Prepositions after "secret"

secret for, from, about, with or in?

In 50% of cases "secret for" is used

Let it be a secret for a while.

Im keeping this secret for myself.

So he kept it secret for very fear.

For many people the horror of the ATOS test has been the worst kept secret for years.

During shooting photos, he sang songs for us and unveiled a secret for the first time.

I've got a secret for both of you (and, apparently for the authors of those articles).

The weight that was released from being able to share what has been a secret for me for so long was really amazing.

Escape from Wisconsin Keeping the Romney/Ryan pairing a secret for the next week proved to be an Olympian challenge.

This book lays out a wide array of disclosures that at this point remain officially secret for no discernable reason.

In the post, the singer revealed a fact she has kept a secret for a long time now -- her separation with Frank Morel.

In 12% of cases "secret from" is used

It was kept completely secret from parents and students.

All he had left was keeping it secret from certain people.

The value can be disclosed or kept secret from the beneficiary.

She told that Daniel Craig also kept everything secret from the co actors of Skyfall.

Drunk people utter everything secret from their mouths during sleeping, they don't know.

And they were kind of keeping it secret from us, so they were doing it in an esoteric way.

But Woodward claims the Bush administration classified the information to keep it secret from the American people.

However, Jesus was not keeping these truths secret from the masses, but was eagerly and daily revealing it to them.

Moreover, the blood and decorations were sacred and could only be removed in a procedure which was secret from women.

She kept them - and him - secret from her family and asked Zeinab to take care of these small tokens of his affection for her.

In 6% of cases "secret about" is used

There is nothing secret about it.

There was nothing secret about it.

There was nothing secret about US policy.

I know there is something secret about the name the Christians call when they pray.

The thing I came to realise was that I didn't have any big secret about recruiting.

Mr Guy said he met the airline's representatives and there was nothing secret about it.

This latest confluence of interests, however, verges on active collaboration -- and there is nothing secret about it.

However, there was nothing secret about the ' Arioi; they performed in the open and in public halls to which both men and women were admitted.

There's nothing slightly secret about that -- hell, I've been to their climate conferences, they glory in telling people they support those things.

What first attracted me was an impression of great self-control and something secret about her eyes and smile betokening hidden wealth of personality.

In 6% of cases "secret in" is used

It is fantastic word that means secret in its.

And it's not just sex that is secret in India.

The ballots were secret in those days, of course.

Our drive-in camp that has 3 cabins and a Main Lodge is a well kept secret in Manitoba.

To put it positively, Adanwomase is a well kept secret in today's world of Asante kente.

They had to be very secret in all that they did? especially the hiding of Jesuit priests.

You cant keep anything secret in that world and had there been anything of that kind then it would have come to light.

But keeping it secret in the hopes that all the riff-raff won't crowd your crag is an extremely selfish position to take.

A well kept secret in the industry is that information committed to CDs is permanent ----it is not---CDs &; DVDs degrade at a known rate - A.

What is secret in Freemasonry? The method of its teaching, the atmosphere it creates, the spirit in our hearts and the ties it weaves between men.

In 6% of cases "secret with" is used

I am going to share a secret with you.

Keep your age a secret with this Groupon.

Seems to a secret with gods golden dishes.

Salman says I want to share a secret with you about the key Arbaaz gave me last week.

The factors of n, p and q, can either be kept secret with the private key or destroyed.

If I share a secret with my husband (he is my life partner ), he always uses the information against me and throws it back at me.

Which superhero would you like to be and why? I guess Tarzan, then I wouldn't have to worry about clothes! Share a secret with us.

When women are secret they are secret indeed; and more often than not they only begin to be secret with the advent of a second lover.

It says that secret is equal to generateSecret, therefore, it should be possible to replace secret with generateSecret in the code below.

In 4% of cases "secret to" is used

Freemasonry should not be secret to the general society.

The Halibut had taken 20,000 photographs, still secret to this day.

It's a secret to the people potentially affected by this toxic brew.

That is, not secret to Osama but only to us who pay for and fight it.

The engagement remained a secret to the world and never led to the altar.

There you have it, a step by step guide on navigating youway from the rough to the green and you're secret to shaving.

SL might have promised something to the countries who supplied arms ammunitions which is/will be always secret to public.

However, in some verse of the Quran, there are some expressions implying that everything that is secret to us will be revealed.

I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me.

So whether or not this program is legal can never be ajudicated because the details of the program are too secret to reveal to any court.

In 3% of cases "secret of" is used

The best worshipping is the most secret of all.

Today, this file is the most secret of the Indian Republic.

This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets.

But for younger ones today, there? s no problem in proclaiming their most secret of trysts.

He knows the most secret of thoughts in the same way as He knows the most public of events.

On the most secret of levels, the Catholics are also controlled and they aim to control as well.

Therefore, let us call to mind someone we greatly respect and let the thought of him sanctify the most secret of our actions.

There are those in the media, and in private life who feel they must know everything that is going on in some of America's most secret of secrets.

When used knowingly, it will enhance the clarity of vision and enables the mind to penetrate the most secret of secrets, and can shed light on many a dark paradox.

It was Google that popularised the idea of taking research and development, traditionally among the most secret of a company's activities, and putting it in full view of customers.

In 2% of cases "secret by" is used

The proceedings should be secret by law.

Too much is kept officially secret by order of the court.

The adverse effects of these two drugs is well known, but kept secret by the medical profession.

The name of this book is secret by Pseudonymous Bosch (which is a pseudonym which adds even more mystery).

Ah yes; the dreaded cauliflowered ears, and the dark mysteries kept secret by those who indulge in the dark art of scrummaging! We wish Keven Mealamu.

While still a young child, Roberto manages to convince himself that he has an evil brother, Ferrante, kept secret by his family, to whom he ascribes all his bad actions.

In 1% of cases "secret after" is used

But to his eternal irritation, his real name wasn't so secret after all.

This one-hour episode was filled with yelling, arguments, rebuttals, and more yelling as the members aired secret after secret and voiced complaint after complaint.

In 1% of cases "secret at" is used

No details about this historical birth was revealed to the media and it was kept as secret at the request of the parents.

Be that it as it may, here's my take on the author's not really secret at all annoyances: 1) Some men do act like babies when they're sick, but most do their best to hide it.

In 1% of cases "secret under" is used

The dorm leaders gather in the gym and Young-man tears into Seung-ri at his request to keep Jae-hee's secret under wraps (hur).

In 1% of cases "secret until" is used

The legal threat was also a joke, kept secret until now.

Musa? s mother, sister and the mid-wife kept it secret until the end.

His role as a go-between later earned him a visit from the FBI, but it stayed secret until now.

While the latter were widely recognized for their work, Ultra was kept officially secret until 1974.

The investigation into the CIA was drawn up in 2004 by the CIA inspector general, John Helgerson, and kept secret until now.

In 1% of cases "secret without" is used

I feel curious how would be the best way for it not to be a secret without him then spying.

The final act of Skyfall has been kept largely secret without much play in the film's trailers.