Prepositions after "steady"

"steady at" or "steady in"?

In 27% of cases "steady at" is used

Spot gold was steady at $1,708.

Sovereign remained steady at Rs.

The resident stayed steady at 1.

Core inflation -- which strips out prices of fresh food and energy -- was steady at 1.

Turnout among the demographic remained steady at 13 percent of the overall electorate.

Your camera needs to be tripod-mounted and kept steady at all times, only adjusting focus from one shot to the next.

The number of businesses that have gone into receivership in the previous six years has remained steady at around 0.

The gains helped keep the benchmark 100 percent B grade Thai white rice steady at $560 per tonne despite thin demand.

Without annual raises or other forms of compensation, holding steady at your current standard of living is impossible.

In 18% of cases "steady in" is used

Keep steady in your duties as muslimah.

To be able to stand steady in a moving bus.

Food quality has remained steady in Economy.

A good crop and a buoyant overseas demand keep Thai sugar steady in the global market.

Success or no success, a Krsna conscious person is always steady in his determination.

Also, policy rates were held steady in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

The yogi must remain steady in meditation on the transcendent Self, just as a lamp remains steady in a windless place.

This figure then remained steady in April at 1557 visits and 36 613 hits (a daily average of 51 visits and 1220 hits).

Should demand remain steady in China, the world's largest importer of sheep wool, 2011 may be the year where the price.

Soaring market value The markets zoomed ahead in 2009, but just about held steady in 2010, with considerable volatility.

In 10% of cases "steady for" is used

Keep it there steady for some time.

Get steady for the next (self-) flagellation.

Things seemed to hold steady for a few years.

Everyone cheered and clapped for him cause his flying is quite steady for first timer.

Dairy land prices have been relatively steady for the past two seasons, the report says.

Tauranga Tauranga values have been relatively steady for the past six months, and are 1.

And since this flux has been very steady for a very long time, it can't be the source of the change in heat content.

Plenty of people build the ladder that Obama climbed on his way to the top, and then held it steady for him as well.

You'll notice that the participation rate was steady for both men and women in that core group from Jan 03 to mid 08.

It's been slow but steady for a good 20 years now and the erosion is becoming far more visible nowadays in retrospect.

In 9% of cases "steady on" is used

He's very steady on the rudder.

Ryan is really steady on his feet now.

NBS is steadier on the up and down road.

I'd all hungover and emotional and listening to Japandroids and Hold steady on repeat.

On odd-numbered years, manufacturers raise price on Y by 6% and keep price steady on X.

Mike Ayers of Elections Canada said turnout was steady on the first day of advance voting.

But I have met plenty of people on my travels who were pretty advanced in some areas but not so very steady on their feet.

However, economists expect the central bank to keep monetary policy steady on Tuesday, having eased in September and October.

One thing I will offer, those well positioned today, and steady on their feet are incredibly well positioned for what lies ahead.

In the first instance, we understand the communist anthem's lyrics, and see that the group stand united and steady on their stools.

In 7% of cases "steady with" is used

But I didn't want to go steady with it.

I've just never gone steady with someone.

She kept her voice steady with some difficulty.

Our group is holding steady with both the number of active members as well as events.

On the subject of rates, they remain steady with a little movement down on fixed rates.

On the other hand, S/U of palm oil still holds steady with only a slight drop in 2012/13.

If you are looking for a man to go steady with rather than a fling, say so from the get-go to avoid future confusion.

Smoking rates amount youth aged 15 to 19 years old remain steady with 15 per cent of this age group currently smoking.

Progress for a while was at least steady with Zahlentheorie being published in 1931, and Von dem besten Staate in 1932.

In 4% of cases "steady over" is used

The price of fish remained steady over the week.

This number has stayed pretty steady over the years.

Where there founders grew slowly and steady over many years.

The resulting warming rate is found to be steady over the 1979 -- 2010 period studied.

The choice between both types of cooking and heating power has remained pretty steady over the years.

The outurn is that radiation out and radiation in are kept steady over time despite variations around the baseline.

The destruction has been very steady over decades but little things do with forthright could ease the pain and suffering.

In most other industries, deaths and injuries are decreasing but in farming numbers have remained steady over recent years.

