Prepositions after "surprising"

"surprising to", "surprising in" or "surprising for"?

In 31% of cases "surprising to" is used

This was very surprising to me.

That's kind of surprising to me.

This is pretty surprising to me.

What's surprising to me is that kindness is a standout characteristic in a person.

And today, I have a new found faith which is surprising to me but oh so wonderful.

Live As Roommates: It is always surprising to me how many marriages are like this.

It is not surprising to me, at all, that Gregg would then decide that there were other things he could not abide.

Of course none of this is terribly surprising to me -- Rachael's deflection is something I've experienced myself.

Linking objects It was not surprising to me that his daughters Jill and Patricia now wear his watch and necklace.

Musicians change or switch into te gospel might sound surprising to a skeptical public, but that is how God works.

In 15% of cases "surprising for" is used

It was kind of surprising for me.

Now, this is surprising for some.

Not surprising for this time of year.

The flesh remains springy, which is a little surprising for a shrimp of its size.

It is, therefore, surprising for Ghana to claim that their players were beaten up.

It would have been surprising for her to ask me about my jewelry tastes in general.

The neatly packed rows of books are hardly surprising for someone with three books and two columns to his name.

So perhaps it was not surprising for a state forest to be named after a person I would consider a war criminal.

So it may seem surprising for me to end by saying that the float I found the best all-round big fish float was.

It may be surprising for many, but the Madhya Pradesh police have embarked on ambitious modernization programme.

In 15% of cases "surprising in" is used

Nothing very surprising in that.

surprising in such a quaint area.

There's nothing surprising in Prof.

For example Nokia introduced one of the smartphones more surprising in the market.

I think it's outrageous but not surprising in view of the way Pride has been going.

The results were surprising in some ways and as we thought they would be in others.

The result of that poll, which was kept secret and shown only to a very few people, was surprising in many ways.

Bonus track ' Bombshell Blonde ' closes the album with an edgy and darker sound which is surprising in a good way.

US State Department announced that terror acts in Syria are not surprising in light of the Assad regime? s actions.

And so the fact that they were trying to see Hinduism and Buddhism through that lens is not surprising in the least.

In 9% of cases "surprising about" is used

OT: what is surprising about it.

Nothing very surprising about it.

There's nothing surprising about it.

What is most surprising about ACTA is the fact that it took so long to kill it.

So what? Is there anything surprising about that? After all, he's a politician.

The thing that was surprising about the event, was Diana Penty launching Nokia Lumia 610.

Recommend Its ruefully surprising about the people chanting slogans against having kids and quoting Einstein.

I There is something surprising about the sheer number of interpretations of Machiavelli's political opinions.

I would say surprisingly common in celebs but I don't think there's anything particularly surprising about it.

The completely ubiquitous nature of the doping culture is what is most surprising about this week's revelations.

In 8% of cases "surprising considering" is used

Which is surprising considering how he left.

surprising considering the gardens were so nice.

Not surprising considering its biased membership.

These developments are surprising considering the country's socialist legacy.

The advice was not surprising considering Annan always had a vivid imagination.

Their seamless teamwork is not surprising considering how close the brothers are.

And this is even more surprising considering this repression would emanate from universities, which are.

Davis's actions were not surprising considering the fact that most of Illinois, unlike Chicago, is rural.

He didn't cry a lot and says he didn't need to grieve, which is surprising considering how close they were.

Hardly surprising considering the stress those students undergo in their efforts to achieve academic success.

In 4% of cases "surprising as" is used

I found this surprising as the 1.

Not surprising as a Fox news cousin.

surprising as the company is so profitable.

I mean it will be surprising as well as disappointing if we don't find life there.

No rear air vents for passengers is surprising as the Vectra has them? on this spec.

This is not surprising as Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is the head of Selangor Umno.

That is not surprising as the assembly part of a Toyota facility is the largest section and easies to show people.

This is hardly surprising as the writer, Ken Kwek, is a former journalist and not new to writing political satire.

Both VERY* salty which was surprising as the servers had brought a salt rack with around 8 different types of salt.

This was not surprising as the breeding birds are constantly disturbed by the songs of the other birds in my garden.

In 3% of cases "surprising at" is used

Nothing surprising at all about that.

This is not surprising at breakfast is $4.

The rebuke is not surprising at all on either side.

The choice of Miss Czech Republic was both expected and surprising at the same time.

I think somehow my point is not getting through, which is not surprising at all to me.

It was not surprising at all that Gortat, Dragic and Dudley were the top three players.

The results may seem surprising at first glance, but the researchers noted that they do fit some established patterns.

