Prepositions after "slow"

"slow in", "slow on" or "slow for"?

In 33% of cases "slow in" is used

Job creation is slow in the US.

If it seems slow in coming, wait.

Improvements were slow in coming.

Canada remains too reliant on natural resources and too slow in its productivity growth.

The writing detection was very accurate but was a little slow in coming up with answers.

Few minutes later, the pilot was slow in his announcement, and I sensed something amiss.

She was fourth in 2009 and is aiming to better that, despite her boat, Savol, being the third slowest in the fleet.

I have tried to eat more protein but muscle has been slow in coming and the fat has nt really changed since I started.

They are justified in their complaints about funding cuts but they have much to do and are very slow in taking action.

Often notorious for starting slow in major tournaments, this Mexican side, under Jos Manuel De La Torre, is different.

In 13% of cases "slow for" is used

Stuttery and slow for everyone.

Progress in too slow for me too.

TKR was busy in the concert circuit but his ascent to the top was slow for two reasons.

After the decision, a minority which disagrees should go slow for a while on the debate.

At times I feel like he's even too slow for the ODI and you guys want him in T20 lololol.

Okay the 1 run session that I did with Rose the other night didn't really count as the pace was much too slow for me.

Although we have many dedicated servers sometimes the demand is so high the site can be a little slow for some users.

I hate this dairying, it's too slow for a funeral: there would be more life in trapping ' possums out on Timlinbilly.

This is too slow for a seed black hole of stellar mass to grow into billion-sun in 770x10 6 years (Figure 05-02o, a).

In 12% of cases "slow on" is used

So they are slow on the uptake.

Go slow on any guestworker plans.

So I would go slow on the builders.

They said no, but said an unofficial indication was given that we must go slow on those.

It's full on the 6:30am high tide so the waves are slow on take off with open shoulders.

They've been especially slow on the internet and probably extremely slow on video games.

Now I blog, go figure! I was a bit slow on the Facebook bandwagon, staying with Bebo for a considerable amount of time.

You have to go slow on the feeble minded, or just humor and let them feel like they are Hercules!! betelgeuse wrote: Mr.

He's not as slow on the perimeter as others may have led you to believe, and a surprisingly decent on-ball post defender.

I wished I had spent more time editing before coming - I was dreadfully slow on AVID, and it was always my Achilles heel.

In 9% of cases "slow at" is used

I'd clumsy and slow at texting.

Why is your site slow at times.

Cadence was a bit slow at scrum.

DD was very slow at toilet training and it didn't really click until she went to school.

The pendulum swings fastest at its lowest point and slowest at the top of each swing.

The service was quite slow at times particularly when the guest count was only about 10.

Very little sprout elongation occurs at 43F (6C ), elongation is slow at 48F (9C) and is maximized at about 64F (18C).

As the shutter speeds range from 30 seconds to 1/2000 second, with Bulb setting that still sync quite slow at 1/90 sec.

In spite of what happens Cromwell is depicted in a sympathetic way but I found that the action was a bit slow at times.

Aquino has a very clear picture of what he wants the Philippines to be, he just is VERY, VERY slow at making it happen.

In 6% of cases "slow with" is used

I must be getting slow with age.

Go light and slow with the alcohol.

Drink slowly: Go slow with your drinks.

We started off with a bang so we ate churros and took it slow with the Little Mermaid.

Qualifying was held in dry conditions, my first laps were all quite slow with traffic.

We are just going so slow with standardization and same time the need is more than that.

Hi Natalie - my apologies for being so slow with my follow-up post! The company is called Wire Home Furnishings Ltd.

After that, if it's costing too much in hardware or it's still slow with plenty of resources, you can tune the code.

Every other computer I've played on tends to go pretty slow with the game but I've never had a problem with the Mac.

The pace is slow with so many contestants that -- diehard fans aside -- it is hard to become attached to any of them.

In 5% of cases "slow down" is used

Junction has a slow down button.

All it does is slow down the pq now.

Would like slow down feature on HOTBED.

The best way to get people to slow down is to put a physical obstacle in their way (i.

Posted by: diane January 31, 2008, 10:32 pm 10:32 pm We dare not slow down the economy.

All it will do is slow down the haemorrhaging, but can not solve the challenges we face.

Here is Coldplay doing a slow down version of ' Fight for your right to party ', which seems to miss the point lots.

Venues that want vehicles to slow down in their vicinity might be able to install similar mechanisms on street poles.

It is important to correct the anemia to remain healthy and if possible slow down the worsening of the kidney failure.

Thick soft cushioning could help slow down the deceleration of your head, but the material of the helmet won't do that.

In 4% of cases "slow of" is used

I am slow of speech and tongue.

