Prepositions after "starving"

"starving to", "starving in" or "starving for"?

In 29% of cases "starving to" is used

They are not starving to death.

In Africa people are starving to death.

It builds starving to death into the system.

This way we know she's getting the right amount and isn't *really* starving to death.

The thought of a tiny bird in my room slowly starving to death got me back on my feet.

However they were capable of starving to death if left without time energy for too long.

Once Candana had given half the food that had been given to her while she was nearly starving to Mahavira as alms.

They thought that nobody would know of their plight and, by thus starving to death, they would protect their honor.

As rivers and lakes dried up, crops and livestock died resulting in up to 20,000 people starving to death each month.

At least now that I am no longer starving to death, perhaps it would be nice to enjoy my own cooking once in a while.

In 24% of cases "starving for" is used

I'd starving for a bit of meat.

Still starving for some reason.

He said he was starving for Spain.

Is anyone really starving for a hot serving of Shelden Williams? I for one, am not.

Zombudoy Zombies are starving for food, and there's only one way to get rid of them.

Some magnets are starving for funding while GAMP is getting more than its fair share.

The upside is that they're coming to a team with a good shot of contending in a city that's starving for a winner.

You'll naturally stop overeating, because your body and brain will no longer be starving for the nutrients they need.

Other editors might simply be starving for content and have to settle for what they get, even if it is snarky drivel.

Now allow me to divulge: The main drivers of China's debt financing, China's state-owned banks, are starving for cash.

In 23% of cases "starving in" is used

No to people starving in Greece.

And nobody is starving in Gaza either.

People should be starving in the street.

They don't want to run jewelry ads against articles about people starving in Darfur.

It doesn't matter if the poor are better off than someone starving in Ethiopia or not.

Wasting a dime on their exterior is ridiculous when there are people starving in Africa.

The girl, from Jharkhand, had been held captive and starving in their home while the couple vacationed in Thailand.

This was enough food to feed a million people for a month, although there were few people actually starving in 1845.

Why not feed the birds if you want to do something? ' ' I want to help people starving in Africa, stop all the wars.

If there is anything to do mind it, for there is as many starving in America as there was in the bad times in Ireland.

In 5% of cases "starving of" is used

Most of our universities are starving of fund.

Our agriculture is starving of investment and lack of long term strategy.

Calls for ceasefire by the UN has only caused more brutal starving of civilians.

Not to mention killing or starving off brilliant educated people from all walks of life.

Okay lets agree that starving of people is part of war, what about the 20 give to the Igbos after the war.

The reason for the entire extension of the hostilities -- the precondition -- has not been lifted, which is the starving of the 1.

Cotta Craft's emergence in a local craft market starving of creativity and innovation makes me a proud son, businessman and Jamaican.

Oxygen God formed Man out of dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life -- Genesis 2:7 Your cells are starving of fresh oxygen.

Pious bores of every stripe have declared the American guilty of insulting IRA hunger-strikers, Gandhi, the starving of the Third World, and old fashioned English decency.

In 3% of cases "starving by" is used

I used to be starving by 10am and crave a sweet snack back then.

Germany was hungry but not starving by 1918, still capable of fighting.

Children in Africa starving by now there's nothing in this world I can't.

First of all if you haven't had lunch you are more than likely to be starving by 5 pm approximately.

Children are usually starving by home time, so you may want to bring a snack and drink to the school gate.

But I always eat something before bed or I'll be starving by the time I wake up and spend all day feeling famished.

I've known people who have terrible times with their weight who can eat a HUGE breakfast and be literally starving by noon.

They are not starving by the first break and aren't reaching for the first bag of candy or chips they see in the school vending machine.

If we didn't like it, then we could wait until the next meal and hope it looked better -- and it would because we would be starving by then.

In 3% of cases "starving on" is used

In the long run, it is more humane to put an animal to sleep than to leave it starving on the street where it is prone to catching diseases.

My weakness has always been desserts and also I was always starving on other diets, consisting of calorie restriction, diet pills, shakes and etc.

I don't see people starving on the streets, burning paper notes to keep warm, or trying to get foreigners to buy pianos, in order to be able to buy an apple.

Bean is the central character of Shadow, and we pick up his story when he is just a 2-year-old starving on the streets of a future Rotterdam that has become a hell on earth.

In 2% of cases "starving at" is used

Nuns nursed in fever hospitals and fed the starving at their convents.

This meant that we would be starving at sea if something went terribly wrong.

Really? Really tho? Like the child is starving at Mums? Sounds like some massive BS to me.

We are dealing with lack of health care, people starving at home, losing their homes, unemployed.

I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before and I was absolutely starving at this point, so I was a bit disappointed when I found that this breakfast was cereal.

Would the sheep (the independent voters) be so enthralled to run into his corral? I don't see it, unless, after 4 years of starving at the bottom of the recession pit, the sheep are looking for a Dr.

In 1% of cases "starving after" is used

Thank you ahjumonis and ahjusshis:) We're practically starving after water rafting.

starving after the 3rd race (and it was now 4pm ), I grazed on the apples, bananas and cherries.

We were exhausted and starving after snorkeling activities, we will eat everything gave to us but the squid and chicken meal disgusted us.

Explains well why you are usually starving after a swim and can eat all round you! yes swimming is really a mega no no when it comes to weight loss according to the research.

In 1% of cases "starving because" is used

The body can feel like it is starving because of emotional, visual or other cues.

They weren't orignally starving because of greedy billionaires (because there were none.

Could one not argue in a provocative way that Africa is not starving because of the speculators but because it is too poor for the speculators: there is nothing to be earned there.

In my life, I face very few challenges like having to do some hard home work, but Iqbal's challenges include leaving his parents for more than 3 years or maybe starving because of the lack of food.

In 1% of cases "starving from" is used

Then they annihilate themselves, drowning in their own wastes or starving from lack of food.

starving from an artificially created famine, and disease ridden because of it, the poor tenants were easy bait.

Inheriting from a richful treasure of art from our ancients, the artists were still starving from lack of knowledge.

All starving from a day of excellent kiting we went for dinner at Restaurant Bergblick, run by a German and it is very recommendable! Day nr.

I can honestly say I am never starving from one meal to the next because I always have grapes, string cheese, something I can munch on if I get hungry.

RATING: A THE FOOD/DRINKS: Overpriced and not very good, but when you're dehydrated and starving from eight-plus hours of standing and shouting, you don't much care.

In 1% of cases "starving with" is used

Both sub poverty and starving with great resources.

He fills the starving with good things, sends the rich away empty.

And thus we can solve the problem of the starving with a simple cake.

I remember starving with no food and unable to wash myself, alone in a large house, there was no help anywhere that I could find.

Got on the bus to the interview at 8am and, through some strange cosmic blip, ended up at the campus exactly an hour before my interview, exhausted and starving with no breakfast in sight.

In 1% of cases "starving within" is used

Assuming this is strictly enforced, you will probably be starving within days, dead within weeks, in an approximate repeat of communist famines.

We will be starving within a couple of years but not allowed back into the UK and for some odd reason the house flipping MP in charge of the No campaign says we wont get to listen to British music.