Prepositions after "twisting"

twisting of, in, away, by or during?

In 92% of cases "twisting of" is used

Rapid twisting of the wrist (dryer).

What an incredible twisting of history.

Weakness and twisting of one side of the face.

He scrutinized the fall of an apple, the twisting of metal orbs hanging from a thread.

Buddha, by the twisting of a flower, was warning his disciples of his impending death.

Be as partisan as you like, expat, but try to avoid such blatant twisting of the truth.

It is likely that the twisting of my bowel causes it to block partially, and this is the source of my intense pain.

There is probably also some twisting of Banks Peninsula in response to the general southwest movement of the plains.

Even the Text book given to the children by the GOSL have a lot of racistic material with the twisting of the history.

Thanks for your *entertaining* comment, one that is so narrow and reflective of the MSM's successful twisting of truth.

In 4% of cases "twisting in" is used

I felt a twisting in my stomach.

The twisting in my stomach that they were about to rock my world.

Ignore the twisting in your stomach and put up an image of calm confidence.

At the age of 10, an operation to correct the twisting in his spine led to him becoming a paraplegic.

Twisting movements The spine is least able to take the stress caused by excessive twisting in repeated movements or prolonged posture.

Though he had lost all feeling in his arms, he felt the twisting in his gut, the same as when that bloodless Braavosi banker presented him to Asha as a ' gift.

In 1% of cases "twisting by" is used

This is typical twisting by Conciliar Church.

In 1% of cases "twisting during" is used

Place the patient on their side, supporting head and neck to avoid any twisting during movement.

The vaulting pole, showing the three layers of different fibers used to maximize stiffness while minimizing twisting during use.

In 1% of cases "twisting to" is used

You will have to give a good twisting to the back.

Then my father or mother will call me and he or she'll give me a good twisting to my ears.