The Catholic share of the population has been roughly steady over this period, in part because of immigration from Latin America.

In 2% of cases "steady as" is used

Keepin ' up the rhythm, steady as a clock.

Twenty two lines came down each as true and steady as the first.

Luckily we didn't have an oop moment coz John Shotgun Luke was steady as a rock as always.

I could have been a real live giver, Could have been as steady as a rock I could even be here.

Amidst all this frenetic activity, Lavigne noticed that Griffo appeared to remain as still and steady as a fulcrum.

The warming stopped in 1998 and held steady as the Tsunami/Quakes happened, and has gone back to 1980 levels this year.

His life could be simple as a kettle, and steady as a rock-- and then the epiphany-- it could be like that in his current form.

The man in the clearing, thin silver hair lit from behind, long blue work shirt over pink, is lean, of modest height, and steady as a post.

American Idiot doesn't sound like the Green Day of old but their transition felt natural and steady as the band peaked, they were in high demand and delivered.

In 2% of cases "steady during" is used

Unemployment has been steady during difficult times.

Electrical equipment sales remained steady during the period after WW1.

Bird numbers have remained steady during the project implementation period.

Consider how difficult or easy the camera will be to hold steady during recording.

Its size and form factor make it comfortable to handle, and easy to hold steady during shoots.

Rents for secondary industrial facilities also remained steady during Q3, at 37 per square metre.

In the six months from September to March, the residential property market looks as if it were steady during the period.

Morison has been the more steady during the weeks he doesn't score so if you're choosing, he's generally the better bet.

Non-oil trade with the various EEC countries, which had been steady during the early 1980s, strengthened in 1987 and 1988.

Though the rain was steady during the two afternoon sessions, most of the casks (and attendees) were covered from the weather.

In 2% of cases "steady from" is used

The wind blew hard and steady from the south.

The wind remains steady from the south-south-west at 50 knots (92.

Renewal premiums were steady from P1 billion in the first semester of 2010 to P1.

This and much of the information is parallel to the information that has stayed steady from Mr.

If the acceleration is steady from standstill to 3 m/s, the average speed during that time will be 1.

Excluding this new category and comparing like with like, the profiles of adverse events reported is steady from 2010 to 2011.

One might have thought that the progress of the number systems in general, and zero in particular, would have been steady from this time on.

The population growth impact on the labour force aggregate is relatively steady from month to month; and The participation rate fall meant that 16.

In 2% of cases "steady since" is used

The numbers have held relatively steady since 2010.

That number, about 100,000, has remained steady since 1997.

Let me say that again: Earth temperatures have been steady since 1997.

In the Senate, a record 17 women served, but that number had remained steady since 2009.

In Russia and China, positive perceptions remain steady since 2011 (47% and 49%, respectively).

As you can see, that number rose noticeably in July and has been high and steady since September.

The preliminary results showed Australia's overall school performance had remained steady since 2008, when the national testing began.

What is remarkable about this chart is that it shows that the Nation's water use peaked in 1980 and has been fairly steady since then.

Additionally, median age and CD4 count at diagnosis among MSM have remained steady since 2001 (overall: 35 years and 398 cells/mm 3, respectively).

Rates have remained fairly steady since June 2008 in the 15-17 year age group and in the two oldest age groups but declined in adults aged 18-54 years.

In 2% of cases "steady throughout" is used

The audience was steady throughout the show after inheriting 2.

In goal, Mike Thompson seemed pretty steady throughout the season.

The South Korean Kospi held steady throughout the day to end at 1,891.

By that reckoning, academic spending held relatively steady throughout the 1990s, at about 0.

Other most important thing to remember is that you breathe slow and steady throughout this routine.

Connie Mack IV held steady throughout most of the campaign, though recent polls show Mack closing the gap.

Money markets remain stable Overnight call money and repo rates remained steady throughout the week averaging 10.

According to the Branch, the ratio remained steady throughout the Branch at 5 percent from 2003-2004 to 2006-2007.

However, overnight call money and repo rates remained steady throughout the week amidst this volatility to average 10.

It has always been steady throughout the decades, but the government keeps pumping money into a war that can not be won.

In 2% of cases "steady to" is used

Rock steady to me was like our Motown.

