Prepositions after "stingy"

stingy with, in, about, on or to?

In 57% of cases "stingy with" is used

Don't be stingy with the butter.

Don't be too stingy with the pad.

A little stingy with their miles.

I have email evidence, but many employers are stingy with both cash and recognition.

He did, however, have the reputation of being a tad bit stingy with his collections.

She says that some drivers are so stingy with money and opt to exchange sex for food.

Others say that China is stingy with humanitarian aid and that its secretive culture fuels bribery and corruption.

Instead, the person who shared our home and our lives was cold, distant, stingy with his money, his time and his love.

Punishment for failure can be quite harsh in Conviction, as the developers have been incredibly stingy with checkpoints.

Also amazing is the cheese plate - you can have as many types as you want and they're not stingy with the portion sizes.

In 13% of cases "stingy in" is used

They are stingy in love for their Prophet.

Al Jazeera will not be stingy in that aspect.

So be not stingy in your questions and wants.

A patron who was stingy in fulfilling his side of the bargain might not last too long.

The Saints were particularly stingy in their Week 10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

The edge of the sea can often appear stingy in the way that it holds onto its secrets.

Normally the reserve of flagship devices, now every other value smartphone and tablet seems relatively stingy in comparison.

If I choose to hold back in my prayer life, to be stingy in those things I share with God, then I'd stunting my spiritual growth.

The Chinese are not stingy in paying headhunters or offering a generous salary, at least four to five times higher than that in Taiwan.

Those whose thoughts are stingy in matters of religion, should remember that the Grace of Allah, Most High, is not limited to them, alone.

In 8% of cases "stingy about" is used

God is not stingy about love; the more the merrier.

His uncle was stingy about that, as about much else.

There was nothing stingy about this Lor Mai Kai (???).

When you are big enough a leader, you are not stingy about giving others more respect.

The food stall uncles in Singapore also tend to give very little meat and are very stingy about it.

Not to worry though as it appears Pinterest doesn't exactly seem to be very stingy about granting requests.

They call it The Winchester Gospel, but gospel writers have been notoriously stingy about the sharing their playbook.

He admits to not particularly liking either of them (Baek-hee for making Hye-mi suffer and Jin-gook for being stingy about his underwear, HA.

If we can not extend a helping hand or feel stingy about compassion, the least we can do is not to mock the unfortunate and grandly call ourselves Christian.

Obviously there will be some certain items you can't help it to splurge (such as wedding attire, photographer, venue, food etc) and some items you might need to be stingy about.

In 6% of cases "stingy on" is used

The Pink station was a little stingy on the color.

I was also stingy on my mushrooms and next time I'd gon na try mixing different types of mushrooms.

I was pretty stingy on my entertainment and would likely go over budget at a cost in other areas (e.

Considering that they are serving eighty cents sushi, I would have thought they would be stingy on the fish slices and serve small portions in general.

But i strongly believe Mobitel always drive the market towards popularizing more and more mobile communication rather than being stingy on your consumption.

Thus I may get a bit envious looking at this thread Will be keeping an eye on this for sure Don't be stingy on the build now Now the loom it f*cking butcherd.

Railroads are necessarily stingy on increasing capacity, as it's in the interest of shareholders to limit the risk associated with long service life capital investment.

Even more importantly, these four papers, and the research tradition from which they follow, are stingy on talking to people about what financial outcomes they would like to see in their lives.

In 5% of cases "stingy to" is used

stingy to the core he found it very easy to be poor.

In what ratio? His first postelection offer was stingy to Republicans.

It is indeed an irony that a rich country like ours can be very stingy to the poor.

Only Lanelle Bleaching Cream can aid in both skin whitening and curing skin pigmentation without being harsh or stingy to your skin.

We got the metro from The Pentagon to Ronald Reagan Airport where we were to stay the night because we were too stingy to book a hotel/hostel.

This essay on the theft of wealth from Tanzania is sufficient to serve the point: When it came to the endowment of natural resources, nature was not stingy to Tanzania.

In 2% of cases "stingy for" is used

He claims the community is stingy for not being willing to pay.

I say a lecturer is also stingy for not willing to part knowledge unless paid.

Even though two stars is a little stingy for this one, one of those full stars is for him.

Something is very wrong with SMRT!!!! Why so stingy for drivers who need to work on schedule.

Sir Paul McCarthy called Shrub stingy for not donating and now neither he nor Oxfam will forgive rajaporkistan.

Vision wise, my eyesight was perfect, immediately! Pain wise, my eyes felt delicate, they watered and were slightly stingy for the next 2 days.

If you're a student or full time single mother and he is comfortable, would be stingy for him not to pay, and vice versa, as long as no one's taking advantage.

In 1% of cases "stingy at" is used

They're not stingy at all in this department.

The Patriots ' defense is much less impressive, but it showed last week that it can get stingy at times, as the unit held Tim Tebow and the Broncos in check for all four quarters.

In 1% of cases "stingy by" is used

Mennonite jokes aside, I'd stingy by nature.

Always being cautious and won't talk/follow strangers, she is also well-known to be stingy by her close friends.

In 1% of cases "stingy like" is used

I figured they'd do something stingy like this.

In 1% of cases "stingy of" is used

However, the rest of the city has plenty of other things to keep even the most stingy of budget.

However, the rest of the city has plenty of other things to keep even the most stingy of budget travellers happy.

In 1% of cases "stingy over" is used

The Colonel was very stingy over fires.

And don't be stingy over your expense account, for if that herd don't make money, you and I had better quit cows.

When our 30 minutes of Internet ran out (man, people are stingy over Internet usage here!! But that's another story ), we walked over to the beach and took some pictures.

In 1% of cases "stingy toward" is used

I always wondered why Hollywood producers have been a bit stingy toward him and saved the few enlightening lines of his films for.

It would be great, as David Brooks writes, to have an argument about whether the distribution of these benefits is overly generous to the elderly and too stingy toward the young.

In 1% of cases "stingy towards" is used

Companies can either be quite generous, or extremely stingy (the same company is quite capable of being generous towards one employee and stingy towards another).

So why would he be stingy towards Song in particular? As boring as it may be, the truth is that only time will tell whether or not this is a good footballing move by the manager.