Prepositions after "retrospective"

"retrospective of" or "retrospective at"?

In 41% of cases "retrospective of" is used

The exhibit is a retrospective of her career.

And this is the first retrospective of his work.

The last retrospective of his work was held at UWM in 2009.

A Brief retrospective of the Ecclesiology of Communion since Vatican Council II A.

See for example Groves's retrospective of Dutt's role in 1924-8 (The Red Flag, Aug.

Here's a retrospective of fashion history by the IHT's fashion columnist Suzy Menkes.

Collected together here for the first time is a retrospective of his rock n ' roll art as well as his editorial.

The course will begin by setting the stage with a brief retrospective of the Roman Empire and early Christianity.

We kick off with a retrospective of the previous nine weeks, including all manner of people I'd forgotten existed.

Even a sprawling retrospective of a genre or specific artist wouldn't included every single piece of work available.

In 18% of cases "retrospective at" is used

His retrospective at Tate Modern is brilliantly edited.

Kraftwerk just celebrated a retrospective at the MoMA in NYC.

Check out the Studio Ghibli retrospective at the Bell LightBox.

It's on view now, in the Askevold retrospective at the Armory Center for the Arts.

Witkin was honored with a retrospective at New York's NEA-funded Guggenheim museum.

Thursday was the opening of Rita Ackermann's first stateside retrospective at MOCA.

References to Richard Serra summer drawing retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, are apparent.

One phony Max Ernst had hung for months in a retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

One of the unexpected pleasures in my life was the Cy Twombly retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1994.

The last Dali retrospective at the Pompidou in 1979 remains the most visited exhibition in the museum's history.

In 14% of cases "retrospective on" is used

retrospective on Freire's work and life.

The following is a retrospective on the lore of Pascal Leclaire.

It provides a good retrospective on the Giuliani Era in New York.

Christian Theology and Human Development: a retrospective on the work of Professor James E.

If we have time for nothing else, we'll post a retrospective on the journey when we return.

Wendle's piece was a retrospective on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people.

Let's say it's a retrospective on a 60 year career -- until he has enough new articles for the next retrospective.

For more on that, check out his interview with the devs and retrospective on the tricky transition to free-to-play.

The Swiss-born DOP's career is currently being celebrated during his retrospective on East London's Kingsland Road.

Any serious retrospective on the body of work left behind by Yash Chopra will have to consider this sublime puzzle.

In 12% of cases "retrospective in" is used

Maybe in 2012, or when I do a retrospective in 2022.

I first noticed this when I attended a Yoko Ono retrospective in the ' 90s.

We wrote about this in greater detail in a Beauty And The Beast retrospective in 2010.

Nevertheless, the legislation is generally said to have been retrospective in its operation.

Therefore, it can not be said that the amendment to Section 8(5) is retrospective in operation.

It was a sort of retrospective in Centre Pompidou Metz, which was a 1000m2 exhibition, so it was our objects.

But in addition to a retrospective in halftime on Arsenal's undefeated season and the end of the unbeaten string v.

This year's edition pays tribute to Jamaican master Barrington Watson, as we prepare for his retrospective in January.

Forget the last years of bitterness and disillusion and illness and return to his retrospective in Philadelphia in 1977.

In 3% of cases "retrospective to" is used

This would account for the lease being retrospective to December 1598.

These data are comparable as the cohorts are retrospective to the Year and year the rate is calculated from.

Better still, make it retrospective to 1968, see who would have won the tournaments then, and issue new trophies.

The government's statement -- there is no legislation to look at yet -- said the changes will be retrospective to July 1, 2012.

Shot entirely in black and white, and heavily featuring a vintage pickup truck, it is retrospective to the exclusion of all else.

Either have it retrospective to three montsh before the election date, or have it from the date of the announcement (which I favour).

The exhibition, which is a retrospective to one of the great figures in 20th century art, Salvador Dali, will run from Nov 21, 2012 to March 25, 2013.

The United States Internal Revenue Service formally granted tax exempt status to the IAOMS Foundation in 1997, retrospective to the date of incorporation.

Labour did this in two major ways: firstly it extended the jurisdiction of the Waitangi Tribunal giving it the power to examine Maori grievances retrospective to 1840.

In 2% of cases "retrospective by" is used

The Carter Family: Into The Valley retrospective by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, November 2002 FIRST KILL YOUR HOG.

You can now win a pair of tickets to retrospective by emailing **31;6844;TOOLONG quoting ' retro ' in the subject line.

Bobbie Gentry: Mystery Girl retrospective by Holly George-Warren, Duke University Press, 2007 SHE 'S BEEN called the J.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Plenty of Fish - Lessons Learned Meetup Today, I had the fantastic opportunity of going to a retrospective by Plenty of Fish.

In 2% of cases "retrospective for" is used

It's a retrospective for experienced players.

Such reinstatement can be made retrospective for up to two years.

Many are pushing Bencab to do a retrospective for his 70th birthday in April.

Below is a video retrospective for their brand during an event earlier this year.

Local food, ideal for a drink in a restaurant or cafe in 1950 can make a retrospective for a pleasant experience.

Exhibitions that are currently in preparation include the Young Talent IV exhibition for April 2010 and a major Barrington Watson retrospective for April 2011.

I would also like to hear from the Taoiseach whether the special arrangements on the brink of being made for Spain and Italy can be made retrospective for this country.

The final home of the aforementioned trance records is the home of artist Cory Arcangel, who has used them as part of his retrospective for the Carneghie Museum of Art.

In 2% of cases "retrospective from" is used

The Explanation was introduced in 1998 and the amendment was made retrospective from 01st April, 1962.

This move was both cynical and a breach of their (retrospective from release) agreement with us relating to the other video material.

Channel 4 news Channel 4 News was doing a sort of retrospective from Jon Snow who had gone to Japan shortly after the quake and toured around a bit to report on the extent of the damage.

Throughout the seventies, he had been an accomplished though somewhat eccentric painter in Houston, significant enough to have warranted a 2005 retrospective from the Museum of Fine Arts there.

In 1% of cases "retrospective about" is used

When the V &A; did a recent retrospective about postmodernism, they dated it from 1970-1990.

I do this daily with my teams, and it's really a daily retrospective about how we are doing.

However in her recent interview she got retrospective about how her personal life was scrutinized in this year by the media.

FA: When did you hear about the tribute retrospective about your work at HKIFF? PC: It's been a while I think, probably six, seven months ago.

In 1% of cases "retrospective like" is used

Truly an album deserving of a retrospective like this.

Any system that's retrospective like this proposed data retention scheme is ripe for abuse in this way.

How does it feel to have a retrospective like this - it seems like a odd point in your career to be doing a book like this? Olivier Theyskens: Absolutely.

In 1% of cases "retrospective with" is used

Iamtommy the very fact that kit tatad worked for marcos is something to be retrospective with.

I like the fact we can now be quite retrospective with hamilton's career as he has been here long enough now.

The South African pairing of a David Goldblatt retrospective with rediscovered prints by David Cole is worth a visit in itself.

The film Byrne chose to open his Irish film retrospective with, for example, was The Quiet Man, the John Ford flick legendary for pandering to terrible Irish stereotypes.

In fact last years Emily Kngwarreye showing at the Tokyo city gallery out drew a previous Andy Warhol retrospective with record crowds flocking to see her sublime paintings.