Export: Grades are steady to up NZ$2/t.

Processor bids were mostly steady to firm across the Midwest.

This system requires about half an hour of steady to heavy rain to fill the 200,000 litre tank.

To keep this level steady to 2050 wind/solar* have to grow at and average 8% per year for 33 years.

I think it is very difficult for companies to move from slow and steady to agile and forward thinking.

Through the Sixties Island had grown to become a major source of Jamaican music, from ska and rock steady to reggae.

US soybean basis was steady to firm midday on strong export demand and slow farmer selling as futures continue their decline.

Profits reach their zenith during the exploitation stage; the maturation stage and saturation stages are characterized by steady to declining profits.

Only free peoples can hold their purpose and their honor steady to a common end and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interest of their own.

In 1% of cases "steady across" is used

Scores have generally remained steady across most Chinese locations.

According to the 2011 Census, home ownership remains steady across the country.

You will find, even so, some foods that are much more steady across the country.

Fees in Ireland are largely steady across the sector, with neither UCD nor TCD raising them of late.

Mostly, house prices are steady across the market, he says, but smaller homes seem to be under price pressure.

There are a couple exceptions to that but it is pretty steady across the current (over-saturated some would say) shooter/action market.

Bare minimum requirements also make certain that user knowledge will be steady across all products, which can be another as well as mark for Wp7 app.

The performances are steady across the board, with a series of enjoyable cameo's littered across the movie, from some of the Hollywood's biggest stars.

Second, while we have claimed that antonymy is a context-bound relation, at the same time some antonym pairs seem steadier across contexts, which can be seen as a symptom of canonical antonymy.

In 1% of cases "steady after" is used

The unemployment rate has largely remained steady after the mass job losses of 07/08.

Gold is trading steady after having its biggest intraday high in two weeks, closing at $1730.

The economists predicted that the bank would keep rates steady after the CPI in October was released on Wednesday.

Protein is not only vital for good health, but it helps with hunger control and can keep the blood sugar levels steadier after a meal.

The move was in line with market expectations, and the Hungarian currency, the forint, remained steady after the decision and was last trading at 280.

And we cheered them like crazy, and jumped up and down even though our legs were not quite steady after trying to chase personal bests in the 21Km league.

The prime interest rate will remain steady after the Reserve Bank opted not to change the repo rate, said the economic newspaper Business Day on its website.

While cask drinkers remain predominantly male and upmarket, interest from younger and female drinkers is holding steady after significant recruitment from these groups.

In 1% of cases "steady against" is used

The dollar was steady against the yen at 82.

The dollar was steady against the yen at 79.

Toyota expects the yen to hold steady against the U.

The Pound was also able to hold steady against the US Dollar.

The pound held steady against the euro and edged higher against the yen.

The Australian dollar was steady against the US dollar, currently buying 104.

The pound sterling remained steady against the rupee as it initiated the day's trading at Rs 152.

What brought this home for me was when I got my Nikon 10x70 and found that those bat wing eyecups seemed to really help me hold it steady against my face.

Now, coming back to the West Asian uncertainty, we find the dollar remaining steady against the yen before the Tsunami and recording a sharp fall against the euro.

In 1% of cases "steady between" is used

The barometer had been steady between 29.

Then the eyes remain steady between the two eyebrows.

Put OI is at 126 &; 128 and then is eerily steady between 129 &; 137.

The BOJ also decided to keep its target rate steady between zero and 0.

Meanwhile, in China, favorable opinion among the general public has held steady between 2007 and 2012 at 60.

The 2011 Census data also showed the number of homeless people in Queensland was fairly steady between 2001 and last year, while homelessness grew in New South Wales.

The proportion of women primary and nursery teachers has stayed steady between 1997 and 2005 at 88 percent in England 81 percent in Wales, 93 percent in Scotland and 84 percent in Northern Ireland.

In 1% of cases "steady by" is used

Its flow becomes steady by habit.

Keep your camera steady by tucking in your arms.

Policy rates were held steady by central banks in Indonesia (5.

Hands-on-head, the master holds her steady by grabbing a bunch of pubic hair.

Keep your mind steady by gently warding off all intruding thoughts but without strain.

