Prepositions after "safe"

"safe for", "safe from" or "safe in"?

In 30% of cases "safe for" is used

It was safe for a while longer.

Very calm and safe for children.

It is also safer for the crews.

It seems decidely safe for the newspaper's first major redesign in its 30-year history.

Besides, tt is also safer for the child if you restrain him while in a moving vehicle.

Our mission is to be the one platform you use when you want to record audio, share it or keep it safe for the future.

It seems clear that if 30% of your links are these targeted keyword links then you are perfectly safe for the moment.

A discussion with the doctor or nurse will help you to work out which treatment options are best and safest for you.

MY sis is dr and she prescribed me reglan and its safe they don't pass through the placenta and ist safe for the baby.

In 22% of cases "safe in" is used

He may never be safe in the US.

There was a safe in the cupboard.

safe in the arms of kingdom come.

Rest assured that you're safe in the hands of our experienced pilots and enjoy the ride.

In general you could not assume that you were much safer in the country than in London.

Keeping safe in the presence of a cougar: - Stay as far away from the animal as possible.

The Canadian Red Cross has been helping to keep Canadians safe in, on and around water since 1946, and trained over 1.

Although these were international trade routes, yet they were safe in the true sense of the word for the Quraish only.

This is a Prada phone you can buy, safe in the knowledge that you won't get laughed off the block by the Android crowd.

Her knees would hardly support her, she trembled so, until she was safe in the big blue motor, which moved off at once.

In 20% of cases "safe from" is used

safe from vandalism, apparently.

safe from the government that is.

Lara is safe from the blocks here.

Your family will be safe from the harmful things that are in the air if you have this.

Instead they survived in the bleak, remote Murchison mountains, safe from the hunters.

He is not safe from the contempt and slander of others while there is self-importance.

The best VPN should ensure that the data being transferred is encrypted and safe from any kind of hacking operation.

The helpline can also do some safety planning with you to help keep you and your children safe from your ex partner.

The shrike -- an invaluable asset -- is kept safe from the raptors ' clutches by the provision of a little turf hut.

Without thinking, I told my cousin to pick it up and put it on the sidewalk where it will be safe from the vehicles.

In 7% of cases "safe with" is used

No crew is safe with him on deck.

Massa was also safe with a 1 ' 14.

I'd feel safe with him on a flight.

Be sure to feel safe with a firm experiencing that type of usage of your bank account.

Find people and perhaps groups your inner child feels safe with and enjoys being with.

It's a more ambitious business, but Amazon played it safe with the design of the Fire.

He definitely seems to be playing it safe with his comments, but I don't think we can really know why he's doing it.

Unfortunate fact is these people probably think they will be safer with their families in Bahrain than in Pakistan.

I decided that was probably the African term for a wolf spider and so we had been safe with the critter in our room.

Greek Mythology will be safe with the minority that chooses to educate themselves, which is a rare thing these days.

In 4% of cases "safe at" is used

It is not safe at all to do so.

Blessing: I feel safe at school.

V is only just safe at that speed.

Article summary This article is a guide to help the reader know how to stay safe at the.

And by the way, now I don't feel that I would be safe at TAM, and I'd a 6 ' 3? white guy.

It all provided a great base to make me safe at sea, when it all began in July last year.

We can install patches in the network and conduct security fixes to ensure that your information is safe at all times.

It felled both heroes rushing into harm's way and, ironically, people simply following advice to play it safe at home.

Regardless of what you need, our company has the tools and materials to help make sure your home is safe at all times.

His brain is shielded only by a thin sheet of skin, making it extremely important for him to be kept safe at all times.

In 4% of cases "safe on" is used

We are safe on our woman train.

We'll play it safe on this one.

Get yourself a safe on arrival.

Local mechanics can help clients stay safe on the road with unique promotional products.

If your phone is WiFi enabled, try searching for free hotspots to safe on roaming costs.

Nesting takahe are safe on the predator-free islands but not in the Murchison Mountains.

While Durk kept her safe on his Bent Pine Ranch, his own memories threatened him -- laughing with Meghan, making love.

He had gone over all this with me when we were safe on the ground, inside a room with walls and a ceiling and a floor.

I replied that I honestly didn't know but I told her that I was not sure if the enzymes were safe on a newborn's skin.

Trailer safety is very important, and if you follow the steps below you can be sure that you'll stay safe on the road.

In 3% of cases "safe by" is used

Either way: atheism is safest by far.

I hope your reviews are safe by the way.

Be safe by checking with native speakers.

The concentration found in fish was three times higher than levels deemed safe by the U.

Cannily, this Bond film plays it safe by visiting a pair of ' classic ' series locations.

It ensures that you are safe by the beach, in the sea and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

There may also be occasional opportunities for walking on ice fields if deemed safe by the leaders of the expeditions.

Thinking she was safe by using the anonymity of the crowd and going to other bars, she carried on going to the Towers.

The contamination was later found to be 63 times higher than the levels deemed safe by the state Department of Health.

We're getting better at keeping the knits safe by regularly handling and washing them and safe storage over the summer.