I must be one of the slowest of the lot.

My family chose the slowest of the three.

Big boat is the slowest of all but it has locker for you to store your personal stuff.

I have travelled 40 minutes outside Tehran in order to access the slowest of connections.

Right feeling in the first offenders would make the confidence of faith very slow of growth.

I have adopted a cooking method, read somewhere around the internet, of cooking meringues at the slowest of heat e.

Interestingly enough, one of the scariest moments of the week was the mineshaft berm, the slowest of all the obstacles.

If you are like me, this is too slow of a process! With that here are 2 quick shortcuts that you may not know about in SMSS.

Eric, Was NGDP growth in the 1920s rapid or not? I say it was one of the slowest of any decade in modern American history.

In 4% of cases "slow to" is used

Carragher looked very slow to me.

This episode was a bit slow to me.

Low population and slow to no growth.

Mertesacker might look clumsy of slow to them, but he is the solution to their problems.

All apps, modern or desktop, slow to a crawl, and the touchscreen barely recognises input.

I don't have exact statistics on this but securities underwriting doesn't seem too slow to me.

Their coded TCP innovation virtually eliminates the packet loss that makes wireless comparably slow to wired networks.

To this end, I'll give a quick rundown from slowest to fastest flights to Earth's natural satellite 380,000 km away.

Cachucha had equal top rating before adjustments of 104 but had only rated 91 on slow to heavy tracks and was well beaten.

If the 3rd-generation iPad doesn't feel slow to you, then you might want to keep a distance from this 4th-generation model.

In 2% of cases "slow as" is used

Or experiencing time 50 times as slow as us.

The ending was just as subtle and slow as the start.

The destruction has been slow as opposed to the earthquake.

Their progress was slow as the hill was rough and very steep and they had to cross fences.

Enough ping-pong for me! As for the 30 minutes daily free internet, it is slow as a snail.

The first few pages are a tad bit slow as the settings and characters are slowly established.

Salmon action cools The salmon action that was blistering hot a month or more ago is now as cold and slow as a glacier.

You can find almost any karaoke songs for this purpose like place, rock, crop up, slow as well as fast and many others.

Here's how to do it: First, don't bother with VPNs, they are very slow as the server always routes you through a tunnel.

Malaysia's response was so lame and slow as to give the impression that the country's foreign policy at present is aimless.

In 2% of cases "slow by" is used

You're allowed to be slow by all means.

The game didn't feel slow by any means.

Wazza seemed a bit overweight and slow by a yard.

Google voice is instantaneous whereas Siri is extremely slow by comparison most of the time.

However, don't put in so much that it makes your page really slow by increasing the file size.

Please note that wheelchair lifts are slow by nature and the museum has two levels of exhibits.

If you use this American TV frame-rate with so-called 30 non-drop timecode the clock will actually run slow by about 1.

It's the chip that was in 2010's iPhone 4 and original iPad, so it's a bit slow by today's (rapidly evolving) standards.

He was a very poor student, was considered quite slow by his teachers, and did not learn to read till he was 12 years old.

CONCLUSION The pace of growth of the Nigerian capital market has been rather slow by comparison with other markets worldwide.

In 2% of cases "slow off" is used

But they're slow off the dime on that.

Chickillo looked crazy slow off the snap.

Abby Whoa I was slow off the mark this time.

However, it has been a bit slow off the ground, and its growth trajectory is not clear cut.

Nonetheless, it is the opinion of the MSME Alliance head that the OUR was slow off the mark.

I'd being a bit slow off the mark and everyone, especially those up North, are probably sick of hearing about the stuff.

As usual, he was slow off the mark in responding to what is now shaping up to be one of the worst disasters of its kind.

Sorry bit slow off the mark on this! I thought the exact same thing when DS was playing with a lovely doll's house by Le Toy Van.

At the following year's World Championships in Berlin, Bolt was third slowest off the blocks, and again he broke the world record.

In 1% of cases "slow about" is used

They realized if they were too slow about it, the person would wake up.

To them, ignoring it is the same thing as being slow about getting to it.

Unfortunately, we are all slow about signing an Enduring Power of Attorney.

I am glad I am not the only one that is slow about getting around to this book.

Besides she's created to be instinctive plus judgmental, thus go slow about her.

Third, radiant energy travels at the speed of light - there is nothing slow about it.

The turtles, being naturally slow about things, took seven years to prepare for their outing.

In a life full of swift transitions, what corrections have you been slow about making? One Response Mike Brown is a good coach.

The breakfast buffet was good, but the evening appetizers were just so-so, the wine not great and they were very slow about refilling everything.

