made redundant within a year, the niece left the company, and the godson had to go through a disciplinary for sexism.

In 1% of cases "redundant during" is used

There were 764 public servants made redundant during the year (down from 882 in 2011.

What do I need to know about making someone redundant during pregnancy or maternity leave? Avoid it if you can.

I was made redundant during the GFC and I am thankful to be able to secure a job in no time due to his decisive actions.

The last generation of Lea's did that, with Jason Lea making his son and brother redundant during his tenure at the top.

One in four of those being made redundant during the downturn is under 25, and only 13 per cent of final year students have jobs.

I've had about a year's worth of marketing experience (through a secondment) before being made redundant during the credit crunch.

Central government made 66,000 positions redundant during this period, while a further 29,000 went in public bodies such as the BBC and the Post Office.

In 1% of cases "redundant of" is used

A total BS media here is redundant of any morality, any justification and any right to exist.

Because if it was fundamentally tampered with or used, that'd make it either redundant of non-existent in 1955.

In turn, it leaves their families back in villages redundant of any economic activity and dependent on the daily urban wages.

A lot of it felt redundant of my other books and too predictable and I knew then that as the concept for a series it wouldn't work.

In 1% of cases "redundant through" is used

Even more demoralising is for those with skills or qualifications to see them rendered redundant through inactivity.

We're talking about Microsoft and Apple making certain tasks redundant through nothing but arbitrary and selfish reasons.

Third, 3 billion will be allocated to supporting for workers made redundant through the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.

Benefits of using Anycast technology Higher reliability Anycast makes the DNS infrastructure highly reliable and redundant through the deployment of multiple servers with a same IP address.

What are Mis sold PPI Claims? Payment protection insurance (PPI) is designed to cover the monthly repayments on your mortgage or loan if you are made redundant through no fault of your own.

In 1% of cases "redundant without" is used

In reality, I think I would've been slightly redundant without Marc.

Without comments, some of the other built in features like History become redundant without comments.

Also, the new and smaller connector makes the current accessories redundant without the multi-adapter.

Why couldn't a company make staff redundant without going into administration? it's been happening every day for years.