In 2% of cases "safe to" is used

That sounded pretty safe to me.

But it seemed quite safe to me.

Any bank looks safe to me here.

It is safer to book for a group of friends in one go but you can take your own chances.

It has also been the safest to the public at large despite propaganda to the contrary.

In fact, it is safe to safe that most shell fish is going to be high in this amino acid.

The building of your uggs outlet boot feels safe to the base, nevertheless long lasting enough to be able to previous.

For many reasons, I choose not to cycle, one of which is that I do not feel like I would be safe to cycle in the city.

It is perfectly safe to breast-feed, and poses no risk to your baby, if you have a chronic (long-term) health problem.

This includes seeing that the fabric in the costume is safe to where it will not create allergic reactions on the skin.

In 1% of cases "safe after" is used

In France, no woman is safe after Dark.

While Big Bird was safe after President.

The neighbourhood is not safe after dark.

I hope everyone reading this from the East Coast of the States is safe after Hurricane Sandy.

Ebbsfleet stayed mid table and easily safe after a 2-0 win away against struggling Darlington.

Monies need to be spent on giving students an opportunity to succeed and also to be safe after school.

NHTSA decided to change the recommendation after finding that car seats generally remain safe after minor accidents.

Banking and insurance cooperation, cross-selling, it is safe after the White Shenzhen Development Imagine a big brewing.

Anti-Vivisection Society who sought their cooperation in exposing the dangers of drugs declared safe after animal trials.

In 1% of cases "safe around" is used

You feel safe around him / her.

Warm and safe around my breath.

We not feeling safe around here.

I wouldn't feel safe around you either since you'd blame me if someone threatened me.

Please note: no matter how well your child can swim, they are never safe around water.

You can take a walk in the evenings and go jogging and everything is quite safe around you.

What makes children safe are not vests but safe streets and streets are safer around schools if there are no cars.

If the temperament of either parent isn't safe around humans, a responsible breeder will not use that dog for breeding.

My question to you Al: Is the only way she will over feel safe around me again is when she does not love me anymore? Yup.

My friends are there for me, and they are people who I can play games with, and have fun with -- I feel safe around them.

In 1% of cases "safe as" is used

Keep it safe as the owner may emerge.

No lead was safe as the Celtics learned.

Jahmene is probably the safest as of now.

This is apparently safe as the workers have no access to the page DOM or browser window.

It took us so long to have women-only spaces where we can feel safe as well as empowered.

In the same way and in order to render the River Niger safe as a gateway into the interior.

Jack could have played it safe as a tenor, but he showed his versatility - Rachel! It is not clear what Mihirangi does.

Duhamel was beaten and robbed of more than $100,000 stored in a safe as well as a number of prized personal possessions.

But with weather conditions and the need to keep records safe as well as cheap methods because of the increase in demand.

The cyber chat is also VERY safe as the cyber-counsellors are all trained for a period of time before they chat with you.

In 1% of cases "safe during" is used

Not that it was much safer during the day.

Some medicines are not safe during pregnancy.

Fields hid $50,000 in the safe during a divorce.

Holy water was sometimes anointed on farm animals to keep them safe during the night.

Quick as always in qualifying and quite content with playing it safe during the race.

Your money is safe during these problems and just a wee bit of paitience is called for.

It's heating up around the state and the recent rescues in the West are a timely reminder to be safe during summer.

Your doctor will know which ones you need for the country you are visiting and which ones are safe during pregnancy.

We also learnt about Ravana, the King of the Rakshas, what to do during a flood and how to be safe during a tsunami.

Professional movers have a few tricks of the trade to keep your freight and personal items safe during transportation.

In 1% of cases "safe of" is used

And they're in the safest of hands.

The safest of the safe are issued by the U.

I think Chrome is the safest of the them all.

The safest of storage sites currently used are impervious deep caves or abandoned salt mines.

Young people require a range of tools and support to be safe of the road and ensure their peers.

Safest of travels to you and see ya SOON!! Mum, Daughter Hannah and I had a fantastic time at your Adelaide concert.

A statement has recently been released declaring that Dublin's streets are the safest of all major cities worldwide.

Of course, signing the players with the highest potentials isn't a bad idea, it's probably actually the safer of the two.

These fears are unjustified, and nuclear energy from its start in 1952 has proved to be the safest of all energy sources.

In 1% of cases "safe under" is used

Or very safe under the bridge anyway.

Tap on the safe under the dressing table.

Sunderland will be safe under O'Neill no doubt.

Bradshaw recently argued that arts funding will be safer under Labour than the Tories.

Referring to some recent incidents, she said people of no religion were safe under the AL government.

No one can feel safe under such mafia-like conditions unless they are part of the president's coterie.

I hope you feel safe under yours and when you feel stronger come on out, we are all here waiting for the group hug.

I waited for 15 years to get my own horse, until I felt like I knew enough that a horse would be safe under my care.

There is a tendency of some people to insult other people unnecessarily, especially if they feel safe under anonymity.

He was lively on attack, proved safe under the high ball whilst making some outstanding clearance kicks under pressure.