There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing.

The body is rendered healthy, light, strong and steady by the practice of Asanas, Bandhas and Mudras.

Policy interest rates were kept steady by central banks in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, and Malaysia last week.

Where the backbone of the Pujas is held steady by those who are mainly reliant on seasonal income, the main source of money flow, actually emerges from the higher end of Calcutta's population.

In 1% of cases "steady despite" is used

Emotions rock the ocean so keep your happiness steady despite.

He appeared relaxed and steady despite his advanced age of 97 years.

As a result, our performance in the first half of the year has been steady despite the tariff wars in the market.

This looks as if you were on a good trajectory towards longer term improvement, or at least steady despite your illness.

He and Elsie Needham were able to marry after five years of a relationship that had been steady despite their long periods apart.

Lintrak's performance has been steady despite the lack of growth catalyst caused by the indefinite delay in toll rate hikes by the government.

November 6, 2012 The Pound Holds steady despite Weak Data The dollar continued to hold its ground against most major currency pairs including the Pound.

The next day, we have a bit of a reprieve from the fighting -- Hwal Bin Dang is holding steady despite the siege -- and Su Geun begs Mal Nyeo to marry him formally.

PRICE GOUGING Prices at the pump have remained steady despite the shortages, AAA said, averaging just below $4 a gallon in New York City, 2 cents lower than last week.

During the downturns in the late-1970s and early-1980s in particular, the participation rate remained relatively steady despite the unemployment rate increasing strongly.

In 1% of cases "steady of" is used

AAS: We're back to working at steady of pace with AAS.

They are all consistent of emotion and steady of mind.

I wondered about the steady of the video, especially movements in the bar.

Rodgers must lead on; steady of mind and sharp of tongue to build a platoon that can eventually reach domination.

With the Galaxy S3's body being so thin and light, it's susceptible to wobble from even the steadiest of grips.

KCC-A looked the more steady of the two sides, with some good defensive play and efficient deployment of the ball.

It is secure at atomic number 78 apply river steady offers games such hard plenty with this symbol of player development/relations.

Once you start posting CPM based ads on your website, you'll start getting a steady of income for the ads that feature on your site.

The IMF made the political bet that a steady of flow of investment, stable monetary policy would compensate for the lack of democracy.

The possibilities for revenue creation are virtually boundless, defendant unrivaled on the steady of effort that you exert in creating your blog content.

In 1% of cases "steady rather" is used

I hope there were plenty more, but the footfall was steady rather than spectacular.

Price appreciation has been steady rather than spectacular and investors can secure net yields of around 6.

Have got awesome abs and glutes and spend a lot of time posing in the mirror but again, this is steady rather than vigorous.

Now that summer has settled in -- and financial authorities are offering a steady rather than increasing flow of support -- the mood has changed.

Some steady rather than brilliant performances with James Charlesworth being the pick of the bunch for his all round work and leading the line so well.

Just remember if it's super bright it is better to run it on steady rather than flashing mode in order to prevent causing cyclists behind you to have seizures.

In 1% of cases "steady through" is used

The taste are often more steady through it.

Oil prices were steady through the 50s and 60s.

Monk Kok's air quality was poor and steady through the month.

It was the only thing that held steady through the liquid mirage.

This is so that the blood sugar levels are steady through the night.

It is steady through a good many pounds of steak, and as regular as a clock.

Figure out how to be monetarily steady through not making use of charge cards constantly.

The decline in holding periods has been steady through 50 years of bull and bear markets.

I knew the spots which were going to be the worst, and took it reasonably steady through them.

Keeping your camera steady through the relatively long exposure process mitigates most of the problems above.

In 1% of cases "steady under" is used

Yes, he has kept steady under fire.

It is vital to hold steady under this predictable assault.

Her personal chief of security, Colonel Voltaire Gazmin, recently testified that she was steady under pressure.

Indeed, domestically, consumption demand is expected to stay steady under the support of higher incomes over the past year.

We reject calls to raise taxes, but revenue nevertheless remains steady under our budget because we close special-interest loopholes.

Is the ferry affected by bad weather? Can it get rough? I have always found the huge 50,000 ton Ulysses to be rock steady under most conditions, even in the depths of winter.