Prepositions after "u"

u of, in, for, on or at?

In 67% of cases "u of" is used

Photo: u of R Photography Dept.

The u of A will not be involved.

Take advantage of u of T's vast,.

In a recent interview, I asked Shorter about his involvement with u of T's medical program.

To begin with the nursing building my course was in didn't exist when I went to the u of M.

We stayed in touch when moved he to Saskatoon a couple years ago to take Law at the u of S.

Tarik Black and Shaq Goodwin combined for 14 boards, and altogether the u of M finished with a plus-16 rebounding margin.

Vancouver can be a long way from Guelph however, with my son attending u of G the distance has become a whole lot shorter.

Regardless of where you stand on this issue, it is clear that this will come to represent a major event in u of T history.

A celebrated writer, Gladwell was appointed to the Order of Canada and recognized with a u of T honorary degree this year.

In 8% of cases "u in" is used

Will check u in school later this month.

Love ur blog! May GOD bless u in every way.

But I just can't get the u in the right place.

He then completed a master's degree in sport and exercise psychology at Queen's u in Kingston.

If they can keep me busy enough not to buy any games through March I'll be able to afford a Wii u in time for monster hunter.

That means that users who purchase the Wii u in the United States will only be able to buy and play games released in the US.

I also found an interesting Gamasutra article discussing the launch price of the Wii u in comparison to past console launch prices.

Now the next generation is launching and we all hope to see Wii u instock signs when we visit stores to make our holiday purchases.

In 5% of cases "u for" is used

Now I file them under u for useless.

U worth buying a Wii u for? I really don't think so.

He just don't know how to appreciate u for who U are.

I went to meet my dean and she asked me to talk with the IT Dean as I had u for his course.

Having said that, who knows how many experienced players will pick up the Wii u for HD Mario et al.

Nintendo showed off the Wii u for the first time at E3 2011, which resulted in its share price dropping to a five year low.

It's taking people hours to do--and it's killing the Wii u for those who think their console is frozen and shut it off in the middle.

Walmart will allow you to reserve your Wii u for launch day if you put down 10 percent in their layaway department between now and then.

The firm is selling the Wii u for a lower price than it costs to make and market, something that was not the case with the original Wii.

In 3% of cases "u at" is used

Of course I am not buying a Wii u at this point.

That the Wii u at its minimum power is the Xbox 360 at its maximum.

It will be coming to the Wii u at a later date which has yet to be announced.

Nintendo TVii comes with Wii u at no additional charge and requires no additional equipment.

So, what do I think overall? I shall ignore all you haters and be getting a Wii u at launch.

I will not buy the Wii u at launch because I no longer have confidence that things will turn around.

This is surely due to the appearance of the Wii u at retail this year, not to mention all the associated promotion; which.

I will be representing The Reticule at the Expo with Dishonored and the Wii u at the top of my list of things to check out.

I won't be getting a Wii u at launch but I KNOW that given time and a proper Mario/Zelda/Star fox/F Zero game I will be there.

By keeping it a exclusive they would be cutting out a lot of sales also as quite a few folk won't buy the Wii u at launch or maybe not at all.

In 3% of cases "u on" is used

So I'd watching some play the Wii u on Twitch Tv.

It is scheduled for release on the Wii u on November.

NBA 2K13 is due for release in North America alongside the Wii u on November 18th.

As an aside, Balla, let's all just hope the first game doesn't end up to be Wii-u on holiday.

I should be picking up a Wii u on Friday/Saturday from my usual haunts, will make my mind up then.

And Wiiu on Holiday sounds great, so long as Mario doesn't spoil it by vomiting down Peach's throat.

Once they're both hooked up and online, you then transfer the Wii's contents over to the Wii u on a 512MB or higher SD card.

Submitted by: Elizabethnylo1, Naperville, the u on June 18, 2012 Comments: My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site.

Apps and software Nintendo's not going to get a third chance to get media right As soon as you turn the Wii u on, it's familiar Nintendo fare.

A video has been released giving you a clear look at this -- comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions with Wii u on a selected campaign mission.

In 2% of cases "u as" is used

The Name There is nothing wrong with Wii u as a name.

Think of the Wii u as the Nintendo DS for your television.

So let's define a method that returns T and takes a u as a parameter.

Activision announces that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and 007 Legends will be on the Wii u as well.

Iwata: When it comes to things like that, there are a lot of advantages with using Wii u as a browser.

They class the Wii u as a uniquely revolutionary console and the main enticing aspect is the wireless GamePad controller.

If choosing a U-shaped kitchen, consider the floor space you will have left and maybe decide to use one of the legs of the u as a breakfast bar.

Expect it to be active a lot in your first days of picking up a Wii u as you add friends and they respond, or as you receive messages and Wii U Chat requests.

Free WordPress Themes 4 u as the name suggests, this site is especially meant for the bloggers providing over 700 WordPress themes totally for free downloading.

In 2% of cases "u to" is used

You are jaded because you're comparing the u to the Wii.

That alone should be enough to carry the Wii u to profitability.

It is up to the developers out there to use the Wiiu to its best advantage.

