Prepositions after "shocked"

"shocked at" or "shocked by"?

In 74% of cases "shocked at" is used

You may be shocked at the total.

I was shocked at the depth of it.

shocked at this reporting of this.

I'd shocked at the reaction to the story by some of the comments so far on the story.

I asked the same question a couple of months ago and was pretty shocked at the answer.

Seasidwriter says: 03:01pm 02/02/12 I am shocked at the viciousness of these comments.

The Spanish Armada guys were quite shocked at the speed with which the British ships managed to get out of harbour.

The unhappy man, solicitous for his life, wrote to Mr Fox, who was then in town, and greatly shocked at the affair.

Witnesses who watched the apparent turf war said they were shocked at the street sellers ' unprofessional ' antics.

I was shocked at the reaction by the man who fled Sudan when asked how he got a free passport and free plane ticket.

In 17% of cases "shocked by" is used

I assume you're shocked by that.

But I am so shocked by this post.

I'd shocked by your generalisation.

Every week I was more and more shocked by what you were able to pull off this season.

I was so shocked by the rebuke, I didn't dare tell my mum about it until years later.

How are two comparable? I am shocked by the daily doses of wisdom coming from Kaptaan.

When the Jews reached the ravine they were so shocked by the horrifying scene that they completely lost their will.

Thanks for reading! shocked by the announcement - makes it seem like Microsoft is abandoning all current customers.

But what is even more shocking is that we don't seem very shocked by the idea that Dr Kelly may have been murdered.

Why, he could spend his entire day too shocked by this to get any work done -- maybe that's why he's so incompetent.

In 2% of cases "shocked about" is used

I'd very shocked about the last episode.

Joel, I too am shocked about the praying.

I am still so shocked about what the psychic said.

That is why I am shocked about the import of another point Mahama made while on the issue.

We are very shocked about his unexpected death &; pray to God to give him best place in jannat.

I am shocked about the bad advice given to people about the most effective way to pay down multiple loans.

But i must admit that im rather shocked about how many Americans that can think for themselves, good job you guys.

I wasn't so shocked about Darren because I had been only going out with him a few months and didn't know him so well.

Certainly very few people can honestly feel shocked about men looking at pictures of Samantha Fox without much clothing on.

Not too shocked about that, only because there wasn't much out there to encourage buying, especially with higher gas prices.

In 2% of cases "shocked with" is used

I am shocked with tearful eyes.

Am shocked with all these comments.

He was actually quite shocked with himself.

Some of the problems are so unexpected that you suddenly get shocked with their effect.

She never shared that with us, so we were all the more shocked with the first recurrence.

Telefonica seemed shocked with the result and deeply regretted not having bid aggressively.

Later on, speaking to a friend, he was very shocked with me and asked how could i be so open speaking about rape.

Then I read the newspapers or watch TV and feel shocked with all the briberies, roberries, rapes and domestic violence commited everyday.

If it is beneficial to horses could it be beneficial to human athletes? Footlick 03 Jul 2012 10:26 AM Im shocked with people wanted to continue lasix.

I was pretty shocked with the photo above though as abusing the poor and the old disgusts me and someone who has lived in the Philippines should know better.

In 1% of cases "shocked of" is used

The entire community is shocked of the news.

The shocked of moral Manly! They starved my brothers out.

Her son was shocked of the behaviour of grownups (his words ), not the behaviour of men.

This particular experience am to talk about got me shocked of all my travels within West Africa.

So why is it that you're so shocked of this? I do agree that the ISA has been abused by the Governme (.

Some of the farmers in the country who spoke to this paper said they are very shocked of the whole incident.

People are shocked of your anger because we don't really know you, i think your blogs are a good idea, its a good ice breaker.

When I done with my shopping, I had the shocked of the world when I seen hubby's car!! 1/2 car body from the front was damaged!! Luckily the guy who hit hubby's car was waiting for me.

In 1% of cases "shocked to" is used

They didn't look shocked to me.

They didn't look shocked to me ', one witness said.

shocked to the very core of my heart, I stared at him.

So I took to the Internet and I'd shocked to what's going on.

She has given a shocked to her fans by confirming her wedding news.

I go shocked to looked around and realised many soldiers were hiding behind bush like this watching all the passengers travelling on A9.

Which one to follow? Worshipping, sacrifices, crucifixions is so primitive and I'd shocked to this day that we STILL do some of these things.

shocked to the core, Michelle was then dealt the harrowing blow that she too carries the gene -- and she may also have passed it to her daughter.

I was so shocked to the bone marrow to hear Akufo-Addo trying to play the Angel as though he cares for dissidents from Cote D'ivore to the audience at the IEA final debate.

Yibor, who looked shocked to the marrow, told Daily Guide that the force behind the explosion was so huge that it lifted the deceased high up, and he came crashing to the ground.