Prepositions after "straightforward"

"straightforward for", "straightforward with" or "straightforward in"?

In 24% of cases "straightforward for" is used

It seems straightforward for Vettel.

Romney is too straightforward for his own good.

This one was pretty straightforward for Sherlock.

I think it is straightforward for everybody to look at the natural waistline.

They are also cost-effective and straightforward for the diy person to put in.

Recruiting contractors is also more straightforward for the client in question.

It all looked incredibly straightforward for Kimi, an experienced old hand who's won so many times before.

So acquiring a upfront or maybe the authentic some may be certainly not straightforward for just about all.

Commenters are correct that this type of reader research is far more straightforward for nonfiction authors.

If his hypothesis is falsifiable it should be straightforward for him to have answered my question directly.

In 22% of cases "straightforward in" is used

Search is straightforward in a BST.

Get straightforward in brushing hair.

It was fairly straightforward in the end.

Be clear and straightforward in what you say in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The following Qur'anic verses are very clear and straightforward in this respect.

We need to be clearer and more straightforward in how we communicate with customers.

However, not every scene is so straightforward in its goal of code-switching, leaving it to the imagination.

Btw, it's not quite as straight-forward in releasing one's work as Public Domain while one is still alive, i.

Young adds, but it should be more straightforward in terms of showing the world that China is a complex nation.

In 14% of cases "straightforward with" is used

It is straightforward with Andy too.

I'd trying to be straightforward with you.

Be sincere and straightforward with others.

If you are sincere and straightforward with them, your odds are fairly great.

AMD? s current lineup is quite straightforward with very little segment overlap.

You need to be straightforward with her so that she is impressed by you instantly.

They like that and you would be surprised how easy things are when you are straightforward with the women.

She was very straightforward with information on the club and at no time did she seem like a sales huckster.

Most of the dishes are fairly straightforward with no twist or turns in a very pleasant and warm environment.

We put great importance on keeping the development process open and straightforward with exactly this in mind.

In 9% of cases "straightforward about" is used

Let's be straightforward about this.

She's totally straightforward about her feelings.

Be straightforward about the limits you want to set.

Nor is there anything straightforward about the way his career is panning out.

It's good to be firm and straightforward about what you do and don't want to do.

In this book, I wanted to be straightforward about sexual sin without being graphic.

Not all guys are this straightforward about compliments, so don't be worried if he doesn't compliment you.

The ancient Japanese were straightforward about human sexuality but also honored family traditions and virtue.

If you're straightforward about this at the start, they will respect you more and you will save them the time.

Salma Ali is straightforward about her rationale, and is led by the heart, rather than being ' politically correct.

In 8% of cases "straightforward to" is used

Seems really straightforward to me.

Seems perfectly straightforward to me.

Seems pretty straightforward to me, anyway.

It seemed straightforward to me, so I did as the SMS instructed and then waited.

Well, it may sound very straightforward to you, but in fact it's all very complicated.

Pulsating with a stratum of water-proof Faux wood, it made it appears new instead of straightforward to usage.

I was kind of surprised that anyone was interested enough to respond, it all seemed pretty straightforward to me.

The one that made the most sense and seemed to be the most straightforward to me was the Good Form Running technique.

While the objective sounds pretty straightforward to us, the instructions accompanying them seems quite peculiar to me.

In 3% of cases "straightforward as" is used

This is straightforward as well as important.

Nor is his mother's illness anything so straightforward as a cold.

There really is nothing as stable, predictable and straightforward as a train ride.

As a result the control panel should be straightforward as well as simple to understand.

While global information for predicting this? event? is not so straightforward as the data M.

However, it is not all so easy or straightforward as the advocates of austerity would like to pretend.

Just one example, as clear and straightforward as the one I provided here from the Bible, will be sufficient.

The driving route from Reus to Barcelona is straightforward as the A7 motorway will take you all the way to Barcelona.

Although I'd be the first to admit that diagnosis isn't straightforward as the disorders often share overlapping symptoms.

From the smiling faces of children, we are enlightened to discover that happiness can be as simple and straightforward as that.

In 3% of cases "straightforward of" is used

The most straightforward of these is COUNT.

Binary possibilities are straightforward of course/no propositions.

This size you will be minor to love straightforward of the today of the computer.

He has a strong tendency to play ' cuts ' in the simplest and straightforward of phrases.

The most straightforward of these are the ' conical hats '; the cornuthaum and dunce cap.

Being the First Sermon, it is the most ancient and straightforward of the Buddha's teachings.

The imprecise world of accounting Accounting should be the most straightforward of topics for policymakers to deal with.