Some authorities have been rather slow about it, and we are going to use every aspect of the bully pulpit of government to try to persuade them to do so.

In 1% of cases "slow because" is used

The only way it is slow because of love marriages.

Even the descent is slow because of the steepness.

The trial has been slow because of procedural issues.

General Manager Lynn Salmoria says it's still a little slow because of the weather.

The process is very slow because the caste has been cast in the stone for centuries.

I for sure don't want the momentum to drastically slow because of of unneeded storyline.

Paid first deposit to them in june 2011 and still haven ' t moved in September 2012, very slow because of problems.

It's adoption into Russian forces has been slow because of its complex design and the expenses required to produce it.

You are very funny but also tech-challenged, it has always been that slow because of no upgrade for increased capacity.

The first episode was slow because of: reasons:, but hopefully next week we can improve on the speed and release first.

In 1% of cases "slow during" is used

On 20/10 at Xin, food was served slow during lunch.

The Google store was extremely slow during this period.

Progress at workplace could be slow during this time and even you might have to face some delay.

So, 1628 (100 - 1) = 162800 - 1628 = 161172 Here, calculation might get slow during substraction.

Because of the wars, both civil wars and invasions, trade was pretty slow during the 5th and 6th centuries.

Try alternating one minute fast with one minute slow during your workout to challenge your CV system more effectively.

It is a very dangerous situation, especially when the aircraft is flying low and slow during its approach and landing.

Growth has been slow during the civilian rules; while three long periods of military rule have seen remarkable recovery.

Nitrogen uptake is slow during the first month after planting, but increases to a maximum during ear formation and tasselling.

In 1% of cases "slow from" is used

This is very very slow from my opinion.

But progress has been painfully slow from him so far.

Top due to his aoe, and his amazing slow from his harpoons.

In the morning I am a little slow from the sediment of red wine and the lack of sleep.

Example: My current broadband providers service usually goes really slow from around 7.

Our team is incredibly slow from back to front and we really need to address this situation.

Go slow from their Forever EP gave a taste of their older material (well as old as it gets) and sounded big and bold.

Longetivity shouldn't be a problem, i have an old 333 mhz aptiva from 98 that still runs fine, althogh a little slow from age.

South Africa had to be watchful - and even after a run-less first half-hour, progress remained slow from a start-of-play 262-5.

His reaction time was slow from exhaustion, however, and the blade clanging against the armor that protected his right shoulder.

In 1% of cases "slow like" is used

Your computer will run really slow like a snail.

Word of mouth works however slow like the snail.

Healing can be slow like pealing layers off an onion.

It is slow like clay, with high bounces, the Slovenian said.

This album flows soft and slow like a river, winding its way through Eden.

Codemasters F1 2012 has drift but its slow like it was raining -- and under rain.

She buried me under the pillows and then I grew very slow like tree out of ground.

My metabolism is slow like all the woman in our family and I gain weight very quickly.

This one isn't too slow like Killin Me, but it's not nearly as up tempo as the rest of the album.

And another? which should be sent to all open mic comics:? Don? t go really slow like Stewart Lee.

In 1% of cases "slow out" is used

OK so they're the slowest out there.

Another thing that is slow out of the gates.

We were too slow out of the blocks but credit to Fiji for putting us under pressure.

I can say the same thing, my car is definitely the slowest out of the top four teams.

So many of the guys who you would figure for shoo-ins or close to it have been slow out of the gate.

Finally they decided to set off for a run -- or rather Read did, while Monty was slow out of the blocks.

Time to get into the game- All through the tournament the All Blacks seemed to be slow out of the blocks to get into the game.

Abbott's talk was slow out of the blocks with references to the liberalisation of China and India -- 90 seconds of trademark waffle.

If the story turns out not to be true, the correction is slow out of the gate and may never complete that same trip around the world.

Just like the week before against the Northern Blues, the Gold were slow out of the blocks and never in the contest as the Cats won 23.

In 1% of cases "slow over" is used

I'll take slow over reckless any day.

And this works like the slow over rates right.

After correction for slow over rate would only fielding team.

Jumping in the song is unbearably slow over a the internet because of the binary search.

We are pretty slow over the winter so once the snow starts falling I should have more time.

As breathing and heart rate slow over night, less oxygen gets around your body while you sleep.

Many people believe computers and laptops just get slow over time, and when they become too slow, they need replacing.

The slow over rates are killing the entertainment aspect of the game and the issue must be dealt with in a harsh manner.

Basically Canonical has ruined everything they had achieved so painfully slow over the years within just 3 releases past Lucid.

Angelo is the vice-captain, in that Pakistan game at Hambantota three months back he was also found guilty of maintaining a slow over rate.