This use of covert action is not surprising at a time when we are seeing growing militancy and resistance against the U.

In 3% of cases "surprising of" is used

But most surprising of all, hope.

Then again, that's not surprising of Malaysian media.

The most surprising of the Ministerial appointments made by Mr.

The most surprising of the lot: 2-ply wool slightly thicker than 110/2; Dye Lot 2.

It is a love story, in the most twisted way, in the most surprising of unfoldings.

Perhaps most surprising of all was the decision that Herschel made after graduating.

What is perhaps surprising of this beach restoration method, is that it works while almost completely invisible.

NARRATOR: Most surprising of all, telescopes will reveal that, right now, we can only see five percent of the universe.

Conclusion Sometimes in life, wisdom and inspiration can come in the most surprising of forms and from the strangest of places.

Perhaps most surprising of all is that distorted sex-ratios indicating son preference are even found in ' the land of the free '.

In 2% of cases "surprising after" is used

Maybe it's not so surprising after all.

Well, maybe that's not so surprising after all.

It wasn't surprising after all he'd been through.

Is it not surprising after so many blunders it just came to the fore only yesterday.

This is wrong, and surprising after 13 years in Opposition and three election defeats.

They seem a bit shy here - not surprising after suffering years of poaching I suppose.

Hardly surprising after being bombarded with ex-President Rawlings ' ' special ' accent for over two decades.

But then again, if you look at the success of the Starbucks mobile payment, it is not that surprising after all.

This may be a little surprising after demonstrating his scoring ability at Metz throughout their Ligue 2 campaign of 2007.

In 2% of cases "surprising from" is used

This is not surprising from the left.

So, its nothing surprising from Salman Khan.

This is, of course, far from surprising from a Labour leader.

Of course nothing surprising from many of their smug lies (how they do it so easily).

The choreography was surprising from boyfriend, i don't think it is slow as you said.

And that's only to be expected from some quarters, though rather surprising from Reuters.

Plus, they're all really cool guys, which is surprising from guys who lift up other people's heavy crap all day.

This may sound surprising from the description of large and old firms as more bureaucratic, and to some extent it is.

Worst of all is Johnson's casual racism, although it is perhaps not wholly surprising from someone of his class and background.

But what is more surprising from this experience of mine is when I reached my conclusion of Women are far better cosplayers than Men.

In 2% of cases "surprising on" is used

This is surprising on a number of counts.

This was surprising on a number of levels.

Economic data out of the US has been surprising on the upside.

In startup circles, nothing about my story is particularly surprising on the surface.

The results of those elections were surprising on more than one level, but no one seriously contested them.

The proposition that religion is a private individual experience is not surprising on the lips of a European.

It sounds like a positive backdrop for equity markets, which have been surprising on the upside since early June.

There may have also been a handful of al-Qaeda supporters there, not surprising on the anniversary of September 11.

In a year or so, those devotees who had seen the ring sometime earlier said something surprising on seeing it again.

This is hardly surprising on the face of things- Orkney is covered in neolithic sites like pimples on a teenage face.

In 2% of cases "surprising with" is used

Nothing surprising with this article.

This is not surprising with all the injuries.

No surprising with such emotion running high: More to emigrate.

That is not surprising with the average first-time buyer deposit in Camden standing at 145,000.

Perhaps that is not surprising with anti-Americanism appearing to be at an all-time high in Pakistan.

I have never heard of you, but that is not surprising with the long hours I work and lack of time to read.

Avian influenza support group questionscold symptoms - i have a surprising with beige yellow linda and i heard.

But being painfully camera-conscious is hardly surprising with that degree of intrusion into one's private life.

That transformation is even more surprising with the revelation that Jesse was not supposed to survive the first season.

I guess that's not surprising with so many people out and when you don't decide which bat you're going to before you go out.

In 1% of cases "surprising because" is used

Not surprising because of structural realities.

Which is not surprising because of the SOP nature of the revelations.

Browett's departure is surprising because of how short his tenure is with the company.

This is hardly surprising because of the historical connection between Britain and Kenya.

The choice of opening with Pathan is surprising because of the number of options they have in their batting line-up.

It is not surprising because of the strength they have there but nonetheless to lose a goal from a corner kick is never easy to take.

It is not surprising because of his childhood background and his hard journey, from being a community organiser in Chicago to where he is now.

The romance between main characters Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey is surprising because of its unconventional nature, the Associated Press (AP) reported in April.

Women's rights: Particularly impressive if also unanticipated and surprising because of prevalent conservatism was the emphasis in the dialogues on promotion of the rights of women.