Why? The test is much more straightforward of an exam than the SAT exam, so there are less things you need to learn to do.

Even those lucky enough to experience the most straight-forward of pregnancies are likely to feel tired as the weeks go on.

You got this so far? 1720: So who needs to do what tonight then? It's not the most straightforward of scenarios, but here goes.

In 3% of cases "straightforward on" is used

Well, it was straightforward on paper.

I'd pretty straightforward on this one.

This includes being straightforward on your resume.

Actually, developing for multiple screen sizes is really straightforward on Android.

To start with will be completely straightforward on your own plus carry an evaluation.

Learn to sell your ideas/products These commandments look straightforward on the surface.

These intentions are usually clean and straightforward on whatever you want from the receiver of the message.

The other games are pretty straightforward on paper, with Inter and Barcelona facing Schalke and Shakhtar respectively.

Setting aside an island a few centuries from now seems pretty straightforward on one hand and speculative on the other.

To make it straightforward on your self, make a note of which shops have certain items on sale, and then use your list to shop.

In 2% of cases "straightforward at" is used

What is the CIT rate? The rate is straightforward at 30% of taxable income.

But he soon learned that things weren't so straightforward at home in Canada.

It is one printer that causes the process of printing straightforward at reasonable costs.

Way to go Lewy! For the contenders: Vettel-Red Bull: It's comparatively straight-forward at Red Bull.

His lyrics can be deceptively straightforward at times, only developing more complex layers several listens in.

Julie, what a human believes is straightforward at a given moment evolves with the consciousness of that being.

In this, Hinks does an excellent job creating multifaceted characters that seem straightforward at first glance until he has given them many twist and turn in the course of the story.

For example, if a group of compounds shares a large carbon skeleton, then recognition of this aspect is relatively straightforward at the structural formula and three-dimensional (3D) levels.

Although the process is fairly straightforward at the mining and crushing stages, it becomes complicated when the villagers sit down to extract the miniscule gold deposits from the rock powder.

In 2% of cases "straightforward by" is used

Most insurance firms make comparing costs straightforward by letting you get a quote on the web.

In the past, running into that loan from a standard bank hasn't been straightforward by any means.

This technique is relatively straightforward by using a ' key words lookup tool ' on one of your google.

When you very first begin investing, you are able to retain issues straightforward by limiting your trades to only one currency pair.

I think the modification would have been relatively straightforward by comprison with the surgery carried out on other Calmac ships at that time (e.

It's a complex beast - and historically the politics and factions in the corporation have made the Ottoman expire look straightforward by comparison.

In 2% of cases "straightforward from" is used

Installing WordPress It's all straight-forward from here.

Once they were feeding then it was straightforward from there.

HO: Well that's very straightforward from a police perspective: they can't.

Rand's feelings and behaviors are quite straightforward from the very beginning.

Unlike something like Civ, it's pretty straightforward from an input perspective.

It is not as straight-forward from an Australian point of view, because you are buying and selling.

They are quite straightforward from a technological point of view, meaning they are less likely to fail.

Download the latest installation software and follow instructions, it's fairly straightforward from there on in.

Divorced on Wednesday 24th October 2012 Highly recommended! The whole process was very straightforward from start to finish.

In 1% of cases "straightforward after" is used

I never thought it was this straightforward after all.

Never thought that it was this straightforward after all.

It was so direct, so straightforward after the writing of women.

The rest of the trek down to 1st beach is relatively straightforward after the madness of what has gone before.

The arduous process of shipping an application for the Mac suddenly appears to be absolutely straightforward after going through this mess.

In 1% of cases "straightforward along" is used

What to do? A straightforward along with eco-friendly solution to clean up silver antique is by using detergent together with water, pursued by any this baking soda medication.

In 1% of cases "straightforward because" is used

Routes (a) and (b) in Appendix 1 are straightforward because of the presence of the international harmonised **27;6636;TOOLONG.

You've got to be pretty quick when you know what you want - but choosing often isn't straightforward because of the variety on offer.

The interspecific transfer of genes has not always been simple and straightforward because of reproductive barriers and genetic incompatibility.

In 1% of cases "straightforward like" is used

We need something simple and straightforward like this in Los Angeles.

Something relatively straightforward like a courtroom drama could cost $500,000 a day.

And that's for something relatively straightforward like autism which I beleive is a reportable diagnosis there.

In 1% of cases "straightforward without" is used

And oh yoochun, this boy's actions are lead on emotions, acts straight-forward without thinking.

He defines photography as a creative act that is essential and exceptionally straightforward without any diversions and deviations.