Prepositions after "skilled"

"skilled in" or "skilled at"?

In 55% of cases "skilled in" is used

He was skilled in every science.

You are skilled in your line of work.

skilled in both 2D and 3D animation,.

You can: Work with in an area that you are skilled in; computers, sports, music, etc.

Each of our artist has at least one thing that they are exceptionally skilled in - i.

The more your understanding, the better readers will see you as an skilled in the field.

Also terms of art may be used and persons skilled in the art may be called in to give the definition of such terms.

One skilled in the art will understand that the same technique may be applied when Vo is stable below Vtar as well.

You also need to become rather technically minded and skilled in a number of areas or costs will rise considerably.

When you are hired, the company loses because they invested in you believing you were skilled in a particular area.

In 33% of cases "skilled at" is used

I'd only a little skilled at it.

We'll become skilled at doing it.

I, for one, am not skilled at it.

The present government are multi skilled at making a mess of everything they attempt.

I have never met a person more skilled at keeping an entire world out of his presence.

But I like the notion of employing renegade business tactics, and being skilled at it.

skilled at lowland farming, one family settled an island in the middle of the Hudson that was sensitive to flooding.

There is a lot of talent, and the individuals are very specialized, very adept, very skilled at what they are doing.

I think one her most important jobs and something she is quite skilled at, is acting like a cheerleader for her team.

RMS is very skilled at computer programming, but at the same time, very stupid about human motivations and relations.

In 4% of cases "skilled with" is used

Obama is not that skilled with language.

There tributes are skilled with electronics.

I became quite skilled with my fists after that.

I am skilled with knife and got my hands dirty sucking the meat out of those claws.

The Emperor will even reward you if you're particularly skilled with your diplomacy.

If you are skilled with a computer you will find many ways to add to your family's income.

She mentioned people that have this are usually artistically skilled or skilled with other motor type activities.

You must be confident and skilled with your camera and strobes, without stopping to think, in all lighting conditions.

The professionals there are friendly and highly skilled with great knowledge of all of the devices that they work with.

He's well skilled with his changes of pace, his slower ball and his bumper, which is very good, and a very good yorker.

In 1% of cases "skilled as" is used

You also need to be skilled as an artist.

In addition, he's equally skilled as a ' Number 9?

He is skilled as a mason, but he does the work he gets.

Company ones need the water thinks to an british latte skilled as a creative.

HVAC Louisville comes with well skilled as well as exceptionally committed specialists.

But it's easier for emplyers to claim immigrants are harder working and more skilled as a smokescreen to cut wages.

Genuine, not punitive, work for dole schemes -- schemes that equip people for high skilled as well as low skilled jobs.

Not only was he exceptionally skilled as a surgeon and leader, his compassionate and caring nature meant that he was loved by his patients.

Obama is skilled as a facilitator, but the Washington culture seems stuck in practices that any corporate workshop leader would never allow.

He seems to have been a seriously philosophic man, skilled as a mason and with a considerable understanding of the Christian theology of his day.

In 1% of cases "skilled for" is used

She was strong and skilled for a female.

If you are not skilled for the jobs open, get training.

The region will be skilled for all sorts with result in.

You might be skilled for a discount if you push infrequently or possess a quick drive.

Besides, AID provided Staff Training among 28 staffs to make them efficient and skilled for the project.

As an entrepreneur, it is paramount to hire people who are trained and skilled for the specific position.

This style normally requires that followers/the group are suitably mature and skilled for a high level of involvement.

Vote for the extreme right wing that does not want to pay their taxes toward your childs education as they can import the skilled for free.

However this does not mean that they are not extremely well placed and skilled for facilitating the education of the new generation of podiatrists.

In 1% of cases "skilled of" is used

Tipper truck drivers are not always the most skilled of HGV drivers either.

Overtrading can happen with including the most skilled of forex trading forex traders.

Amazing? Not really, the bees appear to be a style for VIPs less skilled of the star system.

Since they are highly skilled of thing like lifting and whipping so they tend to be brawnier.

The betting games online are the ones that can be executed only by the most skilled of players.

Re: serious help black magic Black magic always backfires, even when used by the most skilled of magicians.

Don't hide it away in the darkest recesses of your website so only the most skilled of surfers can find it.

In the football sense it is seen as better to play with effort on the pitch, instead of spending hours becoming skilled of the pitch.

The people from Attock speak excellent Pashto, albeit with a Peshawari accent, and are considered to be among the most skilled of gunsmiths.

In 1% of cases "skilled on" is used

And he was as skilled on the diamond as he was on the gridiron.

In a large skilled on medium high heat, cook bacon until crispy.

These experts are skilled on how to ensure that your sever system is well maintained.

If doable, hire a promotion skilled on the nation you might have determined to target.

The particular tree on the Kruger Park may also be skilled on trekking organized tours.

I found the chefs that prepare food infront of you are not skilled on basic culinary steps.

skilled on guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and bass, Chris is a highly sought-after musician.

When she was a young woman she was a high tech secretary skilled on a typewriter by around 1900.

If you are approved at this juncture, you can count points for being skilled on your application to NZIS (EOI).

But about five or six years ago he asked his wife, who was more skilled on the computer, to research Montford Point.

In 1% of cases "skilled to" is used

Be skilled to water appropriately.

I thought he has a skilled to displayed ads on his site although i used ABP.

White, an American professional skilled to the task, to lay out the links was accepted.

A decent credit rating will bolster the chances of you receiving skilled to the Unique personal loan.

Players ranging from high skilled to low-skilled as well as those with no skills at all are encouraged to participate.

Obviously you must be skilled to the areas that are well known to you before bidding any oDesk jobs from your known field.

Tier 2 is now reserved for occupations skilled to at least NQF level 6 and in general the SOL should be aligned with that policy.

In 2005, the ratio of low skilled to high skilled youth unemployment rates stood at almost five to one, the second highest in the OECD.

The copywriters are skilled to perfection, are up-to-date as per the latest industry trends and know how to write for different audiences.

May be you are skilled to get a job but make sure you are capable of completing all the tasks given to you within the asked time schedule.