Prepositions after "specific"

specific to, about, in, for or on?

In 63% of cases "specific to" is used

It's not specific to JavaScript.

They are specific to the Ojibwe tribe.

Information specific to the newcomer (e.

What I have presented is a moral topography specific to a particular time and place.

I would much rather have seen the author take a route that was specific to the iPad.

This is a simple way to find out about the repayment specific to the loan requested.

Graduate training schemes tend to offer training specific to the applications and systems graduates will be using.

There is no doubt that social media measurement must be specific to the brand's business and marketing objectives.

The Virus Bulletin test is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware.

In 13% of cases "specific about" is used

Osho was very specific about this.

It's specific about the prohibitions.

Be specific about the things you like.

And another 63 said yes but were specific about the kind of gameplay they wanted.

Numbers to be clear and specific about your offer and set the right expectations.

The Philippine Family Code and other Philippine laws are very specific about this.

The Iranian Penal Code is very specific about the manner of execution and types of stones which should be used.

Be as specific about your story as possible -- this way you won't find yourself lost halfway through production.

So if you want to hire a writer or out-source your content, be specific about what you want them to write about.

Can you be more specific about your investments? We are distributing investments across three horizons of demand.

In 7% of cases "specific in" is used

Pls be specific in your answers.

Be very specific in your answer.

You are specific in your comments.

Please be specific in a single words without your hefty logical and calculated datas.

Years as a college dean have taught me to be very specific in my responses to things.

LI5: The Credit Crisis ), but please try to be specific in your followup description.

Asking for specific information, leads, or an interview is much more focused and easier for the networking source.

However, Amy is more than happy to paint a set of nails to your own design if you have something specific in mind.

At the provincial level, recent reports have begun to highlight the need for specific investments in public health.

Be quite specific in what you tell the client about marketing the investment property and how you will approach it.

In 6% of cases "specific for" is used

Let's get specific for a moment.

Let's get specific for a second.

There is nothing specific for them.

Options for the actions are different for each action but specific for that action.

There does also seem to be a genetic trait that's specific for religious prejudice.

Nothing specific for those who want more detail to fit their age group is one thing.

Produce short movie clips or a series of stills to demonstrate techniques specific for the different experiments.

They used to test blood type of the perpetrator, now they do DNA tests that are more specific for identification.

Due to this, some of the books can not be used globally since they are specific for the intended area and purpose.

I was skeptical of a new formula that says it's specific for cleaning and had to try it out to see the difference.

In 3% of cases "specific on" is used

The Council again is very specific on this.

Church law is quite specific on the matter.

Hard to be specific on negotiate assessment.

I'll try to be more specific on some of the streets, shops and houses in the future.

And they were specific on why they were drawing that comparison: In both cases -- i.

Now i'd also a specific on this theme thus will have an understanding of your energy.

The following verses (reproduced in translation) are very specific on the subject noted above and dealt hereunder.

Long keywords do sound really good to ears but they would not help as they become too specific on the search field.

If the description is in any way vague, ask the seller to be specific on what damages the car has really sustained.

Thanks, Mike! Because I don't use iPhone, I wish you went a little bit more specific on the problems with examples.

In 2% of cases "specific with" is used

Be specific with the specifics.

Be specific with your questions.

Be specific with your objectives.

And this is not specific with that day but will prolong till the Day of Judgement.

The secret to success is to get to know your user and be specific with your solution.

The key is to choose the right mentors and be as specific with what you want from them.

Service Specific Google Travel Hotel Finder: You can also get service specific with Google travel hotels finder.

Be specific with the building as there are many overpass in the area (though they are near each other actually).

He could be just very specific with laws and guidelines since he believes in the appropriate and ideal activities.

He seemed pretty excited with that, and I think we can be more specific with him for the next Presidential election.

In 1% of cases "specific as" is used

Be specific as opposed to general.

I can be more specific as to my feedback.

So, whatever policy has to be specific as to conduct.

It is hard to be specific as to what age your daughter should get access to a phone.

Make sure your contract is specific as to how much they must do before they get paid.

Some minors are very specific as to which courses you need and others are very general.

We wish we could be more specific as to how many we've spectated together, but goldfish have better memories than we do.

You can be as specific as to say that you want an attractive mate, you can list eye color, hair color, height, build, etc.

Within three years though, Gilbert had shown in again, only this time he made it specific as the head of a Capri fisherman.

If there is anything missing, you would need to scour the paper tree to know that, and be very specific as to what you need.

In 1% of cases "specific by" is used

Jesus was very specific by saying sea monster.

Be specific by describing what you see and when you see it.

I agree, then it continues and becomes more specific by saying.

When I was say that I judge RMS is a fanatic, I mean something very specific by that.

Biddings may be altering, making them more specific by naming people or situations, ex.

You would want to be specific by using terms such as Womens knit sweaters or Mens pullover sweaters, etc.

Is it user specific by chance? Any ideas? I just told them you had a button for now, but if I can add it, I'd love to.

Using Operators You can make your searches more specific by combining the words you used for basic searches with operators.

Some students start with a clear idea of what their thesis will be about, or are given something specific by their supervisor.

This ' right to participation ' can be made more concrete and specific by the application of the ' principle of subsidiarity '.

In 1% of cases "specific of" is used

One following up on the - a specific of the Bill.

Unfortunately, my PMP can't do that specific of an EQ.

It is possibly the most ideologically specific of genres.

She sounds like a teen, specific of her views, however, not necessarily completely clued upward.

Routers need to use the most specific of these routes the longest prefix when forwarding packets.

Paper is specific of the important resource employed for different arts and even crafts purposes.

So to move forward, we need to move into the specific of the dialogues at very decentralized levels?, said James Tefft.

So why look at it this way? The best solution for single vegan women is to not have too specific of a dietary checklist.

I can say, as a Medicien, than time is gold in any case of our lives, but in the specific of medicine it's more much true.

And taking slippery elm powder daily was another specific of Walter's for helping general health, and the condition of the gums.