Plus, I feel like someone got paid too much money to think of adding a u to the end of Wii.

Now I do nt wantu to get alarmed at ALL! It is just a simple blood test and willtell U a lot.

Once the new consoles are announced Nintendo could struggle to sell the Wii u to the hardcore.

Iwata compared the process of developing the Wii u to when it made the Nintendo DS, a portable game machine introduced in 2004.

I BEG AND ENCOURAGE YOu to move-on because no matter how he tries to balance both sides, you'd always be the one loosing and crying.

The urge for a cigarette WILL go away, whether U have a cigaretteor not! If someone tied u to a chair, (and I am not advocatingthis for real.

This is a devicewith a ball or cylinder that when U breathe in deeper the ball, or whatever will go up thereby encouraging u to breathe deeper.

In 2% of cases "u with" is used

Now the Wii game has been made for the Wii u with minimal changes.

Then you move up the u with a pilot and implementation of the idea.

Suppose a BGP speaker T receives an UPDATE u with the ELC attribute.

And Microsoft and Sony would battle the Wii u with the best tool at their disposal: A price cut.

The Wii u with GamePad costs $299, although the configuration you'll probably want to buy costs $349.

It's larger overall, and far messier, having an external HDD + Wii U than having a Wii u with a drive bay.

Basically, it's an upside down u with T-connectors at the bottom of the legs to hold the feet that support the whole thing.

I got hit in the head by more than one woman, ja and USA visitors! The other one now lives in the u with the boys I rasied.

For Stewart's part, since his release more than three years ago, he has finished his undergraduate degree at the u with a 3.

Sony definitely wants to kick the legs out from under the Wii u with this new, tempting PS3, but that's not the whole picture.

In 1% of cases "u after" is used

Luckily, we did indeed get a Wii u after waiting for 3 hours.

Many people aren't happy with the conference and doesn't want to get a Wii u after that and thinking that Nintendo well fail.

Wii U games will not play on the Wii, although Wii games will eventually be playable on the Wii u after a system firmware update.

Nintendo has high hopes for the Wii u after the company's 3DS mobile gaming system failed to capture the attention of many gamers.

They'll probably call it the Wii 2 or the Wii HD, or if worst comes to the worst they'll fanny about a lot and then call it Wii u after all.

In 1% of cases "u by" is used

The old Phones 4 u by Debenhmans would be ideal.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by u by Kotexr Brand via Glam Media.

Indeed, they were selling the Wii u by midnight in Ithaca, upstate New York.

No more calls and emails to avoid! Easy enough, right? This great wedding planning advice is brought to you by u by Kotexr.

Nothing Compared 2 u by Sinead O'Connor This is a melodious song and the abundant use of musical instruments makes this song a hit.

NEW u by Kotexr CleanWearr Pads feature a MemoryFlex* core that moves with your body, and they've got you covered with an ultra-flexible 4-layer absorbency system.

We recommend the u by Kotexr Ultrathin Pads (an easy option) or try tampons -- starting with the smaller ones is usually easier as they tend to be less difficult to insert.

I kind of felt bad for him because he was having to go up to women and hand them a baggie of brightly colored u by Kotex tampons and pads and ask if they had any questions about the products.

In 1% of cases "u from" is used

To fix the problem disconnect the Wii u from the internet.

I'd praying u from last 9 years, but I didn't ask U anything.

If you disconnect your Wii u from the interent it seems to be fixed.

The phrase became one of the touchstones in the separation of the u from the non-U, i.

Therefore, almost all the u from the fertilizers would still remain in the upper part of the soils.

SOLUTION SOLUTION: just disconnect Wii u from internet anon My wii u has frozen all of 4 times, all during NintendoLand.

I own Move on the PS3 and it works but I hardly use it! IT is nice to see some love coming the Wii u from other areas of the gaming arena.

There's even a lean towards contemporary pop with the Danger Mouse produced I Wan na Talk 2 u from his latest album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood.

As with the Wii u from Nintendo, users will have to buy more kit - in this case a PS Vita - for the features to work, and even then it won't cover all games.

In 1% of cases "u into" is used


The Wii U will be out first, but then the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will come along and knock the Wii u into third place.

Speaking to Mercury News, top man Reggie Fils-Aime has said that a customer needs to do to turn the Wii u into a profitable console is buy a game for it.

The burdens become less arduous, and we start our ascent from the bottom of the u into happier days when we experience more freedom to pursue what makes us fulfilled.

Nintendo has made it clear that they fully supporting pushing the Wii u into the digital age, and that's evident by the extent of downloadable content that has been promised to be on the horizon.

In 1% of cases "u out" is used

Whether you like it or not, it's going to blow the Wii u out of the water.

So if 2/3s of the consoles can run U4 the games will be made for that, leaving the Wii u out of many games.

Mam also reminds me of Mams Resta u rant where they left the u out of the spelling, it's now a Hairdressers.

In 1% of cases "u without" is used

I had to have the GamePad's charger, which includes yet another huge brick, accessible at all times when I was playing, because as you'll see there's basically no Wii u without the GamePad.