Prepositions after "timely"

"timely for" or "timely in"?

In 46% of cases "timely for" is used

This one is very timely for me.

This is timely for two reasons.

Well that was very timely for me.

Great post and very timely for me as I am in the process of re-evaluating my pricing.

But this resources are timely for me as i am facing a vacuum sitting on a manuscript.

See you in November at the Gold Mastermind! Yay! Terrific article and so timely for me.

Wow, Joanna, you always seem to post things about motherhood that speak directly to me! This post is so timely for us.

Away from his achievements, I find the following words he spoke recently very educative and timely for the Kenyan folks.

In any event, it is timely for companies to review the risks and opportunities of their current tax policies and practices.

Great article, Derek!!!! This is very timely for me - it comes at a time when I'd re-evaluating what I'd doing in a big way.

In 18% of cases "timely in" is used

So the Island loomed big and timely in Soapy's mind.

It will reach your address timely in shipshape condition.

Govern with equity Be timely in choosing the right moment.

The ECRI has proven far more accurate and timely in predicting recessions than the NBER.

As a business person you need to be timely in presenting your new offerings to the market.

timely in the sense that we shall soon get a new government in place by the end of the year.

The article is timely in strengthening my effort to attend Puja and work harder for benefits of more sentients beings.

The theme of the story now seems timely in the aftermath of the Post Election Crisis in Kenya at the beginning of 2008.

If you're timely in arriving and the staff aren't feeling overwhelmed by last-minute travellers, your odds will improve.

In 7% of cases "timely to" is used

This course has therefore been timely to the country's need.

Further, I deem this an excellent one and very timely to us in Jamaica.

Few topics are as timely to the understanding of the human mind and behavior.

StemLife strives so that your baby's stem cells are delivered timely to our lab.

What an awesome message! Your messages are very timely to many who receive them.

Recurrent bleeding, should also be timely to the hospital for the necessary checks.

The product is relevant and timely to our work and will get used by several research teams.

A court official may not put your case timely to the judge to prolong the judicial process which may suit the other party.

Public fund should flow directly and timely to Union Parishads / Wards to empower them to implement their sanitation programmes.

In 7% of cases "timely with" is used

The article was very timely with me too.

It's very timely with Mother's Day just being sunday gone.

Wow, this post is really timely with something I'd going through.

She added that it was very timely with Mt Tongariro alert rating changing from O to 1.

Homeowners must also be timely with their trial payments to receive long-term adjustments.

We were able to reach the USA and calls went through timely with excellent clarity, it was perfect.

Sure, they get viewership because they are sensationalist and timely with the issues that have society in an uproar for the moment.

You want a New Zealand registered electrician that can communicate clearly and timely with you, someone who is tidy, friendly &; reliable.

Some older flash units may not have a hot shoe on the flash unit and would need cable connection to fire the flash (sync) timely with the shutter.

In 6% of cases "timely as" is used

He was always timely as a business man.

The move proved to be timely as the company continued to expand.

This can mean that the data inputs must be timely as well as reliable.

It is particularly timely as the Copenhagen talks have just ended with very little success.

My visit was timely as the stained glass windows are about to be removed for conservation work.

This guest post has a message which is very timely as the Easter holiday kills off from tonight.

This study is especially timely as the IDB, the World Bank, and USAID are now considering future investments in the education sector in Jamaica.

Creating the Opportunity to Learn is timely as the nation's schools near the 2014 NCLB deadline for achieving 100 percent proficiency across all subgroups.

In 2% of cases "timely because" is used

This topic is timely because of another recent event -- the passing of Dr.

Esi Awuah said the establishment of UENR was timely because of the nation's oil discovery and the policy to increase the renewable energy resources from 0.

The debate is timely because of the centenary of Captain Scott ' s expedition and the coming celebrations of Ernest Shackleton ' s famous exploits on the Endurance.

timely because of, for example, the plight of our Brethren in Christchurch New Zealand with the earthquakes and in Rio de Janeiro, with the devastation after the mud slides.

