Prepositions after "subordinate"

subordinate to, of, in, at or for?

In 87% of cases "subordinate to" is used

It is subordinate to the Bible.

Hadith (subordinate to fatwa ); 4.

Military subordinate to civil power.

Similarly, the good of the whole army is subordinate to the welfare of the State.

If the woman does not become subordinate to man, then there is social disruption.

Laurence Quboid, I did not claim that the EU should be subordinate to parliament.

In Africa, the limes was divided into sections, each commanded by a praepositus limitis subordinate to the dux.

The writer may have been subordinate to the glamorous man of action, but has been all along a kind of parasite.

Local governments already are rendered subordinate to the state government, with almost no autonomy whatsoever.

subordinate to the main purpose of the dialogue are some other questions, which may be briefly considered: -- a.

In 5% of cases "subordinate of" is used

Potocki (a former subordinate of William K.

Any one person is not a subordinate of another person.

Scenario two is where A uses a close subordinate of B to get at him.

Tanseco is subordinate of Puno so Puno is superior (mastermind incrime parlance).

Bissalla was understandably unhappy that a former subordinate of his was now his superior.

Lee Clark is the subordinate of a complex regime that's gone completely to pot financially.

She herself was a subordinate of LTTE political wing head or political commissar Rasiah Parthiban alias Thileepan.

So, to will in such a manner as to control the object, and convert it into a subordinate of one's self, is not an easy affair.

Galactor base, Ghelsadra is in front of Sosai X Ghelsadra - Sosai, due to a stupid and inept subordinate of mine one of the seeds flied away.

Music performing a lower or subordinate of two or more parts for the same instrument or voice: the second violins (seconds) goods of an inferior quality.

In 4% of cases "subordinate in" is used

Beatings went with being subordinate in those days.

subordinate in theory to Rundstedt, Rommel was his equal in rank.

To be successful this requires that the extension is subordinate in size.

The law says that the government should support each subordinate in times of grave need.

In my case it would have put a subordinate in the position of fixing the owner's terrible haircut.

Weird as it may seem, the Chinese believe the friend of a subordinate to be a subordinate in some way.

It must be made clear that the quoted portion is subordinate in value to the text in which the quote is to be found.

Now this does not mean that women were superior and men were subordinate in Old Stone Age, hunter-gatherer societies.

The law says that the government must support every subordinate in times of need making civil protection a great gift.

So simple you could liken it to a boss meeting a subordinate in a lobby and saying hello; simple, straight and with no attachment.

In 1% of cases "subordinate at" is used

Raymond's former subordinate at the FSIS, Dr.

The only exception to all this is in dealing with a subordinate at work when asking the question may be inappropriate.

Had they gone irrevocably far on the pal-pal side? Then there was Madan, a couple of years older than her but her subordinate at work.

When Megatron - his subordinate at the time - led a suicidal attack on the Ark resulting in the deaths/capture of many Decepticons, Shockwave prepares to promptly execute him.

In 1% of cases "subordinate for" is used

Then, after they have exhausted their questions, they should ask the subordinate for what else they need to know.

I am reminded of the army commander berating his subordinate for wiping out the JVP completely without leaving some remnants.

How many times in his career did he take action against a subordinate for the same action? This goes for General Allen and Ltc Broadwell.