Jane Alger, Director of Dublin UNESCO City of Literature which is one the Festival partners, said that ISLA was especially timely because of the recent visit of President Michael D.

This is, of course, all timely because of Saturday's BECK Caulfield Guineas where we see a couple of well related chaps named All Too Hard and Epaulette do battle with the all-conquering Pierro.

In 2% of cases "timely considering" is used

Very timely considering the present problems the Catholic church is having with numerous scandals including the Pope, s brother.

Your point on Southern Cross is timely considering UK Government proposals for reorganisation of the NHS and possible introduction of the private sector.

Sipa-Yankey said the production of LPG was very timely considering the challenges the country? s Volta River Authority (VRA) has in generating hydro-electric power.

The Newcastle manager welcomed back two of his younger stars over the last few days, which is timely considering the Europa League starts next Thursday with their visit to Maritimo.

In 2% of cases "timely on" is used

If we can't trust Microsoft to be timely on such a small update, how can we trust Microsoft to be timely on future updates.

Back to our subject, Ustaadh Mashaka has spoken very timely on a very touchy and critical subject to our economic prosperity.

This one opens timely on the 10th of December to give a sharp angular flavor to the celebratory energy of Independence Day: www.

The wheels of Centrelink and parliament grind so slowly that what our leaders regarded as timely on October 14 couldn't be delivered until December 11.

But compared to a stage race, it's just a little bit more timely on the delivery (I shudder to think of the roller coaster that pure XC racing these days would deliver.

Secretary, you're remarks are particularly timely on the issue of Afghanistan and (inaudible) if I may draw you out and ask your opinion of the (inaudible) Afghanistan? SEC.

Precision consists of meeting these learning needs in a specific effective way, again as the needs occur and evolve-- timely on the spot precision not packaged prescription.

In 1% of cases "timely about" is used

They weren't very timely about their responses.

What is also timely about the book is that it comes at a time when politicans are considering the latest push to further expand legalized gambling.

Romero's The Crazies hit theaters, and there was something strangely timely about its unsettling paranoiac vision, which seemed to refract the charged, fringe-right rhetoric in the air.

In 1% of cases "timely according" is used

This was easier said than done, as the sea was rather choppy at one point prompting my attacks to be more precise and timely according to the position of the waves.

In 1% of cases "timely after" is used

It seems timely after reading your posting.

It is timely after the Compassionate Healthcare meeting on 12th November (**31;7717;TOOLONG has summary).

Labour's VAT cut plan looks timely after the Office for National Statistics found that VAT takes more from the poor than the rich.

In 1% of cases "timely before" is used

The question that requires an answer is now timely before us.

Sandhya thinks of how to inform Suraj timely before leaving for the temple.

In 1% of cases "timely by" is used

Make your infographic relevant and timely by tying it to a current event.

But the gap between the screens -- a huge 6? gap -- was not filled timely by Apple.

If you were not made aware timely by social media like twitter, there is little chance you could have attended it, since it was quickly sold-out (sic).

All was denounced timely by the Party and crushed with overwhelming actions? the hoax and the infiltration of miserable ones that wanted to take the Party organisations by assault.

In 1% of cases "timely due" is used

This is also very timely due to the increased interest in using ' e-book ' solutions (also called ' interactive PDFs ' or ' flippy-flippies ').

I could observe that the activities at the events were not timely due to one hitch or the other; the local journalist did less than expected due to probably not being well carried along.

Companies those are working on payroll training software must keep their product upgrade timely due to the ongoing changes in the policies and exchanging payroll regulations, and much more.

In 1% of cases "timely of" is used

Secondly, and this was the most timely of all, he attacked the Christian corruption of the Imamate.

This Secretariat should be informed timely of the main events and can also suggest appropriate initiatives.

As such, it was very timely of the United Nations Secretary General to create a High Level Panel to help establish new guidelines for beyond 2015.